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  1. This is certainly some good news, I'm going to try my best and get onto your server, I've been itching to try JK MP for ages now!
  2. Dammit, it doesn't matter! Amazon can reach you. There is an amazon.co.uk and probably one to cater for other countries. Sorry, but MotS is an easy game to find and buy, local game shops more than likely have a couple of copies tucked away.
  3. I've always enjoyed viewing speed-runs (last one being Metroid Prime), so I can't wait to get home and d/l this bad-boy.
  4. MotS is widely available in the U.K. , and should be in Europe. eBay and Amazon are your best bet online.
  5. That'll be because that is actually the Raven's Claw, not the Moldy Crow.
  6. If your talking about downloading then your in trouble. But the answer is no from how I see it. Besides, it doesn't cost that much nowadays anyway.
  7. Thats JK2 not DF2. You should post your thread there.
  8. Why not just buy it? It's only about £15 with MotS thrown in.
  9. I just wish I could find the time. It's difficult when everyone is in scattered timezones. Anyways I've seen threads started here telling of up and coming MP JK games. Watch this space I suppose..........
  10. Good Call. Maybe I should look more carefully. P.S. - Return of the Toxic Avenger?
  11. Probably a question for the mods/admins - but what the hell. How come all the threads in this forum (JK/MotS) are quickly vanishing? Granted no-one posts that much here, so I'm assuming that some sort of "auto prune" is active. My only concern is this doesn't seem to happen in other forums such as the Dark Forces one. Anyways an innocent question, but it'd be good to see the JK fans with a decent number of topics hanging about. Cheers ya bas.
  12. Well I'm running XP on a fairly new machine, but I can't imagine it being the soundcard or the drivers basically because I don't have the same problem with MotS or Outcast or Academy. Problem being that all of the machine is integrated so everything is pretty bog-standard when it caomes to gaming. Cheers! I'm gonna need it............
  13. OK. I've played my fair share of Outcast, I've beaten Academy on Light and Darkside, but I still believe that Dark Forces 2 is the outranking game in the series. Call me a craaazy @sshole, but dark forces 2 just has something about it that makes me want to replay the SP campaign. I'm not convinced it's entirely the storyline involved, the gameplay (obviously outdated to todays installments) but I keep going back for more. My story behind Dark Forces 2 ain't so good, I actually owned Outcast for the Gamecube before I even had a PC. Eventually I got me a brand spanking new machine and
  14. Well I opted Sariss too, based on the fact that she's the best fight in the game (IMO obviously). But Boc crack's me up sometimes. Then I forget he's almost impossible to kill
  15. Does anyone else think that the music in Jedi Knight is a wee bit too loud? For example, I am playing through the game again and have just defeated Yun. When your 'facing off' against a dark jedi, Rahn gives you a little background info on him/her. However the music is ridiculously loud, and I can never hear a thing. I've turned the volume down in the Setup menu but to no avail. Any ideas? Ta. EDIT:Sorry, forgot to add, can anyone also recommend any single player mods for Dark Forces 2? That would be terrific.
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