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  1. I pre-ordered mine too, but dunno whether I'm getting it 2 or 3 days after launch...
  2. I would see myself spending lots of time creating my char and will also be doing it over and over until I'm satisfied.
  3. well, if there's no jump in the game, it would limit the abilities of melee combats as I feel that jump is quite an essential part of it...
  4. wow! you must be a punisher in real life too
  5. I guess the safest point in jedi hood is when you attain Jedi Master status, below that your life will still be in a great danger no matter how careful you're...
  6. other release dates from other sites are just rumors. It's already been said by the devs that the latest news regarding the release period is Summer 2003.
  7. it will be announced in SWG official website and forum when it's released
  8. that's cool jack, the forum Damorith provided is good, it's loading time is very fast. The corona forum is equally good, but if I'm not wrong they're not accepting anymore register atm.
  9. Ok guys, Q-3PO posted this in SWG official forum, check this out: Last week we sent out a LOT of invites. We did hand select a bunch of people from these forums. But we aren’t done yet, there are still some more slots to fill. This week we are sending out more invites. Still didn’t receive an invite? Well, tomorrow will be a special day. Sometime between 2-4 PM Pacific I will put up a couple posts asking for people to give a 2 sentence reason why they should be picked for beta. We will select 50 people from those posts (multiple ones so you don’t have to worry about being first). Here are the rules: You must be over 18 (sorry, the NDA is still in place, there is nothing I can do about this requirement) You must write two and only two sentences. One sentence more or less and I’ll know you can’t follow simple directions and shouldn’t be in beta (I’m a cruel taskmaster, I know) You must only write one response to the thread (we want to give everyone a chance, if you spam multiple times or threads it shows you can’t follow directions, see above) You must not write the reason on my regular Weekly Wednesday Beta Update thread. I will be making separate threads. (see above) Your SWG account must be at least a week old. I don’t want people creating all sorts of new accounts tonight to try to increase their chances. This opportunity is for existing forum members only. Ok, you have tonight to think of what your two sentence reason for getting into beta will be. This isn’t necessarily the “Last Chance”, but we’re getting close. Good luck! -Kevin O'Hara Community Relations Manager
  10. hehe yea, however, I'm sure it's possible to have server clusters that could house 50,000 players...
  11. hmmm... I'm not sure why SOE would wanna have 20 servers to house SWG, would it be better if they had like 3-4 servers in which, each server could house approx 50,000 players?
  12. I've played EnB and EVE(this one beta only) but I can tell you that SWG graphic is amazing, in terms of character models, environment, structures,details etc...
  13. err... talking about blue glowie, can it pass thru solid object? It will have to do that in order to penetrate enemy building as I believe there'll be a security measure(locked doors) in any enemy bases, in which the member can open it, but not outsiders...
  14. if you update to ver 1.52. You will be taken into ETM config when you double click on the icon. There you will see 'Shadows'. Don't tick on it.
  15. Eh no, mine's Matrix But the link you provided is also a good forum, I've just registered myself under Neo_Andersion(bah! I wanted to put Anderson ). Just say hi if you are there Damorith
  16. See ya later Sun, I'm sure you will be back again right?
  17. I kinda like it, it forces us to make decision.
  18. and the good thing is, it's caught when it hasn't happened yet
  19. from what I gather from the wed update Q-3PO posted, Wookie will now speak Shyriiwook instead of basic, and from what I understand they're testing it to see if it's effective enough...
  20. I guess would be at 12.95USD, at least that's the standard for online game nowadays
  21. The main theme music would most probably be the Star Wars classic as it's the trademark for Star Wars series.
  22. or you can check from http://www.gamespot.com or http://www.ign.com
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