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  1. Yeah, I just got an email saying since it had been awhile since I had been on here they decided to put me out to pasture. I guess if you don't check in often enough you get the boot. I know the they talked about it before but Ike stood up for me that time. maybe he got over ruled this time.


    Some one just had it in for me... :¬:


    Anyways. I'm all up for the new 3D SW. I remember going in April of 99 when it opened. We took my son to the 4AM showing. He was 3 weeks old.. :thmbup1:



    We just saw Hugo in 3D... It was pretty cool. Except it cost $50 for the 4 of us...

  2. And it's Monday again.. Went with my folks yesterday to go help my uncle get moved into his new assited living place. Found out a few things I never had learned before...


    He was in the Marines for 8 years. Think he made Capt, maybe it was Sgt.. Then he went to WSU (Washington State) in the ROTC program then joined the Army for 24 years where he retired as a LT Colonel. He did 2 tours in Nam( 1 year each) and was in special forces/Green Berets unit. He also did some time in Iran way back when doing some work for the Shaw. Must of been in the 60s as some of his kids were born there....


    Now he isn't doing to well. :(

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