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  1. Excellent work looking forward to the finished piece
  2. I was actually looking for this exact wallpaper a while ago, but to no avail. Thanks for putting it up
  3. Sorry for lack of replies recently. My hard disk died... didn't lose anything, but don't have a permanent computer to work from at the moment. Merging the sites is a possibility, but I'll have to think about/discuss it more later (exams starting next week). I'd like to think the DOD has built up quite a lot of, ermm, 'reputation' though - a few hundred registered members for example - so I wouldn't really be that keen on just dropping the name/domain (if that's what you're suggesting). @MeddlingMonk Yes! Really like the style. I think the intro paragraph is the most important part to make interesting, and the pictures and "extra information" (rename to "trivia"?) could stay the same in most cases, unless you have something to add of course.
  4. I'm sure I remember reading the "N times as many polygons" thing with official specs about the game too... but can't find anything with google, apart from this: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:J8DuPT7mc8QJ:www.mixnmojo.com/features/read.php%3Farticle%3Descapefrommonkeyisland%26page%3D5+%229+times+as+many+polygons%22&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk
  5. @urluckyday Ok yeah. I guess the reason I didn't have the poems under character profiles is because they're quite short at the moment, but if they were a little more in-depth, they'd fit in nicely there. "fun facts/trivia" is basically what the easter eggs/in-jokes section is, but I think that list of cat names would fit better under the landmarks section for the race track (currently non-existent). @MeddlingMonk Ahh I think I see what you're getting at... and it raises a point about whether stuff like your example should be bundled into a subsection, or featured on the menu like the other main content. Hmm - fan fiction is built from people's creativity and imagination, with GF as a context. Also there's a large quantity of it. So it only makes sense to have it in a subsection. But by definition, anything 'nonfiction' is based around facts and research, so surely that's informative and should be treated like any other main site content. Then again, now that I'm giving the option of writing content, there might be a lot of the type of stuff you're talking about, which would fill up the menu. Not sure about that really... if you think of any more examples let me know. Aztec mythology would actually make quite a nice 'Background' section IMO
  6. I guess the reason there isn't an obvious link at the moment is because there's no continuity between the sites (need to register for each), and once here there's no link back to gf.com. But I agree they serve different purposes (LF -> place to talk, not necessarily on-topic / gf.com -> archive of information and place to share fan content) so I'll think of somewhere more obvious to slot a link in Great! Yep, that's definitely an area which would benefit from being more creative. I'd be more than happy for you to rewrite those Content-wise I don't have anything specific in mind apart from improved versions of the current sections. What I'm trying to get at is, if someone else went about making a GF site, it would probably have quite different content. I know web-design so I was able to get something up, but that doesn't mean the choices I made for content pages were the best. If someone has an idea for content which visitors would find useful or enjoyable, the site is a good medium for it to be published on. So any ideas that people have that don't fit anywhere in the current sections are fine and I'd definitely consider them. Attempting to give an example, here there's some info someone emailed me on how to set your controller to a WiiMote. Is that useful? Yep. Are there more similar tricks that people with adequate knowledge could write about? Probably. Was I able to write anything more on the subject or think of a menu category to put it under? Nope. Not quite sure what you're thinking of with a nonfiction section for fan content..?
  7. Nice idea! Here's the specs from that thread, but I don't have the mesh viewer: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Escape from Monkey Island file specs v0.01 ------------------------------------------- by Benjamin Haisch aka john_doe (john_doe@techie.com) If you have any questions regarding this text or found out new information just mail me. Introduction ============== In this text I try to describe the file formats of the 3d files used in Escape from Monkey Island. These files are meshes (.meshb), skeletons (.sklb) and animations (.animb). I haven't yet looked into the costume files (.cosb) which group all the above files together. Note that I'm a newbie to 3d coding so many terms are probably wrong. Contents ========== 0. Common definitons 1. Binary meshes (.meshb) specs 1.1 Notes about BoneInfoCount 2. Binary skeleton (.sklb) specs 3. Binary animation (.animb) specs 3.1 Note on bone operations: 3.2 Note on rotations: 0. Common definitons ====================== vector3d = float x,y,z vector2d = float x,y string: long length byte[length] string data 1. Binary meshes (.meshb) specs ================================= These files contain the actual 3d model model data, i.e. vertices, normals, faces and texture coordinates and optionally information which vertex is connected to which bone in the skeleton. Start: -------- string MeshName Name of the mesh vector3d u[4] unknown (maybe for collision detection) long numtex Number of textures used string texname[numtex] Texture filenames (incl. path information) long u unknown, is 0x13 in many files long numvert Number of vertices or similar vector3d vectors[numvert] Vertex data vector3d normals[numvert] Normal data byte size is numvert * 4 colormap for vertex coloring vector2d texcoords[numvert] texture coords long facedatacount Number of texture groups (for faster texturing, switching textures only once per texture) repeated facedatacount times { long flags usually 0x0304 long textureused 0= not textures; 1= textured long texture Index of texture to be used this is only stored if textureused=1 long facescount Number of faces word faces[facescount] the faces data } long hasbones 0= mesh has no bones; 1= has bones if hasbones=0 the file ends here, else there's some more to read: long bonecount Number of bones string bonename[bonecount] Names of the bones (they refer to the names specified in the skeleton file, .sklb) long boneinfocount Number of "bone infos" (need a better name) Stores for each vertex which bone it belongs to. repeat boneinfocount times { See description below for more notes long incval (Need better name) long bone The bone the vertex belongs to. I don't know yet if this index is into the skeleton file or into the bonename array first and from there to the correct bone in the skeleton. float weight The weight the assiciated bone has to this vertex. } (Note: "Usually" means it's the same in all the files I checked.) 1.1 Notes about BoneInfoCount ------------------------------- This is where the bone-vertex relations are stored. Note that a vertex can be associated to more than one bone. That's why boneinfocount and numvert may differ (but they may be the same, too). If incval is one, then go to the next vertex. Otherwise if it's 0, then stay at the current vertex. All weights added must equal to 1.0. Example (from mk1.meshb): BoneInfo[0]: Vertex= 0 IncVal= 1 Joint= 130 Weight= 1.000 BoneInfo[1]: Vertex= 1 IncVal= 1 Joint= 130 Weight= 1.000 BoneInfo[2]: Vertex= 2 IncVal= 1 Joint= 130 Weight= 0.871 BoneInfo[3]: Vertex= 2 IncVal= 0 Joint= 91 Weight= 0.129 BoneInfo[4]: Vertex= 3 IncVal= 1 Joint= 130 Weight= 1.000 BoneInfo[5]: Vertex= 4 IncVal= 1 Joint= 130 Weight= 1.000 BoneInfo[6]: Vertex= 5 IncVal= 1 Joint= 130 Weight= 0.749 BoneInfo[7]: Vertex= 5 IncVal= 0 Joint= 91 Weight= 0.251 Here the vertices 0, 1, 3, 4 are each linked to one bone (each with a weight of 1). The vertices 2 and 5, however, are linked to two bones, each with different weight factors that add up to 1 (for each vertex). 2. Binary skeleton (.sklb) specs ================================== These files store the skeleton of the model. Each bone is connected to several vertices of the mesh, so if one bone is moved or rotated, so do the attached vertices. string32 means it's a string with a constant size of 32 bytes, without any length byte. Start: -------- long bonecount Number of bones in the skeleton repeat bonecount times { string32 name Name of the bone string32 parent Name of parent bone vector3d position Initial position of the bone vector3d rotation Initial rotation of the bone float angle Initial rotation angle } 3. Binary animation (.animb) specs ==================================== These files contain keyframe data. Each bone has its own keyframe chunk. Each chunk can either be a translation or a rotation (maybe there are other types as well). Definitions: -------------- translation: vector3d vec translation vector float time time this translation is finished rotation: quaternion rot rotation quaternion float time time this rotation is finished Start: -------- string name Name of the animation float duration duration of this animation in seconds long bones Number of animated bones (need another name) repeat bones times { string bonename Name of bone to be animated This refers to the bone name stored in the skeleton long operation Operation on this bone (see below) long unk1 unknown (often 0x01) long unk2 unknown (often 0x00) long keyframes Number of keyframes of this bone if operation=3 translation[keyframes] translations List of translations if operation=4 rotation[keyframes] rotations List of rotations } 3.1 Note on bone operations: ------------------------------ If operation is 3 this means the bone has to be translated according to the data. If operation is 4 the bone has to be rotated instead. Other keyframe types may be possible but I only found these two. 3.2 Note on rotations: ------------------------ I think the rotations are stored as quaternions but they might as well be just an axis as vector3d and an rotation angle.
  8. Yeah, it's a shame how many people must give up on trying to play the game because they can't get it to run, and even though there might an easy solution, it's not possible to find without a lot of searching through Glottis' Garage. Haha well that would be sweet. Something else I'm wondering is if news about other projects by Tim Schafer or adventure projects by LucasArts should be covered by the site's news and briefly mentioned in the content. Well, it's "on hold" for now. The main problem was that there was a lot of disagreement over the whole direction of the mod - with the two extremes being something identical to GF's style, and a FPS set in the GF universe. This was probably because there wasn't a solid story, so when people agreed to help they might have got the wrong idea. Someone is working on a story/gameplay plan for the mod now. The idea being that anyone who wants to help can take a look and determine whether it's the type of project they're interested in, and we have something concrete to build content around. So basically the mod could still be restarted under the right circumstances, but don't hold your breath
  9. All good ideas fan art with comments is something we have now - but unfortunately the upload system is from the stone age, and I've had to disable comments recently after becoming flooded by spambots (even after adding reCAPTCHA!). But those are all issues I can fix with a fresh start. Glad to hear you're interested in writing! There are a lot of opportunities really, as anything Grim Fandango related has its place. If you look down the menu of the current site, most of the content under the "The Game" block of the menu is stuff I wrote... the only reason being that no one else volunteered at the time. Any parts of that which you think you could do a better job of or expand on, be my guest. There's also a few parts which are unfinished, like the character profiles and hints section. I'm not trying to be restrictive with those current sections though - like I said if you have something GF related you want to write, I'm sure I'll be able to fit it in with a part of the site.
  10. Hi guys! This is something I've been meaning to do for a while - putting out a new version of http://www.grim-fandango.com Since I made that last version of the site (4 years ago), I've learned sooo much more in basically every aspect of web design. There isn't really a single part of the site I wouldn't improve upon, so it would involve rebuilding the site from scratch. I'd still reuse a lot of the old content I collected up, of course, but the way it's managed and presented would change a lot. So, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions for stuff they'd like to see on a Grim Fandango fan site. Suggest whatever you'd like - I want to get as many ideas as I can before I dive in and start building something. I'm planning on focusing mainly on areas like "history", "community", "where to buy" and "how to run on windows xp/vista/7", rather than [non-existent] "news" which is the current front page. Also, a lot of the content on the site at the moment is written by me... which isn't ideal as content writing isn't really my strong point. So if you enjoy writing and want to contribute content that will be seen by thousands of fans or potential fans each month... this is a perfect opportunity
  11. I could convert a design into html/css for you - just message me with the details
  12. The original controls are over-written by ScummVM, so just check the manual. Although on PC I'm pretty sure it's F6.
  13. I think this might be the point that's causing confusion... different ways of making music. Some people can compose music just by going with their imagination of what sounds good, but I can't haha. Maybe because I'm much more into maths/programming type stuff, but I find things a lot easier when there are rules to follow. Erm, this is hard to explain, but basically I found this site extremely useful and pretty much what I was looking for: http://www.dolmetsch.com/musictheory1.htm (there are 44 pages and it's all free)
  14. It's more exciting and action-packed than most adventure games
  15. I did actually ask a similar question there before, haha. But the suggestions weren't extremely useful (basically along the lines of 'it takes experience' and 'let your imagination flow'), when I'd really benefit from some sort of concrete guidelines to follow or pointers.
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