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  1. I play competitively so i have to use the 1.01 patch. As for the patch commander i have had that since it came out like the day after the patch. But i think your missing the point. The game shouldn't sparatically exit to windows with out any warning.
  2. Ever Since i updated my game to the 1.01 patch my game will randomly exit to windows anybody else have this problem suggestions?
  3. First of all, Swede isnt vertex(vertex is my friend irl and a member of aP). I am swede aka remnant now. Anyway, i agree with most of what unnamed said. The only reason my clan aeroPhalanx plays on the sabers ladder on twl is because we play guns also. We have played a total of 7 times and are #1 pathetic. Seriously our strategy is so simple its redicuouls the game is not even fun but its so easy to be #1 why the hell not. I wish Raven would ungay this game so that we would have some competition from clans like FK. Right now all we have is kaoticz. The last 3 matches we have played have either ended in dissconnects of the other team or being kicked form the server. The only real competitive comunity to my knowledge is guns CTF/TDM on TWL.
  4. SuperSon!c


    When is SDK for JK3 being released?
  5. if the admin doesn't know about status/clientkick just make your name all so when he tries to kick you he will kick all.
  6. All skill really. But if sombody shows unsportsmanship behavior they mite be disqualified becasue of it.
  7. Yes. A seige ladder will be made after the game is out if there is enough support for it and the other ladders. If you want to play JK3 competitively or if you wanna have fun with some friends in JK3 TeamWarefare is the place.
  8. There locked for challenges not for joining. Sign up for TWL then on the home page it will show a link that says join player ladder hit that and scroll to find the JKJA ladder. If you want to join a team ladder. At the home page move the mouse to your name and a menu will come down go to account mantainance and then Resgister team once you have registered a team go and highlight your name again then go to the my teams link and then under in about the middle of the page there is a Join New Competition. Hit that and find the competition you want to join. To have ppl join your team have them register an account at twl then tell them the join pass you made when registering your team and give them a link to your team all they have to do is hit the Join button. I hope this will help anybody that needs it to join the ladders.
  9. Over at http://www.teamwarfare.com JK3 ladders just opened up for signups lastnite. The Ladders Include: 4 on 4 FF CTF, All weapons 4 on 4 FF TFFA, All weapons 4 on 4 FF TFFA, Saber Only 2 on 2 FF TFFA, Saber Only 1 on 1 FF Duel, Saber Only So get your teams together and join up. Ladders should open up for competition a few days after the release of the game.
  10. I think it would be cool i have always wanted to do that.
  11. Exactly, Also for you ppl who think guns shouldnt be in it if you ever have watched star wars the movies you would know that all the jedi died form either dark jedi or a guy with a gun.
  12. I think that they should add a gun duel mode different from the regular deul mode with larger maps than duel maps and populated with weapons and ammo but no heath or sheilds.
  13. I agree with this definatly in the movies the saber is a 1 hit kil kind thing. What Raven could do is that maybe in a duel mode that if you hit the arm you can't us that arm anymore or chop off a leg you would have to hop round on one leg i think this would make things more interesting.
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