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  1. PC Version rocked!!!!!!!! Just because you can't play online..Heh common guys gimme a break..In order to play co-op you'll have to plug in a controler...I just plugged one into my USB port and was all set. Anyhow yeah I beat the black gate in co-op mode havn't tried it in SP yet though! Great game! Does anyone know if there are any extra lvls? If so how do you unlock them?
  2. No point in making promises i can't keep
  3. Hey Sam! Long time no see! IG i really want to see this stuff man! Fix that link!
  4. Alright Joe sounds good...I'll have to get into this RPG'ing a bit later though.
  5. Eh? Like agreeing to disagree? No problem there.
  6. Action figures are what.. 5 bucks? I said play with them or whatever...Not destory them Z
  7. What? You care to elaborate a bit more on that? I'm going to fail because i don't have a resolution?
  8. Eh i'd love to see it IG but i'm just getting that red box o' death!
  9. Hey man, you might want to check out the clans forum..You might find your information there..?
  10. Good to see you are still here Agen Eh good info too!
  11. It dosn't. LOL. So eh we are baw bags now???
  12. Aye! He's looking preety darn good too! Hope he dosn't die b4 Episode 3 comes out though
  13. You can't buy them online either?? Yikes! That's too bad...Come to the US for the summer then and buy all that you can Then take em back to Norway and tell all your friends what a great country we are..LOL.
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