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  1. Could there be a SWG 2 in the future with no SOE? :-o Keep me udated, and as always, drop a line to Micketty on Gorgannash if you play WoW.
  2. so i found out today that one of my friends in my WoW guild was in DS. small world huh?
  3. jo what server are you playing WoW on? if your not too entrenched with one character akready, come to my server. Gorgannash, send a message to micketty. My guild is really great, and I think you would get along with them.
  4. between MC (sooo fun) and Battlegrounds, theres plenty to do now once your at level 60
  5. i remember everything about the -A-. good times man. Iam reeeealy enjoying playing WoW now. Found a really cool guild that reminds me of you guys, and the actualy gameplay is going great. Much love! -froobie
  6. This most recent isue of PC Gamer had a story of the devolping PvP war on the Ahazi server. Really cool read, and makes me wish something like that happened when I was playing. check it out.
  7. Our message board is dying How is the new school year treating you guys? Hope you all had a good summer.
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    I dont know if such a thing exists, but maybe theres some satellite high speed internet out there? If there is (which i doubt) it probably would cost a fortune.
  9. I thought of you Xan when the bombings in london happened. I couldnt remember, but I thought you may live in london. Glad to see your safe.
  10. Hey Set, remember me? You hit the nail right on the head with whats happened to SWG. Its a totally different game, and while theres a lot of new cool features or little improvements, the overall feeling of the game is just negative in my opinion. Mainly I blame the Jedi population, but hey what can you do? I tried getting back into SWG earlier this summer but it was just impossible. Its not the same game I started playing two years ago and fell in love with. Iam now back playing WoW, its a much better game than SWG but the lack of great friends like I had in SWG will never make it as enjoyable as that first year playing Galaxies. I know what you mean Jan, i totally miss the old days. We had such a good group of people here, even though it seemed we always had some conflict or problem. I hope I never fall out of contact with you guys
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    Yo guys I will be ingame once the servers go back. any suggestions what professions I should take up? I would like to try something different I think... I want a combat profession and a crafting. What are the least buggiest / most sought after goods these days?
  12. I will hopefully be back in game by the end of the week, so tell me when and where too
  13. Dont worry Corzip, I dont think I would even want to join a guild unless I find exactly what iam looking for. I might want a house in the city though if thats allowable. Anyways, my character idea... I always get these elaborate schemes with what iam going to do with myself in SWG. I was thinking it would be fun to form a crew of maybe 5-6 people, get a really nice ship and just hang out together and do all sorts of stuff all across the galaxy. Just the thought of a crew of people with indivdual roles on a big multi-person ship sounds like a lot of fun. Of course I would want to be a steward but I dont know if I could stand to grind chef again. Well see.
  14. So I just saw Episode 3 last night, and it made me realizes how awesome Star Wars is and how I miss SWG. I have been getting pretty bored with WoW, my biggest complaint is that theres no social aspect to the game... just grinding. Ive been following the process of SWG and JTL and ROTW seem like quality expansions that add a lot to the game. So Iam thinking of bringing Froobuk back again Ive got some neat ideas on what I would like to do with Froobie, ill share them later. By the way, who still plays, and whats your guild situation? Ive lost track.
  15. I was playing WoW today and I came across some guy name daelus. so i asked him (thinking it was jo) if he played SWG, he said yes, i then asked him if he played on starsider and he said yes. Turns out it wasnt Jo but iam still convinced it was by the way zeto, iam playing on gorgannash now cuz all my RL friends are playing there. Names Micketty if you ever feel like playing a new character. gnome mage lvl 32.
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    I think our forum is dying
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    I agree, no more hijacking of threads. I really think you should make a thread dedicated to just general conversation Corzip. That way we could just say whatever is on our mind be it SWG, WoW, or anything else. I would make it, but then it wouldnt seem official enough.
  18. Hey guys sorry I didnt post this earlier... I made a NE Warrior on Llane. Iam currently doing quests in Westfall and Redridge Mountains and I am level 17. Iwok, if you want I was thinking we could get together to do the Deadmines tonight. How does 10:00 PM EST sound? Ive got some quests to do there and its the only thing I can think of doing that you would be completly bored with EDIT: Oh yeah and the name is Alarrion. And guys, in response to Grasks post, try and keep all WoW talk in this thread. Thanks.
  19. You and Iwok need to get on the same server! I dont know which one to join, and I feel bad about excluding one of you.
  20. Woohoo, I got WoW today! I got lucky and managed to pick up the last copy at Gamestop. Iam installing it now, so I should be on in an hour or so (Iam expecting loads of patches to be DL).
  21. I was bored today so I installed Jedi Academy and played some online. Its pretty fun, and I thought it would be neat if those of us who have it could get together and play it online. - Froobie P.S -- We should start a thread for just general chat/posting. Seems like a measly topic like this doesnt deserve a thread of it's own and most of our threads end up off topic anyways. Just a thought.
  22. I was thinking about that Joe, and ill have to check with the parents, but I dont think it should be a problem. Its just like EBAy right, except iam not getting ripped off I have like 4 possible servers i could join right now. One is gorgannesh cuz my friend's brother plays on that server, whatever server Iwok plays on, the server that the guild i was origonally gonna join is on, and your server Jo. I guess ill have to join your server if you get this for me though, because ill forever be indebt to you.
  23. Its sold out at both gamestop and EB at my local mall, and they have no idea when it will be shipped in. I might check CompUSA or something like that, ill see.
  24. Still no WoW for me. I ordered it on Amazon but found out today that the estimated delivery date has been pushed back from this week, to sometime in March! What the hell, this game is soo freakin popular. I looked on EBAY for means of buying one quickly but they are going for like over 100$. This is crazy... anyone got suggestions on how to get one?
  25. Sounds pretty good to me. I love RTSs but havent really played that many. Heroes 3 and Age of Empires/Kings series are two of my favorite games ever. I also played C&C: Generals which had many flaws but was still fun. I will definetly look into this game, and hopefully it will be a good online game we can all play together
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