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  1. thanks a bunch, im not really sure how to implement it into my game though.
  2. hey keshire did you ever release that form II animation? that was really cool, and do you know if any modding team would release it in a mod?
  3. im just doing it cause im a nice guy . ive helped make that anakin what it is today. all the promo pictures and webdocs wernt as accessible as they are now.
  4. I was hesitant to post it here . But thats what RJ wanted. transfer this forum to the skins section if you want . doesnt bother me.
  5. darken the hair a bit and thin it out . then youll have anakin dead on. lmao it looks like anakin is pissed off at me for even comparing him to mr "feel like i do".
  6. hmm interesting , i did not know that. Anyways i hope hapslash does go through with this project. Only a model would fix that one glove issue. but i havnt seen much work from hapslash lately. but from what i saw in his model gallery, im very impressed. i wonder how long this model would take , hopefully not as long as rjw anakin skin release.
  7. that looks more like peter frampton then anakin. dont get me wrong though, its a first attempt. itll be more accurate if he follows through with the project. RJW and hapslash should just work together and get this model done fast.
  8. LMAO oh no drago, well its skinned from ep2 obi wan . not sure what he can do about thinning out the jawline.
  9. please tell me what would make the face more proportioned. what aspects of the face irritate you? please give any suggestions you may have, cause im sure rj can fix these swiftly before a release. Update: heres the most updated pic of what he looks like. are you satisfied or no? heres a comparison shot with the skin and a promo photo.
  10. yea sorry bout that folks, i use geocities. sometimes the pictures stay up , sometimes they dont. The eyes are good dont worry , heres a close up. im not going to post the best quality shots just yet , on request of RJW. gotta leave some supspense.
  11. I know some of you may have thought this project was dead. But its in the final stages , it should be released sooner then you think. Features Episode III Anakin : unrobed, robed, hooded Darth vader/anakin : Sith eyes , unrobed robed, hooded. Jedi Anakin, inspired by the jedi trials novel: More episode 2 themed clouthing, unrobed, robed, and hooded. This skin has come along ways , ive made sure that rjw keeps it true to whats been released to the public. The attention to detail is astounding. I will post more pictures, when this skin comes closer to being uploaded on pcgamemods.com if your impressed with the after pic. thats just a taste of whats to come.
  12. Oh man so this project died. I was reading it from pages 1-28, then someone said merry christmas and i thought this was curious so i look at the date and it was over 2 years ago. A very big shocker, but i should have looked before that. God this was such a great model too, better then kevins i would say. He has my condolences, maybe there is a chance it will be revived. Yes i guess its time to move on, and wait for that great ep3 anakin coming out soon. ps: what about that beta that toonces had , cant you continue from there. And with jk3 engine you can do so much more, the facial animations. But if its dead its dead not much we can do about it.
  13. thanks for the info, i couldnt quite make out who was making what.
  14. hey zappa are you working on that luke from rotj. I saw a pic yesterday good work. A great adition to that model would be a black robe with hood. Like when he first entered jabbas palace. Ive looked all over and cant find one, so hopefully you can do it. Also were you working on a darth sidious model , cause i dont see it on your webpage.
  15. Um kevin its been about 4 months since I last checked to see the progress on anakin ep3. Are you currently working on them, or do you not have the time. Id love to see that improved ep2 anakin sooner then later.
  16. Good to see you again Kevin , Ive been looking for an update on your ep2 and ep3 anakin. Your new obi looks spectacular, if theres anything you need help wise , testing , shading , colors id be more then honored to be of use to you. I have many pics of ep3 anakin because i have hyperspace. So if theres certain angles you need i can send you the pics. I strongely recommend making a hooded version of ep3 anakin. Ive been getting pics and that seems to be the focus of his evil presence in ep3 . You should also make a hooded ep2 anakin. if you have questions or need picture assistance my email is darth_altar@hotmail.com and my aim is gothicdroog. keep up the good work
  17. wheres kevin , ive been waiting for an update on the anakin skywalker pack. Anyone know where i can contact him, or if hes still working on the project. I know hes busy , but its good to know whats going on so far.
  18. Hey kevin , I would be honored to help test the new better ep2 anakin and help in any way i can. I also heard you are in the process of making ep3 anakin , which is a must. If you feel you dont have enough pics or any idea of what he looks like and what he should look like , that can be taken care of. Im studying the new ep3 anakin by the pics i get , and i have tryed making a skin off it . The skin is B+ work compared to your anakin, but i believe i can help you get a true great model based off it. If you would like any idea or suggestions my email is darth_altar@hotmail.com and my aim name is PunkerDroog. Please contact me , i know many would like to have the ep3 anakin soon, and I know we can get it done. good luck on finishing the improved ep2 anakin.
  19. i will be extremely dissapointed if he doesnt make it for jk2 as well , so kevin if your read this please make it compatible with jk2.
  20. this anakin model is going to be for jk2 as well right?
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