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  1. Yeh but, doesn' t mean he can't use a friends computer or go to an internet cafe to check the forums. One of the definite additions it the agreement to the policy prior to mod submission.
  2. Casper you are an absolute moron, "Uh... dude no offense. But please speak english." Are you an idiot? Can you not read? Everything he wrote in that post was in English, oh wait you were saying that what he said didn't make sense in that case what Eldritch said is completely correct. One cannot please everybody with a system such as pcgamemods, saying something as ignorant as "Pcgm was never the place it used to be before you showed up." that itself doesn't even make sense, honestly try to read that and make logical sense out of it. If anything has hurt pcgamemods it's your registration as a member to it Casper. Spring break is coming up, which means I'll have time to make changes.
  3. Darth Kaan, it looks like you were trying to say "just my two cents" numerically by putting the value of two cents in decimal notation. While the notation should be .02 you put .002 which would be 1/5th of a penny. With that aside it seems that towards the end of your last comment you were poking fun at the fact that at pcgamemods we (this is the collective staff and myself) do not like to do work at pcgamemods. I was somewhat amused at your ignorance but I'll let you swell in that as like other things you don't understand what you are saying. GothicX is right, EasyThumbnail is easy to use, just follow the instructions. If a user can do that then it means two things one of they being that the user is competant, and the second that he cares enough about his mod to take screenshots. Honestly how hard is it to resize screenshots? I remember I timed myself with EasyScreenshot and it took me under 5 minutes to complete a task of 20 screenshots. Also note that most of the good mods, are those that come with properly setup screenshots for the site. The sheer fact that you said we should pre screen files is analogous to going up to an engineer working for AMD and saying that the architecture of their chips is flawed and that they should change it to be more like Intel's architecture. I did plenty of time screening files before upload, and it's a pain. If you can't properly place a file up with a good description it reflects poorly on the user, not us. Not to mention the fact that people can get their files up quickly and if someone does screw something up, we can delete it or disable the download. Your opinions on Eldritch are your own, he has submitted content to pcgamemods and he received a rating of about 7.5 for his map. Though all the comments for his map were positive, Eldritch himself said "Astounding that it's a 7.5 and not one negative comment on here." That file can be located here: http://www.pcgamemods.com/2366/ .
  4. lauser - That is of course your opinion on Eldritch which is not exactly shared amongst everyone. Eldritch does nothing wrong; he is merely cleaning up the site. As for his comments, I won't put a limit on what he has to say just as I won't put a limit as to what anybody else has to say. It's an opinion, simple as that I won't 'fire' him because what he says bothers you. What he is 'hired' to do is to help keep pcgamemods clean which is he doing a great job at. If he starts doing something like, deleting files for no reason, or modifying the contents of the files then I would 'fire' him. But I don't see that happening anytime soon. Ender - It's easy to think of these ideas and think of how they would benefit the site. Many of the ideas I have had have had were thrown out simply because ideally the idea worked, but when I placed that idea into a realistic situation I knew it wouldn't last. For instance you say that users should have to comment first before they rate. In that case, someone will say something like "this sucks" then rate a file a 1. If I put a 20 word limit on files users could write "this sucks sucks suck sucks etc.." until they reached 20 words. In an ideal world that idea would work, but then again in an ideal world I wouldn't have to consider such a system since the current system would be working ideally as I intended it to.
  5. First of all, nobody is hold a gun to your head saying "CLICK THE OPTION TO DISABLE THE VIEWING OF CLAN MAPS NOW!". If you want you can check out the maps specifically for clans in that section, it only makes sense. My opinion on map reviews: I think map reviews are completely useless. I have never, and this is pre-jedioutcastmaps.com, downloaded a map because somebody reviewed it or said it was good/bad. I look at the screenshots, this simple concept is what started jedioutcastmaps.com. Who the hell cares if someone says "this is architecturally adequate", download the map and play it for yourself. Better yet, just look at the screenshots. Which is what I did, I setup a site based around using screenshots to sell the map/mod and it obviously worked. I don't know why so many of you are getting wrapped up on map reviews. Would you have downloaded LDJ's Duel of the Fates if you didn't see the 36 screenshots I put up? Would you have downloaded it if I had just said "it's duel of the fates from star wars, it's big and large and I like it". I know I wouldn't, I would want to see what it looks like, seeing as the point of a map is to create a good fighting scenario and be visually appeasing. Map-review is a critique site, it's just some of the more experienced mappers giving their take on the map and what can be done to improve it or if it's already good, giving the author praise for his work. I agree with reviewing mods, as it involves more than just looking at the scenery.
  6. Lil Killa did a pretty good job of summing up. 1.) I will make a php script that allows users to manually send each original screenshot up manually. It will be for lack of a better word, idiot-proof. 2.) You mean gruntwork, no. Nobody should have to do something you are to lazy to do yourself. 3.) No.
  7. Then how exactly are you supposed to view the images? You have to resize at some point or else nobody can see the images. Unless they just go to a section called "screenshots" even then people want thumbnails to get the general idea of what they are looking at before they see it.
  8. Oh I can tell you why you can't resume. Download accelerator, when it is looking to resume a file it looks at the download link that you originally used. The user has 5 minutes after he presses the download button to press the download link. The link will die in 5 minutes regardless of whether he clicks it or not. This is simply a measure I took to ensure that nobody could leech files off pcgamemods, and so far nobody has. When you try to resume with download accelerator it simply cannot connect to the link again because the link really isn't there. I'm sorry to say, but when I look at the priorities of saving money on bandwidth leeching in one hand, and allowing people to use download accelerator on another - saving bandwidth wins.
  9. Good news to all, today at some point I will implement the clan sections and with them, the lovely little option for members to disable the the viewing of anything clan related. If someone tries to pass something clan related into something other than one of the clan sections, the moderators will clean it up Vegeta - I have never heard of that problem...it could be with you...
  10. I have made a news post on pcgamemods.com with some of the things I would like to do to the site. Please read that over if you can and make comments/suggestions on what I have written.
  11. Manquesa, First of all thanks for submitting your files to pcgamemods your vehicles are most impressive. As for the ftp php script, I contemplated this for a while, but for that to work what would happen is the following. First of all I think the problem doesn't really lie in the usage of the upload scripts but in Easy Thumbnail, for some reason some people just don't know how to use it regardless of the fact that we put up a simple tutorial. Also, a php ftp script would have to have the user browse to each image file individually and that could end up being a bit cumbersome. Then there would be the matter of having the server handle the resizing. As most of you know when you resize an image it is a bit CPU intensive, if more than one person is resizing images it could invariably overload the server causing it to crash. Here's the solution: make the php ftp script with queing. This could essentially solve the little screenshot problem that happens to be developing. Basically the user would upload the original images that they made for the mod. They would have to browse to each image file individually which wouldn't take that long, unless you had over 30 images. Then they would submit all the images, the images would go into a temporary folder, if someone else is already resizing something the user is placed into a que until that other resize job is finished. This could potentially elimate the clutter that could come out of 5 people trying to resize at once, and solve the problem for requiring screenshots. The reason I don't require screenshots is because not everybody can get this system to work, if I do this php ftp script it would work for everybody since the user wouldn't have any interaction, aside from submission, in the resizing process. Once this method is proved then I can allow for the requirement of screenshots for certain sections (skins, maps vehicles etc.). So yes Manquesa I think I will end up doing that, I figure it's best to have a method, regardless of how arduous it is, that works for everybody so there is no excuse. Admiral: I'm sorry if you think I bit your head off, but I had to prove my point to you. You basically said at one point that I wasn't listening to your suggestion and I was, I just don't think restructuring pcgamemods is a viable solution, especially in regard to the amount of effort that would be needed to take on such a managerial position.
  12. Ok I am going to make a section for Clans it will have subsections too what should the subsections be?
  13. Both are done, I just added a vehicles section and moved over the current vehicles to that section. I talked to the JA moderators last night, anything goes up but the developer should make a note of questionable material in his description.
  14. I'm not even going to take into consideration what your saying because it's just so blatently stupid. I say something and you sit there and squander over misinterpreting everything that is said. I'll spell it out for you one more time because if there's anything I am getting annoyed with it's your ability, or lack there of, to comprehend what I am trying to say. First of all, I don't want a large staff. If I wanted a large staff I would have accepted a lot more submissions. Second, I don't need a large staff. I already said thist numerous times but I guess it wasn't sinking in. I don't need a large staff, I don't need people to babysit the modders, this isn't daycare if the modders can't make good descriptions and screenshots for themselves then what does that say about the modder? I don't need people to review map files or skins, unless they are being given a critique for example like on jk2review, I think others will agree that when they want to download a file they'd rather see screenshots than someone's description of it. Oh and once again do me the favor of sparing me the apathy trip that you are trying to send me on. I remember a time where I was the only site taking unique screenshots for every file that came in, I did this for over a year, single handidly so where do you get this notion that I am lazy? Because I have better things to do than scout for staff members I don't need? This is stupid, our bickering is solving absolutely nothing. There's no way I will be able to convince you that I don't want new staff members. And you won't be able to say that I can improve upon the site itself without adding a larger staff to write reviews. You keep bringing this jealousy thing I have for jk3files when I really don't. It's like me saying to massassi.net, do this to get more people. Well they really don't want more people, they are simply catering to a certain group of developers. Which is exactly what I am doing, I am taking suggestions to appease those who already go to the site. Everything else people have said I have taken into consideration, I changed the headers so that search engines can pick up on the mods and I will be changing the sorting ability soon and I will definately be putting up icons on the list of mods that have screenshots or not. You said I should get more staff members, I tried to make an arguement , or excuse as according to you, about how I didn't need more staff members nor wanted more. I talked to Chadrick, the current owner of jk3files and we had a discussion about this sort of thing. I have known Chadrick since I started jedioutcastmaps.com so long ago. His maps helped catapult pcgamemods into what it is today so I owe him a great deal and he also knows a lot about my site and in general running a site.We both agree that what people like about jk3files is the reviews and screenshots, and what people like about pcgamemods is the instant upload. We also talked about competition between the sites. He simply said the same thing I have been saying. There is no competition, we both aid the community in separate ways. When it comes to "downloads" they have way more than pcgamemods. They also have the entire filesnetwork backbone to support them. I asked Chadrick about the amount of work he has to do seeing as he has a lot of staff members, and he gave me permission to quote him, since this was on an instant messaging protocol I will simply paraphrase what he said, if I what I say is incorrect at all I am sure he will make a comment about it. He simply said, that his managerial duties take up quite some time, he has to put in a lot of work into simply keeping all the reviewers in que with what they have to do. And like I said I can't allocate that amount of time to watch over staff members. This isn't an excuse Admiral it's a simple fact, I have priorities and this simply wouldn't be one of them. I could consider possibly having the currect staff members have reviewers under them who they manage but I am not sure they would be up for such a responsibility. Frankly I am a bit insulted by your accusation of apathy against me. Especially after the amount of work I put into jedioutcastmaps and pcgamemods. Suddenly because I don't feel it's appropriate to watch over a group of reviewers, which in this case would be for more than one game too, I am lazy? I looked at your suggestion admiral and I simply feel it's not necessary to do. Like I said jk3files and pcgamemods cater to different groups of people, you obviously are in the jk3files group.
  15. You have this view like I need to have 20 people on staff waiting for each mod that comes out so they can go and review a map the second it comes out. And sorry that I want some competant people on the site, rather than just trusting anybody who can submit a staff form. Also where are you getting this understanding that I need money all of the sudden especially $400? Oh because that would pay for the licensing to the java uploader so I can 'fix' it so that people can run it? Allow me to tell you that every single computer I have worked on, or been on I have been able to run that uploader. I have yet to have any problems with it, if anybody is having problems it's because they can't read simple instructions on how to install the java client. The site makes enough money to pay for bandwidth every month but it's certainly not making so much where I can throw out $400 on something as such, heck I probably wouldn't if I could anyway since it's a useless expenditure. Buying a license isn't going to increase a user's competancy. I'm not going to lose any sleep at night because Admiral Chemix is going to jk3files more than he is going to pcgamemods, I already told you we are two difference sites. One site (pcgamemods) accepts uploads immediately so the modder can get his file out as soon as possible, the other site (jk3files) is more centric to the staff where as you have to send them your files first and they can take screenshots if they will. I remember a time when I did that, I did a lot of screenshots and you have no idea how many or how long it takes to do so many. I guess that's where pcgamemods' instant submission falls, in the point that there isn't as much 'cleaning' up that we do rather than moderating. Here's a question for you Admiral - if modders themselves don't care about their mods enough to write good descriptions and take screenshots why should we have to do it for them? They obviously don't care enough to do it, so we shouldn't have to waste our time doing it for people who don't care to. We had a discussion about this, there's no reason for us to go out of our way to take screenshots for someone who is too lazy to do it themselves. From a user's point of view should you really download something from someone who didn't take the time to write out a good description or screenshot? It's very rare that a good mod comes out without a good description or screenshots, hell look at the staff picks to find out. Can you honestly sit there and type that we should have to do it regardless of staff amount? I said I would make the necessary changes to the site, even try to figure out a possible new screenshot system but one thing I won't do is cater to the lazy. Oh and again you'll say that this is one 'gigantic' excuse when in reality I am justifying what I should and should not do with my own site, I look at the log almost every day and I see the flux of visitors, some days it's up some days it's down but it's usually almost always up or the average amount so I know I am doing something right to keep visitors coming in. If you want me to get a larger staff so we can start cleaning up after the apathy of some modders then you really should stick with jk3files.com
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