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  1. My computer came with a disc that claims to have all the drivers needed for my computer, so I'll just use that. Also, does any one know what key it is on a Dell computer that you have to press when starting up to boot from CD? Is it F12? I'm not very keen on keeping all my programs anyway -- that's what's causing all my problems in the first place. That's why I'm favoring a complete, drastic, start-all-over format over some kind of repair or restore feature...
  2. My computer has been acting stupid on an ongoing basis, including some problems for which I have positively tried everything. So, since I've had my computer for at least 3-4 years now, I'm considering a re-format. I run Windows XP SP2, and I've put my important files on CD...so... Any tips as I go forward with this? (I'm planning to do it when I get a week off from school a couple weeks from now).
  3. Indeed, but that's only because the developers were forced to confine themselves to a ridiculously shortened development period before release. That's why there are so many missing plots & pieces, and glitches. I think K2 had the potential to blow K1 away, if they had just taken more time on it.
  4. These, although probably already seen by many, deserve mention. Animator vs. Animation Animator vs. Animation II Brilliant animation.
  5. No, if I talk to the "clone" she just turns toward me and stares stupidly. I didn't realize my character was so dumfoundingly attractive...
  6. @ all the above posts: Exactly. This is why I love to have HK-47 in my party. But again, his funny lines were much more frequent in KOTOR 1.
  7. Everytime I play TSL, when I have gained notice with the exchange characters start popping up all over Nar Shaddaa - Mira near the Ebon Hawk, Hanharr at the Refugee Docks, one of the Twin Suns near the cantina. So when I have Mira in my party, it makes for interesting screenshots... Try to guess which one is the real one! Anyway, fortunately this has not affected my gameplay--I met with Visquis and went as usual from there--but it sure is strange. Another thing is that when I speak to the Twin Sun by the Cantina, it immediately plays the cutscene of me walking into the cantina and the Twin Suns appearing behind me, saying "Not yet, we must wait" and "Savor the anticipation" -- although I've already seen it. So apparently the Twin Sun character is some kind of trigger, but obviously she shouldn't be visible.
  8. My favorites: After Kreia says he'll reurn to her chambers-- ATTON: Yeah, me too. I'll be in my chambers. But since I don't have any, I guess I'll go to the cockpit like I always do. ---- GEGORRAN (A merchant on Iziz): Of course, soldiers are only doing their job. Even if it puts me out of business, I am happy! Ha ha. Even if I am forced to live off scraps in the street, I am so happy to do my part! Long live General Vaklu. (This said in a strained voice while a Vaklu soldier is standing next to him ) ---- ...And pretty much everything said by HK-47 -- often I bring him in my party simply because I'm hoping for one of his hilarious interjections into the conversation. Unfortunately this happens much less frequently in K2 than it did in K1.
  9. Sorry to resurrect a kind of old thread, but I have also encountered this problem. I tried LucasArt's Yoda Help Desk, which recommended reinstalling to a different folder and reloading an earlier save, but I still encountered this problem. It cannot be a mod problem beacuse I have a clean installation. I wonder if there's a way to just skip the level...
  10. That's quite impressive, Coupes. It also bears some resemblance to your avatar, with some static electricity added. (the hair)
  11. 100 Person Flash Mob Randomly Chasing People Solitary person walking up a deserted street, and then... Their reactions are great.
  12. That's what I got too, although I live in the Northeast. I guess by "Northeast" they're thinking of Maine accents...? The funny thing is, a Northeastern accent was very last in the rankings. Same here, but it's not like it's their fault. OOC: How long have you been PR-0927? I must be out of the loop...anyway, it's a bit harder to remember than Majin Revan...
  13. My face hurts from laughing at that one. The guy must've gotten eternal hiccups after that.
  14. Kin did as he was asked, but he withheld the results the meeting. He could tell by the Sith Hunters' tones of voice that they knew something was afoot.
  15. Kin shook his head. "I wish they hadn't made that decision. I know it may be vital to their survival. But Tepe will not trust them or give them any status. They could be at risknow in other ways." He sighed. "How far the Order has fallen since that fateful day when Tepe slaughtered the Council."
  16. Damn. My inbox was full so I lost whatever PM you were going to send. :/ I missed your last words!
  17. ((Whatever happens, I hope no one else leaves, and that more RP'ers are born :/ ))
  18. ((...And the end of an era of LF Role-Playing )) Kin's eyes widened. He exchanged a look with Katherine. How will this affect our relationship with the Jedi?
  19. No! Don't leave! Darn you, WJ, what's going to happen to the Roleplaying Forum now?! Ahem...yes...well...goodbye.
  20. It feels strange, thought Kin to himself, being in the company of the Order and wearing the clothing of a Jedi, and yet I no longer feel at home with them. At least the Hunters are on friendly terms with the Jedi. Kin followed the rest to their seats, looking around and taking everything in. Hundreds of regal-looking world leaders were taking their seats. Many were human, but some were of other, diverse species. Kin turned his attention to the center of the amphitheatre, awaiting the Dark Lord's arrival.
  21. Kin still had the clothing of a Jedi Knight, as it had not been very long since he had left the Order. Having donned it, he nodded at Katherine and followed her off the shuttle.
  22. One thing: When people don't take me seriously when I'm trying to be serious.
  23. ((Long OOC: I'm sorry for being inactive. I lost my place. I just spent a long time () reading the thread from beginning to end, so I finally understand what's going on. I especially feel bad about missing this part, considering it was probably the most important part of Kin's fictional life Anyway, I promise I'll be an active character from now on )) --------------------- Kin spoke up for the first time. "Considering the fact I haven't been much help lately, I volunteer to be one of the members of this mission," he said with conviction.
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