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  1. I haven't been to this site in YEARS and just saw the news on the front page so I just had to check in after all this time and say WOOOOOO! life is good. So glad to see this forum is still going and some familiar names are still around :-)
  2. Yep, another replay is what I'm doing. It's been over a year since I last played so I'm quite excited
  3. I played GF in 1998 when it first came out (10 years ago!) It's still my number on favourite game and I can't really imagine another game being in that spot. Welcome to the forums!
  4. Ah, that makes me feel good inside
  5. yes that's probably all true. Only an overblown trilogy a la Lord of the Rings would be long enough to accommodate the whole thing.
  6. Yeah it could work but some of the puzzles would have to be changed to keep the audience interested. The betting stub puzzle would have to be carefully written to make it easy to understand in a movie situation.
  7. I found the room first time round and thought it was necessary to progress the game but now I kind of wish I hadn't just so I have something new to see the next time round
  8. Looking at my old post from 4 years back sure felt strange. How much has changed in those four years yet Grim will always be the same classic game...
  9. Style rules over physics in the LotD
  10. We're the ones keeping the dream alive! *waves GF flag*
  11. Yeah, same. You're already dead aren't you.
  12. black please, I already have a creme one
  13. x is for x-ray which is what one may use to see what they would look like in the LotD. Y is for...
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