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  1. The price of the game is going to be around forty dollars. At least that is what I paid for it.
  2. Here are some screen shots of various Jedi. http://swg.stratics.com/content/gallery/?Cat=188
  3. Thought some of your would like to know that the size of the patch will only be 20mb.!! http://boards.station.sony.com/ubb/betaswg/Forum2/HTML/017535.html
  4. I hope that everyone here has preordered because I went to the local game store and they told me that anyone that has NOT preordered will NOT recieve a copy. They may even have to wait a few weeks before other copies are available. Reserve Your Copy ASAP.
  5. The points are correct on the following weblink. http://swg.allakhazam.com/db/charbuild.html
  6. Well it is offical the NDA has been lifted. Well worth the wait!!! http://boards2.station.sony.com/ubb/starwars/Forum3/HTML/134146.html
  7. According to the latest faq the additional features of spacecraft will be added 6 months to a year according to Q.
  8. I wonder if they are going to make each creature have different attributes. Therefore the spider may be poisoness or another creature may cause instant death. Stuff like that.
  9. Also there are faction battles that you can particpate in. You earn your way into a faction by completing quest. Once your status is high enough you can claim your in a certain faction and fight the opposing members when you see them.
  10. Well the .com sounds great but it would involve someone paying for the website name and possibly renting space from a server if no one has a perm connecting pc that we could use.
  11. Damarius

    =A= City

    So when are you going to make the city you made available for us to see?
  12. Let's go for invading the emperors palace or finding darth vader.
  13. I am hoping that they will add equipment and vehicles for the rebels as well. Still may not be as cool as a AT T
  14. I walked into two local game stores today. They both had sign up of expected release date of June 25th.
  15. Well it would be terrible if your favorite weapon needs a resource that no longer exist. Guess it will deff make the game interesting.
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