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    married, 2 kids, blue clollar man.
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    Star Wars, Half-Life ,cars, GOD. and COUNTER-STRIKE
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    Sith Lord and Stallion....nuff said
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  1. Forced retirement?

  2. I see you got your nuts in a sling. :)

  3. I do as well , I still play them from time to time. Next to Counter-Strike the JK series are my main games to play. I'm a FPS guy.
  4. Come on now Ike, you know my MoJo is working over time. 2 kids, need I say more. Metallus, I was born spewing out MoJo. Look up the word in the dictionary and you'll see my picture.
  5. Damn, not one person said NYPD blue. That is a great show, try not to miss it. Tuesdays at 9pm.. Also I like Law & Order(and most of the take offs) and that might be it. I think most of the new series are stupid or just plain lame, Fraiser is good though. I also like ESPN sports center. Rich Isen(sp), Kenny Mayne amd Stuart Scott are hillarious. You can tell I'm over 30 huh?


    No offense but i would rather have me a little slave girl.. About 22years old, blonde, 5 foot 9 or more , big bo....., what, oh hi dear. Yes dear, no dear, fine dear, just a minute dear... Um, got to go now.......................
  7. Sounds like I'm missing out on some big time action.
  8. I might have to check it out some day but right now I have a hard time pulling myself away from Counter-Strike and if my favorite server is full then I usually play Unreal.
  9. so is MI a pretty good game? I'm more of a FPS so I have never played an action adventure or RPG game before.
  10. I kind of like purple. Next to red it's a favorite color of mine.
  11. That was kind of a rhetorical question. So do you think he was maybe not quite himself when he thought it up.
  12. Ok, so since this is the Lucas news site maybe you can tell me what in the heck is up with the E2 title? Who thought that up....
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