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    I was born in New Zealand!
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    Qld, Australia
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    Cars, Star Wars, Women, cars, women.............
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    Mechanic Apprentiship

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  1. You- you're topshot's former padawan.

  2. lol, yeah, hey mate. I havn't been on here for ages!!! Still see alot of familier...umm names? Good to see the swamp is still alive atleast, oh and Rhett, i'll never forget Rhett HA HA HA!!
  3. I look across at the Mandalorian that just sat beside me. It was clear that he was trying to get attention. "Why do you seek such a drink Mandalorian" i said as i took a sip out of my glass. "I have not been here for a few years and yet there are still people here that recognise me, with time they will know you"
  4. BOO!! hey people. was just talking to Topshot on msn...thought i'd pop in and say hi... HI!!!
  5. Hey people!!! Lots of "faces" i remember, i should be here more often, brings back memories....now it just brings back pain of slow internet lol
  6. mine is what it is cause thats what i want it to be.... And its been the same old thing since i signed up.... OMG topshot, hey mate, whats been happenin, i havnt been here for a loooong time.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6FbhqCnOvs That should be a link to a video of the game...and all I can say OMG!!!!
  8. Hey people, i thought I should pop in and see how things are going, I've been looking around for a new decent SW game for a while, i've recently thought it would be cool to make a SW game like Freelancer or World Of Warcraft....it would be sweet as!
  9. lol, wish i lived in usa.....acctually, no i dont....to far from work.
  10. Hey guys....im just popin in. this may sound like im a rich boy, but im not, but im lookin at gettin an Xbox360 and a PS3 my mate has a business running and they can get them wholesale prices, so he he....mates rates I was playing a Xbox360 the other day and was quite impressed, but i've heard that the PS3 is going to be alot better, is this true?
  11. Congrats Bob, its been a while BTW... HI everybody!
  12. "Yo!, barman, Another ale, I'm going to be here for a while"
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