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  1. Professional Lurker, I like you. This is my first post for awhile too. like... a long while.
  2. I have a 14 foot Red tail Boa Constricter That I've had since it was 6 inches long. I let him out of his tank and he slithers all over my room. Usually over to me, then on me, then around me, then I put him back on the floor. It's gotten out of it's tank plenty of times. he never ate any of my other pets though. Animals will Get out of their cages, tanks, whatever. it's just...How it goes. and I love snakes ^^
  3. it lies, cause I hate teh chocolate.
  4. Sorry about the Kittie, As for the rest of you arguing & Fighting, Grow the F*** Up. Good Day
  5. very disturbing... yet...intriguing
  6. Oh; Thanks Shows how much I know, but I guess not watching TV much, or keeping up with what's going on in life will do that to ya. and on DVD? pfffft good ol' VHS
  7. I so got the wrong idea from the Post title. but that's.......Interesting...
  8. well, I was Ice"something" don't remember,(forgot my PW then & eventually forgot my login name,) So I ended up with a new name. I want to be what I go by everywhere else, forums/games/SN's ect.. "Icemaniac" but I'm still trying to get the color name thing, and don't feel like starting my post count over (again ) and I don't post much, So My count doesn't exactly sky rocket.. *sobs*
  9. well, on the verge of sounding like a complete moron. What are you talking about?
  10. Anyone remember Taco Supreme? = PWNAGE Can't remember theold flavours though.. just that one.
  11. I just finished making mine, but I have it 2 different ways, I switch off between This and this one, with a layer removed, and negative. using the 2nd at the moment. What do you think? Honestly. I'm not very good at wallpapers.
  12. That's my fav but i chose Black pepper jack because I'm stuffing them into my face right now.
  13. I was curious, what is your favorite Dorito Chip Flavour? I just tried the new Black Pepper Jack today, and it's awesome. 10 max Options, So I left Toasted Corn out, and any others I cannot remember.
  14. KoToR 2 & Half-Life 2 and star wars rep. commando
  15. Icemaniax - Admiral Dangleberry Ice - Dave Curlyarse Iceman87 - Sergeant Fluffyfart Josh - Major Nutkins Teh hell?
  16. Well, I finally got around to beating it. (I stopped playing it for awhile ) and besides the fact I built my character really cruddy like. I was expecting to be allowed to use a double bladed Saber, Is it just me or can all the jedi EXCEPT you use one? which for me sucked. because I like the double bladed Saber. I used a single, I used two. but I wanted to use the Staff. Is it just me, or can you not use it? oh, and what is your fav color saber, and if you use 2, what is your fav 2 colors to use. I use green if it's single, and Purple/Green(they just look cool together ) if I used 2.
  17. lol I had the same rule at my last HS. but, me being a smart A** went and bought some neon green laces ( yuck, but my goal was to piss them off) I also got black laces & white laces. walking down the hall, one of the teachers stops me. Says to go to the principles office. So I did, when I got there he said to remove the laces and hand them to him. So I did. he then asked if i had spare laces. which I replied, yes I do, in my backpack. So I got out the black ones and started to lace them, he told me to stop, and took them from me as well. Black laces are not allowed. (wtf?!) I just looked at him, and said ok, I have some white ones too, but since WHITE IS A COLOR, am I not allowed to use them either? he laughed. so, I bent down to lace them, and look under his desk. and GUESS who has Black shoelaces? So being my stupid self. I stood up and with a very serious look and tone said, "I'm sorry sir, but I am going to have to ask you to remove your shoelaces, as they are black in color, which is against school rules." Guess who got detention. well, it wasn't him. yah school sucks, glad I graduated.
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