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  1. [ja]daemon = faggot who obviously cares
  2. wtf was that monkey banter. shut your ****ing mouth.
  3. Ok I always thought this was the case, but now it has been proven that that forum[LUCASFORUMS] is the gayest ass **** on the planet. You have *******s like Luc Solar who are stealth forum trolls. What constructiveness did that guy add to the thread? NONE. You have newbie faggots like solo1414[****ING IDIOT] saying all this stupid **** in 1-2 page down syndrome rants about how strafe jumping is an exploit and it's anti Star Wars "immersion" to the game, not listening to anything you post, and then posting more rants again when you try to explain. And if you flame, your post gets deleted, or you get banned, and when the forum mod decides he thinks the discussion is done, he closes the thread[LEXX=FAGGOT]. That's ****ing stupid. **** Lucasforums. I know everybody knew this already, but I felt like venting about it. God those people are fags. -Sphinx solo probably cant strafe jump worth **** and also is probably a fat nerd :amidala: :amidala: :amidala: :amidala:
  4. [EDIT Taos - I think you had better start changing your attitude around here alarm. Final warning.]
  5. ahahahahaha, strafe jumping doesnt make sense ANYWHERE(what jet pack?). SW= realistic? rofl
  6. removing strafe jumping is retarded
  7. I dont remember who mentioned the assists idea, but I want that too.
  8. alarm

    MP vs SP

    why dont you make a poll
  9. haha, you obviously havent figured out how to aim yet
  10. Disruptor damage should be increased. also, tormentor != terminator
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