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  1. That name is also illegal because it contains Exar which is a star wars character. So your going to have to try again. LucasForums: BobafettWP SWG.net: BobafettWP Official Forums: BobafettWP In Game: Sabak Email: JMK9001@hotmail.com
  2. That name is also illegal because it contains Exar which is a star wars character. So your going to have to try again.
  3. BobaWP

    PA Hunting

    Hey I think that every saturday night or whenever it is most convenient that we should get as many people from the PA to help everyone out. Now grask or corzip or somone would have to organize it but i think it would be a good idea to try to get the PA to work together and do stuff. Pleas post replies to what you think!
  4. I think that once the PA hits 100 people that it should cut down the price to 500 so that way the PA is making 50,000 which will benefit us all. I wouldnt mind paying that much i mean grab like 2 or 3 guys from the PA each take 2 missions and go do them and you have plenty of enough money to pay for taxes. And the thing is this money will only benefit everyone in the PA with new and better stuff. And think about the characters in the PA who are making armor weapons slicing and so on who are doing these things for half of what there worth. They need money to pay for supplies and such. So whatever amount you decide on Wraith or whoever collects is /tell sabak and i will be more than glad to pay the tax.
  5. I would be willing to do this. Since im on the comp every day but we should start testing people in gamea little see if they can be good players or if there just no clue noobs
  6. My game name is /sabak and i have talked to corzip
  7. I signed up for the PA about a 4 days ago and still havnet got the email. I meet all the rules that are specified being on the boards for a week and so on and so forth. So I was wonderng how long it takes till they give you a resonse?
  8. When a spot is picked for the city. Send me(Sabak) a /tell I would like to get a house and I want to be near the PA.
  9. Ok that is my friend who needs that. Im going to be a master marksman and scout(figure it out yet :/). Right now im a expert pistoleer some carbine and some advanced ranged weapon support. So if you could please tell me where I could meet somone who could help me gain XP I would be most greatful.
  10. I just need some help getting used to the game, like how to set waypoints and add abilities to the tab and stuff and i'd like to know where everyone is. (and maybe you know give me the hook up) lol j/k
  11. I just started playing and have been on these boards for a while and meet the rules. I want to know where to start so I can meet with some of the members.
  12. How can it move when im to destroy a building? But i get to the point im standing in it but theres nothing there. It doenst jump or anything.
  13. Leelatt just go into the chat rooms and find out whats wrong. Everytime something goes wrong with the servers everyone makes 1000 post about how the servers are down again and want to know whats going on or how the game sucks. So just go into the chat and talk to one of the blue guys.
  14. Ok I need some money and xp so I grab two missions from the nearest mission terminal no big deal. I do the nearest one with no problem. But then ill go do the 2nd one and when i get to the waypoint where the beam from the heavens is coming down there will be nothing there. What is with this? Has someone destroyed what i was sent to destroy? Or is it just a mess up where the waypoint goes to the wrong spot? Please tell me I'm not the only one who has had this problem.
  15. You havent tried it yet because you havent played the game yet haha.
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