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  1. I hear ya Ed, after 12 days of sleeping in till 8 or 9AM getting up at 5 is killin me.
  2. Got back from Vacation last week in good ole South Dakota. Went and saw Rushmore again but this time at night when they have their little evening "lighting presentation". They do a 20 minute talk about the presidents on Rushmore then while the national anthem is playing they light up the heads with a big ass spot light. They also asked all former and current people in the armed forces to come on stage. Then they all gave their name,rank and branch of service as the flag was being brought down. It was an awesome ceremony. And it was packed to the gills with people. Very moving to see it. Then it was a week at great grandmas house. Now it back to the same old grind. Lots of O/T. My little girl turned 8.
  3. vacations will kill a savings account. We are usually always spending way to much money on vacations then paying for it for months afterwards.
  4. Doing well. Life is good. My little girl turns 8 next week... Man how does this happen so fast. We go on vacation the 15th so that's another plus. How are you Scar?
  5. Woke up at 5:10, got my ass to work and am thinking tonight maybe me and my boy should finally put his PC together. The weather sure has turned around. Today it might only be about 80. SWEET!
  6. What up guys. Been pretty busy the past few weeks. Had a little 4 day camping trip, Sons baseball games, working some O/T and trying to stay cool. Almost all of last week it was in the high 90 and low 100s. Way out of character for around here. 85-90 is pretty warm but we hit 103 a few times. Way to much...
  7. Try and get a couple of um,... pictures for me Ed as I am to far away to come see it in person.
  8. What up pimps. Anyone seen Transformers yet? I'm probably going Friday..
  9. OK, I hate to be the one to say it but don't kid yourself Keyan. She knew you loved her very much and would of swam the ocean to be with her. It was the least she could do to tell you, she owed you that much, to at least be truthfull instead of just trying to avoid ya. I'll be the first to agree with ya that women are very emotional and don't think strait at times. But that can't be used as a crutch in situations that pertain to peoples hearts. Your a great guy and you deserve better.
  10. I vote for this method. Don't put yourself through her BS. She has some issues right now that she needs to deal with it sounds like. Honesty being one of them. Don't give her a second thought.
  11. He is getting a little tired of the den meetings especially when they interfear with his baseball games. He likes camping though. I started in cub scouts, then webelos and made it to boyscouts. Didn't do the eagle scout thing though. I had a great time. Working again..
  12. Last night was my sons graduation from Weblows 1 to Weblows 2. So now it's not to long before he will be a Boyscout. Working today.. UGH.. pretty slow. Watched Shooter durring lunch. Lots of shooting and kickin ass.
  13. I hear ya. My sister will be 47 in July. Never been married , not really had a boyfriend that I can remember. Don't know why.... Not a Catholic though.
  14. Keyan, you can't give up hope. There is someone out there for ya and the big man is going to drop her in your lap. Here is my little sliver of hope for ya. Long story short... I met a girl at my old church. Started dating and I thought this was it. She met the criteria ( which isn't much ,more later) and she liked me. So after about 6 months we get engaged, the day we go for our first pre-marriage counsiling she met me in the church parking lot and called it off. All in all about 9 months time. I was hurt/pissed/crushed/humiliated. Now I have a damn ring I don't need no more either.. Then I realized some good things came of this, her mom really was a flake, her dad was a little out there as well, she ( my girl friend) didn't really have a job yada yada yada. Now it's about 5 months later... Some friends are getting married. Friends of both mine and my ex fiance.. I'm in the wedding and so is she..... I'm praying I don't have to walk with her in the wedding... Then at the wedding rehersal is when it happened. I am so worried about this girl I almost don't see someone else. The girl god brought me. She too met the criteria... Big boobs and long hair and hot. So I'm a little shallow.. Anyways, the bride & groom know the situation so they paired me with Denise. and now it's been more then 16 years. I wasn't looking, wasn't worried, and was 27 years old. DON'T GIVE UP BIG FELLA...
  15. Keyan, that's what women do, they break your heart. You deserver a phone call yes, but more times then not you wont get one. I dated a girl who would go out with other guys and for some odd reason I was supposed to have figured out we had broken up. Guess I didn't get the message... Biotch..... Any ways.. Maybe she knows how much you loved her and she just couldn't see telling you because she didn't want to see you sad/angry/hurt/ pick one......
  16. Back in 03 they showed a Star Wars movie at it. Don't even remember which one it was. If we pay for a yearly Seattle Center membership fee it makes the prices a little better. so the $80 for the membership is almost worth it plus they have some great stuff for the kids. BTW, work is boring as hell.
  17. Went to the IMAX theatre yesterday to see night at the museum. Anyone been to an IMAX show? The screen is 60 tall by 80 wide with a 12,000W surround sound system. Transformers will be there later this month. It's in Seattle so it's not real convienent though.
  18. Well our weekend was sweet. Sun has been out for a week strait now. Mid 80s. My son had his "cub olympics" on Saturday. It's a cub scout/webloes thing. they had 10 events. He placed in the top 3 in 7 of the events. He looked like Micheal Phelps when he got home. 1st in push ups. He had 67 in a minute 1st in sit-ups... 51 in a minute 1st in frisbee toss.... Had to toss them through rings. Rings had point values. 2nd in standing long jump... 6 ft 5in (Wife said he had close to 7ft on one jump but he fell backwards.) 3rd in 50M dash 11.12sec 3rd in the baseball throw...117 feet 3rd in the football kick... 54 feet.. A very proud parent moment...
  19. This weekend was beautiful, glad you had nice weather on your visit. Not to many people think about all the beautiful sights we have out here, most only think we get lots of rain and that's where the conversation ends..
  20. Work is suckin hard, might have to go home early. It was nice to meet Kinnison. Nice guy.... Beer connisour. 3 day weekend biatches. Woohoo!!!!
  21. I'll bring the map with me. Maybe then with someone else doing the work it might happen.
  22. You get the honor of being the first ever on LFN to meet me. Well, I guess that's not much of an honor really.
  23. The sun is predicted to make a showing this weekend. I haven't heard for how long but you just might luck out.
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