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  1. i dont know if this has beens said before, but the new dualblades for the dualbladed saber is quite a bit off... if i knew how to post my screenie, i would.
  2. When i perform emotes or rolls, the final arm animations stick for a while, then return to normal. the jetpack fires kinda stops every once in a while, then turns back on. When you jump slighty forward shooting 2 pistols, certain models (maul) will have their torso turned completely around, like a creepy chucky doll. also, when i execute .cfg files, it will occasionally crash my game. and, though this has only happened once, i started bespin streets and spawned in an out-of-map point, then i had to devmap/restart it to fix it. but like i said, it's only happened once. and, lastly, i cant seem to select dual e11's, and i have typed in the console command. that's all i've found for now. AWESOME MOD, btw.
  3. well, its obvious we're all wating and excited about this! i hope its out soon!
  4. really? im on the list for beta 3?! OMG! IVE NEVER BEEN ON THE LIST! THANK YOU! oh, and it was my pleasure supporting the mod. i loved beta 1, and now that beta 2 is almost here, and i get to test beta 3, omg, im about to feint...
  5. hey azymn, remember me? well, i know you get this a lot, and beta 2 is probably near release, but i was wondering if i could get a sneak-peak? if so, email it to me at matthewjohnston@mail.com Thanks in advance!
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