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  1. cg_thirdpersonangle 0 (o can be 0-359?) It's a cheat.
  2. The best game I have ever played is Deus Ex. It had a well developed story line, immersable locations, interactive game play, excellent hud system. It combines the best of FPS/RPG games. Runner up would be Jedi Academy, but only because it has an extensive modding community. Now if they could only combine the two, add Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator for air vehicles, Grand Terismo for land vehicles, vehicle damage, npc/item/world interaction like in Morrowind, they would have the best game in the universe.
  3. As much as he has be an ass in the past...I hope he gets better soon. Was he on a bike or in a car?
  4. The pain animation looks like he's moshing! GJ!
  5. Glad that was settled, now I won't have to take a plane ride to Duncan's house (just kidding). Anyhoot, I've been following Hatrus's work for a while now and was curious: Are there any plans for releasing your modern military weapons? I've seen the pictures that where posted on the TMU website and would very much like to use some of them in a JA sp mod I am making. Thanks for your time and glad things are settled, Peace!
  6. I can take a crack at the skin, but I need a uv map.
  7. I have a question: being 3dsmax is so expensive, did eveyone working on this actually buy 3dsmax? If so, where is the cheapist place to get it? Thx
  8. Hatrus, you my boy! I was kind of late in posting, but I never really post here until I heard of all the shyze some little pre-pubesent punks are slinging at you. Let me lay it down for ya: You rule! You the man! and your very, VERY good at what you do! Don't EVER let people tell you otherwise, because you are too important , a great asset and friend to the JA/JO community. If there is anything I can ever do for you, just email me: se7enraven@hotmail.com I can skin, do sounds, map (a little) and if you EVER need anything, just ask and I will be on it like white-on-rice! With no obligation or payment. Keep up the good work and hold your head high, where it belongs! PEACE!
  9. I think you could use the leela jedi to do this person. She comes with a robe and hood i believe, might wanna contact dak to see if he will allow a skin, peace!
  10. Model looks good. Thank you again for the grey fox model you did! K2K FOREVER!!!!!!!
  11. Oh-MY-GOD! That is going to be the best vehicle model released! You rule, oh yeah. I was thinking, I'm not sure how the vehicle properties operate, but if you could not garrison people inside the haul, it would be neat if a docking bay allowed the imperials or the team of the at at driver, to stand on top and fire at the ground soldiers/opposing air craft. And from an offensive postion, if it is possible to leap from aircraft, the opposing team could land on the roof of the at at and lob grenades, saber, ect at the atat roof/head and be out of harms way of the at at. I have'nt played multiplayer much, but if there is a such thing as freindly fire, any enemy trying to shoot the opposing force from the roof of the at at could risk hitting the at at itself and causing damage to it. O.k....I'll calm down now. Good work!
  12. LOL. This is the longest I have ever seen a person work on a model. Antizac has been working on this project for over two years now, so anyone hodling there breath for this model, I might suggest you move on and in like, 5 more years maybe there might be a release. P.S-Iknow this is the 2nd try at this model, that's why I called it a project.
  13. Out of curiosity, how many player heights is it? Also, it would be neat if it moves forward or backward by one set of contril(with the ability to turn albeit slowly), yet the head is totally independent and operates by the mouse, which i think was mentioned above.
  14. Yes! I have been waiting for this since JO! You go with your bad self!
  15. "sexy leia" http://www.jediknightii.net/files/index.php?link=download&rd=y&id=1042
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