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  1. People I don´t think this is a hard question or is it?... C´mon... Bye...
  2. Sorry if my english is very bad... I saw that there are many versions of the game on many platforms (wii, Xbox360, PS3, PS2, NDS, PSP, PC, etc.), i have a Wii and also a good PC my question is, which version of the game is graphically the best?, the PC version or the Wii version?, also i would like to know which version of the home consoles is graphically the best or the game looks exactly the same in the PS3, the wii, the pc and the xbox360? Please share your comments, thoughts, etc
  3. the solution is very simple just go to the control options where you assign a button of the keyboard an action, but in this case instead of a button of the keyboard, just add the buttons of the gamepad, that´s all you have to do, so you can play the game with the X360 gamepad, don´t foget to activate the joystick option so the game will recognize the analog sticks of the pad. Hope this help you.
  4. Somehow i have a problem like that, my problem was resolved unistalling and reinstalling the game, have this in mind..., any change that you make to your computer (hardware, maybe a new videocard, or softaware, maybe new drivers)will make you to reinstall the game. My problem was like that, i installed a new video card to my computer (the computer had the game installed) so i get that problem, i tried to update the card, etc but nothing worked. So i reinstalled the game and it worked. hope this help you.
  5. Also pcgamemods.com and mapreview have good models and maps too:)
  6. Well i install the driver of NVIDIA and it worked well, my video card is NVidia Riva TNT2 too, and the game runs better.
  7. I have the same problem,the firts time that I installed the game didn´t have a problem, I uninstalled it and reinstalled everytime I want, the game never showed a problem and 1 year later the game start to show this error.
  8. If you take the screenshots with the command console then go to the directory where the game is, then find the "screenshots" directory and your screenshots are there. I think:confused:
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