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  1. Yeah, it has a way of doing that ;)

  2. lol yeah sorry XD RL got in the way..... ;~;

  3. Evidently, your definition of "tonight" is a lot longer than mine :D

  4. That sounds perfect :D I'll get to work on that by tonight ;)

  5. Hey Shana. Was noticing your chat with LDR about introducing your character in the ME RP. Just a heads up for you; I've planted my character in such a way that it'd be quite easy for yours to jump in. You did, after all, say that she was to work with Bailey, and my character is waiting there by Bailey for the Asari Counselor to send an "escort", as it were. Perhaps your character gets picked for the duty, being the new kid on the block? :p

  6. Writer

    Thanks! She was fun to come up with, and I'm betting she'll be funner to play :)

  7. LDR

    She may be...


    And I like The Justicar. Nice bio! :)

  8. Writer

    Caught that, did you? :)


    Keep your eyes open. She may be putting on an act ;)

  9. LDR

    Akeirra talks a LOT like Mordin Solus.

  10. LDR

    Alrighty then. I already set up the casting call. Judge it for yourself.

  11. Writer

    Maybe. It depends entirely on what sort of story the RP is set to tell. If it interests me, I'll join.

  12. LDR

    Would you be interested in joining a Mass Effect RP?

  13. I'm still around. Just been waiting in silence 'coz it seemed like no one needed me :p

  14. Just so you know, it looks like the Sith Resurrection is back up and running. :) Looking forward to RPing with you again.

  15. Yikes! Your Purge RP moves fast!

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