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  1. Actually, tomorrow is Day of the Dead proper... meh. HAPPY DAY OF THE DEAD ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!! *hums Grim theme and imagines dancing calaveras* ~Sal
  2. It's a good game, good story and graphics, but if you ever decide to try it, be prepared for a lot of dialogue. ~Sal
  3. I saw a news report on the "new enforcement of video game ratings" that used GTA as an example. I was very close to losing my temper over that one. ~Sal
  4. 1. Grim Fandango 2. The Longest Journey- What a story!!!! 3. TIE Fighter- Ah the glory days... die, X-wings!!!!!! 4. The Curse of Monkey Island- So funny. I love the Grim reference, and the cannon boy. And of course, the Voodoo Lady. ^_^ 5. Black and White- Never got very far with it (it's hard!), but it was just too cool for words... ~Sal
  5. Listening to Crucible, an English band. Traditionnal material. The CD is entitled "Changeling". ~Sal
  6. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous news! Very glad to hear that. I like GTA, but I hate that it's used as a stereotypical video game. Very annoying. Very appropriate that GF should end up beside it... ~Sal
  7. I agree with Naomi's interpretation of Olivia's character. Somehow, I can't simply see her as a pawn of Hector's, not in the same way as the others. I would also think that Charlie WAS a link in Hector's system, more than Maximino anyway. I think Max was probably just paid off by Hector, because he doesn't seem to anything at all in the conspiracy. All he has is Charlie's "money", and I would think that possessing that was merely a result of Charlie's stupidity: the suitcase WAS reported missing. That's why Charlie's so desperate to get the money back, so not to get on Hector's bad side. Charlie's also at the casino near the end, and I don't think he would be there as a random customer especially since he was previously spied in Rubacava AND the situation with the suitcase. And on cash: Remember what Membrillo said about people being stuck in the Land of the Dead. Some people just won't get out, at least before the conspiracy ended. There's reason for you. And you could also get into the attempts by people (say Nick Virago) to buy their way into the next world, but that's for another thread. ~Sal
  8. My favourites -Lola's Death. *cries* -Salvador introducing the LSA, it's just brilliantly delivered. "Like babies, Manuel. Like babies." -Manny talking to pigeon Salvador, for the same reason as above. What a shocker. -Manny finding Sal's body, so pretty with all the stars and the flying flowers... and so sad. -Eva signing the work order. That woman's very cool. -Nick goes to hell (sorry), I hated the creep. -EAGLES ON POGO STICKS! That is the funniest line in EXISTANCE!! -"Does that stand for very inebriated pianist??" -Manny gets shot. I love it how Manny recites all of Hector's plan: "Are you going to tell me..." and Hector just turns around and shoots him. He's a great villian. ~Sal
  9. Hmmm... let's see... OH! I know! Wallace Shawn as Chepito! Wallace Shawn ~Sal
  10. I too replied earlier, but I enjoy Eva and the Beatniks as well as Salvador. The first, because she beats up on Manny, and the second group because I'm a socialist. ^_^ Glottis is up there too, just for the EAGLES ON POGO STICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Sal
  11. Oh yeah, a code-three gazpacho poisoning. Even so, I might try it... ~Sal
  12. I'd kill to get my hands on GK1 and 2... and 3 for that matter. I read the novel for the first one. *cries* ~Sal
  13. Nice site, very nice. I abandoned mine a while back. Maybe I need to be less ambitious... -_- Yeah, and there has been a lot of new sites show up recently, ne? ~Sal
  14. *cookies rain from the sky* ^_^ Allo. ~Sal
  15. Sounds good to me. Yes, a movie like Grim should definitely not be done in 4 parts. After all, there really isn't that much material per year... and it could be a longer movie. ^_^ They do seem to be getting longer... or maybe I just watch epics? ~Sal
  16. Sounds cool... that poem's the one about dancing the Grim Fandango, right? Yeah... I've been meaning to write that out... ~Sal
  17. It's a library copy. I'm sure scans are illegal. -_- But it's a good read, at any rate. ~Sal
  18. -_- Why didn't I think of that? Grr. ~Sal
  19. I think they should have another game that takes place at the same time as GF1. Four year layout again, but start a year earlier or later. A new POV character, who maybe is one of Salvador's revolutionaries... or another on-the-side helper like our dear Manuel. ~Sal
  20. OMG!! LOL. That is really f'ed up! O_o Ohh... ~Sal
  21. It would make a ***fabulous*** movie. The epic quality to it is perfect for a film, the technology in CGI makes it possible to do well. One of the minor cast members is dead, but having the others back would be magnificent... they were all so good. ~Sal
  22. I don't think he sounds Russian.... that's probably a mistake. Morgan Hunter is the name of the voice actor... *shrug* ~Sal
  23. Manny says he doesn't know how he screwed up. He could have done nothing true, but as in, he did nothing with his life. He seems the drab and beaten down type at the beginning, maybe that's what he was like in life?? Theories, theories... ~Sal
  24. I'm just saying that Manny might not have been at the DOD as long as we assumed. But good point. Manny didn't take Sal's ticket, he says that he got his from the office as a retirement present... ~Sal
  25. So to speak. Sal, we know, was definitely a reaper at one point. However, we don't know that Manny would have known everyone in the office for starters. Secondly, Manny could have been a replacement for Salvador, so the gap between their times could have been relatively small. Remember that Sal had only one agent when we first meet him in El Marrow. Eva says specifically it's only her and Sal. Surely then Sal couldn't have been let go that long beforehand... he had no resources other than Eva, really, then. He also could have earned the ticket in the Land of the Deadthough... Manny earned his, so why couldn't Sal have? ~Sal
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