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  1. ITT: People who have all but disappeared.
  2. Meh, Kyles' supposed to be a "gray Jedi", one who uses both the dark and light. And it sure as hell doesn't make the game boring... If you want to be dark-sided in nature use only dark force powers. Solved. And mate, I told you you'd never finish the game if you kept shooting Jan in the face, temptimg as it is.
  3. Read the FAQ lads, it might not get it right every time, but its pretty nifty.
  4. Get your grubby paws on Die Hard: Vendetta if possible. It's quite a good FPS that was GC only IIRC.
  5. This is by far the greatest thread ever™ concieved on Lucasforums! GREAT SCOTT!
  6. Try this thread here for console codes to use double and double handed sabers: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=111511. Also try sites like pcgamemods.com and jk2files.com for mods that allow you to start with more than a standard saber.
  7. First off, download the patch. The game should run, I'm guessing that's a Dell you have. If you get the game started, you'll have to turn down the resolution to around 800x600, and the graphics will have to be set on no higher than medium.
  8. This is certainly some good news, I'm going to try my best and get onto your server, I've been itching to try JK MP for ages now!
  9. I can't view it because I'm at work, but is it from the show Dead Ringers?
  10. Shouldn't be any harder to stay DS..... A bonus of Darkside is definetly more credits.
  11. If it won't run JA, why not try the first Jedi Knight game if you haven't already? It's oudated now of course, but it'll run and is just as much fun (if not more) than JA.
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