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  1. I'm not so sure about that. I mean, Of course, Kyle is now maxed out on Force powers, and it would seem a bit redundant/repetitious/cheesy for Kyle to loose/severe his connection with his Force powers again. On the other hand, said potential plotline could make for a good SP campaign... God bless, X-Wing Pilot 5
  2. Greetings. Yesterday I downloaded Shadriss & WhiteShdw's famed "Duel of the Fates" map (version 2.0) for Jedi Outcast and, while the textures in general were OK, some things were missing. Notably, the textures for the "energy towers," the force fields, and, especially, the skyboxes. Perplexed at this privation of included files, I decided to load the same map into Jedi Academy. I opened up JA MP and, lo, the skyboxes and energy towers had reappeared! (At the expense of some textures) I loaded some other maps, and they seemed fine, yet when I tried to load up DOTF again, the skyboxes, energy towers, etc had vanished once more. Here are some pics of what I mean: JO: Grass, but no sky; JA: sky, but no grass JO: White-hot energy towers become solid lumps of purple mass; JA: while the famous shaft loses its textures I've got a top-of-the-line iMac G5. What do I do? God bless, X-Wing Pilot 5
  3. Don't forget the number of units that will be handeled in the game at one time. With hundreds, if not thousands of things to keep track of, they need to keep the poly count down. Still, a simple texture of the gun would help... God bless, X-Wing Pilot 5
  4. Yeah. As someone whose main computer is not connected to the 'Net, I play mostly SP. Well, I did manage to "get into" the plot, though the voice acting could use some work (though Kyle and Tavion's voice actors did an excellent job.) I've heard how great Jedi Knight was ... is anyone making/thinking of making a conversion of <i>Jedi Knight</i> to JA, just as what's being done with Dark Forces. THen, we could enjoy the (apparent) plot depth of JK with the improved game engine of JA. God bless, X-Wing Pilot 5
  5. Recently I've been playing the much-downloaded fan-level "Imperial Outpost- Part 1." It's an excellent level, though I have gotten stuck at the tram. I have no idea how to move it. "Mind tricking" the workers won't do it, you really can't go on foot because the floor will electrocute you, and if you noclip across the way and get to the other side, a checkpoint is marked but you cannot go further in the level. Could anyone give me some advice here? God bless, "X-Wing Pilot 5"
  6. Here's a diagram] of the Enterprise-D brideg that might help you. Mre photos of starship bridges. I got these from this site, which is a pretty good Trek site. If you could get a ST:TNG technical manual (or at least some 2-D schematic diagrams of the bridge and other rooms), that would help a lot. God bless, X-Wing Pilot 5
  7. Male, Human, Light side, single-bladed lightsaber God bless, X-Wing Pilot 5
  8. The map copy function? What's that! (And can you get the Theed map from the offical scenarios with it? ) God bless, X-Wing Pilot 5
  9. Hello everyone. I have played SWGB and CC since last summer, and have always considered doing a "Return to Naboo" post ROTJ-era scenario, that is, after ROTJ, at least part our favorite Star Wars crew (Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, the droids etc.) somehow wind up on the planet of Naboo, and eventually help then (with help from the Rebel Alliance/New Republic) free Naboo from the Empire. Does anyone have any pointers for me in general, how I shold start the campagin, the general direction it should go (the first mission or so would probably be role-play (i.e. move a few guys around, no city-buidling) and the last mission would probably be a huge, epic battle, but I really don't know just what should be in-between), and so forth. I look forward to your comments. God bless, X-Wing Pilot 5
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