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  1. it been so long. btw I don't even have an major exam ( just a lame excuse ). and some of you may have known that raj mod is now handled by jkmods so go over there =)
  2. well i can't really estimate when it can be done given that,we had suddenly so many problems right after the passing of leadership of the mod as you can see from the annoucement.
  3. Ok,After some mails and also some posts in the forums by some fans asking about the future of the Raj mod recently I decided to answer most of the questions here in this thread with an annocement. 1)Tito, the leader of raj mod has left to pursue his dream as a rapper( good luck to him) 2)[Jedi]Adam Leader of JKmods and a friend of Tito,will be the new Leader of the RAJ mod 3) Unfortunately,Adam is facing some Personal problems right now. so the future/progress of the Raj mod will more or less depend on how well he recover from his personal problems 4)i_stinks,meanwhile will be away for this period fo quite some time as he prepare for a very major exam which is the GCE O' Levels examinations that is coming soon. 5)Any body with any questions or whatever issue that is related to the raj mod can post abt it under this thread,or e-mail i_stinks at i_stinko@yahoo.com.sg Thank you and Good bye for Now
  4. oh well i can't help u much on that as i'm not incharge of mapping and modelling section but any way here 1 good 1 to get u started http://richdiesal.jedioutcastmaps.com/tutorials/index.html
  5. it back up ,it might because of server maintainece and such i think by the jediknight.net ppl
  6. phew do check out other mods made by Jkmods at the moment like the ep3 mod and the ep1 mod as they are the current active ones if i'm not wrong http://www.jkmods.com
  7. well thanks for your concern MARSDUDE89,for supporting us for so long without us knowing it for ur question on the mod progress,unfortunately is is temporary halted as our team leader Tito,left the team and the current mod leader [Jedi]Adam of Jkmods http://www.jkmods.com have been very busy on a lot of matters in real life like ,therefore unable to continuethe mod for the moment.But I'm sure Once everything is settled,we will be able continue the mod again do come here more often or msn me at lzm1@langoo.com to ask me any questions regarding this mod
  8. *recording Doomgiver ideas down for the *moment*
  9. Ah thanks for the reply is a long time since there a a post here =) we hope you can come here more often and we will record down your suggestions and stuffs in the meantime and look at where we can apply it on the game. And so mean while, I hope that you can be patient for the moment while we are going to continue the mod under a different leader as our old team leader left to pursue his future as a rapper. =) See you when i see you
  10. OK GUYS i Got More news update on the future of raj mod . firstly,it is not a totally bad news. and that is Well the raj mod will be temporary halted for a while as JKmods is going to make up a Mods Network which is of more importantce. (before that is me asking him about raj mod) so this news wouldn't be so disapointing as raj mod is juz temporary halted, as something bigger is coming UP! and hopefully RAJ mod can benefit from this
  11. it going very well but i can't assure it to you 100 percent of it sucess:D of course there is some problem like I'm in a different time zone from [Jedi]Adam which made the time avaliabe for discussion a lot lesser So now i stop here and if there any more news about it i will post here again hope you guys can continue to support this mod if not apply to help out in some parts of it GOOD BYE FOR NOW
  12. well juz to infrom everyone that the raj mod is not dead yet. we are now holding talks with JKmods on a possible takeover of the mod to be continued by them,discussions are still going on and please kindly be patience and wait for any further news in the future hope you guys can continue to support raj mod in the future
  13. sure we will contact u but 1 thing, u always having the away and busy tag which made it hard to communicate plus the time zone problem.....where i can only see u online at night
  14. Continue the mod of course or it will be a waste for the other details (like staying here or moving back to jkmods.etc) maybe i can talk to u about it and u talk to tito about it
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