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  1. For Alena Batel, combat meditation was like diving into a crystal clear mountain spring; it was sharp, refreshing, and it allowed her to focus all her senses together. In addition, it provided her a sense of cleansing, which was something she still needed, though her mother had passed almost seven years earlier. Combat meditation allowed her to remind herself that there was nothing she could have done; her mother had contracted and died from the disease far too quickly for anything to have even been attempted, even if Alena had been nearby. "The past shapes us," Alena said aloud, taking another swipe at an invisible enemy. "It reminds us who we were and why we have become who we are now, but it is not the sole governor of who we will become. Past shapes present; present shapes future." She executed a graceful flip and called her wan-shen from the floor of her room with the Force. It landed lightly in her hands and she spun, using her body as the central pivot for its motion, slicing cleanly through another invisible opponent so rapidly that even a Force user might have had difficulty blocking the blow. Satisfied that her unseen demons had been sufficiently repelled, Alena took a deep breath in and released it slowly. Then, she collapsed her wan-shen and went searching for Kohun. When she found him still overseeing the droids, she sighed and dropped into a crouch beside him. "Didn't they say it would take a 'little while longer' three hours ago?" she inquired, arching a single eyebrow in mild disbelief. "Do they not understand the meaning of haste?"
  2. Name: Alena Batel Age: 26 Appearance: Image: Alena Batel Weapons: a wan-shen, anything else she can get her hands on (or manipulate via the Force) History: Alena Batel was born to a good family on Coruscant. When she was seven, her parents took her to an amusement park for the first time. There, she was taken by a large kidnapping ring and placed in a warehouse somewhere on Coruscant with sixty other children. After she spent three days there, three Matukai adepts began a rescue operation. During this event, Alena aided the Matukai by adapting some of their attacks to suit the fact that she didn't have a wan-shen. It wasn't at all graceful, but it was effective and one of the kidnappers was rendered unconscious by her efforts. The Matukai determined that Alena was Force sensitive and brought her back to her parents. They decided that Kohun would observe the family and the girl's interaction with them for a time. Four months after Alena was returned to her parents, Kohun approached the family and received her parents' permission to take her with him and train her. The training was intensive, but most certainly effective; at twelve years of age, she could outfight most martial arts masters, though experienced Force sensitives could still overpower her. At nineteen, Alena hit a rough spot after learning that her mother passed away of a severe illness. She spent two months with her father before returning to Kohun and he found that her skills had regressed by at least a year. Determined to see her match or surpass his own skill, Kohun redoubled his efforts to train her and found that she did not always respond positively to his instruction. Nonetheless, he pressed on and when she turned twenty-two, it finally paid off. At twenty-two, everything Alena had been taught in the last three years suddenly seemed to click into place in her mind. Her combat skills streamlined and became both graceful and deadly all at once. At twenty-three, she defeated Kohun in a sparring match for the first time. At twenty-six, she is nearing the end of her training and her sparring matches more often end in draws than in either party defeating the other, though Kohun still beats her more often than she beats him.
  3. BKK, I'm sending you a PM with a rough sketch of my character's bio, 'cuz if I'm gonna be your apprentice, we'll need to agree on how we met and certain things that have happened during training thus far...
  4. Hey, Blessed Sith, I had a question... did you intend your character to be the apprentice character? I wrote mine up as the apprentice, but I also have a backup backstory written in case you wanted to claim that part, in which my character is also a Matukai adept. Let me know your choice and I'll post my character sometime tomorrow...
  5. I'll try to get a character assembled by tomorrow. Friday at the latest.
  6. Well, it's been a while since I've really ventured a look inside the casting calls... BKK, if you're still interested in kicking this off, I'll take the Matukai apprentice. Read up on the Matukai a bit and I'm intrigued
  7. "I noticed Talbot's nervousness also," Jana admitted, "but I was under the impression he was simply on edge due to our presence... Imperial inspection, and all that. He seems to be an easily intimidated fellow under ordinary circumstances... and these are hardly normal." "Perhaps," Reibe murmured, and for once she seemed at least a little interested in Beryl. "Someone expects something of you, eh? Concentrate. What is it?" But she almost immediately seemed to lose interest. "So, the others are in. Good." She glanced over in the direction Talbot had left. "I didn't like him overmuch... he reminded me of someone I..." She scowled. "It hardly matters. He'd better get back with those lists quickly, or..." The lift door slid open and a droid scuttled into the room with the lists Beryl had requested. Jana arched a single eyebrow. "What, they keep the lists inside the lift somewhere?" "We requested the lists before that... Tailbelly..." Reibe said as explanation, frowning at the name. "Talbot," Teser helpfully supplied. "Whatever," Reibe scowled. "We requested the lists before we were passed on to him. The droid undoubtedly was sent to collect them and sent to us. The nervous idiot will likely be down to deliver the same lists in a moment." Jana snorted. "We should deduct points from their score for poor communication lines," she advised. Reibe's scowl faded slightly. "Indeed." Sure enough, a few moments later as the members of the little team were examining the information they'd been given, the lift slid open once more and Talbot reappeared. "Got them!" he exclaimed. "The lists, I mean. A bit remarkable they were already prepared, cross-referenced, and all that. We never used to... I-I-I mean it was always done by the inspectors in the past..." Jana wheeled on him. "You're not only slow, you're too late. Our official inspection report will..." Reibe gently touched a hand to Jana's shoulder. "Now, now. What have I told you about scolding the little people?" Jana blushed. "Right." She turned to Beryl. "Reprimand him for his department's error of giving us the same information twice, and then dismiss him. We are busy."
  8. Groups 1 and 3 need some activity... Jasra and I can keep our end going, but without the rest of you, this story still ain't gonna finish, no matter how hard we try And Niner, before you say it, yes I know I'm an impatient youngster who needs to realize y'all have lives outside of the internet... now, POST
  9. With a roll of her eyes, Reibe shot back, "It's Vailar," and led the little group toward ChandraMed. Again, she fell back into the role, speaking only with Jana and in all other ways, ignoring Beryl and Teser. When they reached the front doors, Reibe showed her clearance and was immediately admitted. The guards were a little less eager to let the rest of the group in, but Reibe wheeled on them irritably. "We are here to perform an inspection," she snapped. "This is my daughter, Jana, my apprentice. These two are..." She paused for half a second before continuing, "... well, that hardly matters. They're part of my team. If you're unwilling to let them in, I should remind you that this clearance allows me to end your lives here and now without consequence." To Jana she said, "Show them your clearance..." Jana complied, managing to look sufficiently put out at having to withdraw her own clearance. After seeing Jana's clearance a second time, the guards let them through. Then, Reibe turned to Jana. "We brought your little people along because they have the schematics for the place. Ask them where we ought to start." Jana turned to Beryl and Teser and demanded sharply, "Starting location."
  10. Reibe laughed at Beryl's 'pet' remark. "Not a pet," she corrected. "You don't dress a pet up in a uniform. You're one of the little people, though, the ones we high-ranked operatives can't be bothered to remember the names of." "Speaking of names," Jana said suddenly, "who is Teser supposed to be?" Just as Teser was about to reply, Reibe interrupted with, "Doesn't matter. He's a little person too." As they 'strolled along', she went on, "You see, Jana, you've really got to dig into the role. You're self-absorbed, arrogant, and determined to have it your way, and if anyone gets in your way, they've entirely deserved what comes to them." Jana rolled her eyes. "Bit early to be into the act, don't you think?" Immediately, Reibe shoved Jana into the wall. "No! We're in public, you must be seen for what we say you are." Putting on a surly sneer, Jana rebounded off the wall, coming to stand on Reibe's other side. "Yes, Master," she growled. Reibe smirked. "That's more like it," she approved. "Come along, then. We've got a little trek ahead of us, don't we?" Taking the lead, she assumed the role of Imperial operative/royal pain. She completely ignored Beryl and Teser, speaking only to Jana, even when Teser ventured to ask her a question (which wasn't often). Finally, they came into view of the ChandraMed facility and Reibe stopped. "There it is," she told Jana. "Bright and shining on the outside; just a bit dingy where no one will care to look, but that's why we're here. Unscheduled Imperial inspection. Happens all the time. Puts people on edge, so once all our little friends are in, the facility's full focus should be on us. Makes it easier for people to sneak about, yeah?" She grinned and turned to Beryl and Teser. "Alright," she told them. "This is the last time until this is all over that I'll directly acknowledge your existence as Human beings. If you have any questions, ask them now."
  11. Well, I don't have a clue what the hell any of my characters were doing, so... maybe a reboot would suit me better
  12. "I'm glad to hear you so ready, Ms. Quitaan," Reibe said sharply, almost sarcastically as she entered. "Looking like quite the Imperial, you are." Reibe herself did not seem to have changed anything about her outfit, still wearing the black leather... but she had affixed a small patch on the right side of the neck of the outfit. Almost unnoticeable, this little patch was a silver-lined black 'S' curled around the left side of a fully silver 'H'. "Come along," she said, turning in the doorway to leave. "Jana and your brother are waiting." Indeed, when they entered the main living room, they found Teser and Jana there. Teser seemed to have fully gotten into the role of Imperial brat. In that role, he appeared to be attempting to hit on Jana, who was significantly less comfortable. Dressed much like Reibe, but without the 'SH' patch, she stood ramrod straight, dismissing Teser's advances even more stiffly. "I don't know how you manage wearing this thing as often as you do," Jana said irritably to Reibe, cutting Teser off midsentence. Reibe chuckled. "If we'd had more time, I'd have been able to do a better job fitting it to you," she said. Then, she handed one of the two lightsabers on her belt to Jana. "There. That will complete your outfit." Jana clipped it to her own belt without looking at it. "We're ready then. Let's get this over with."
  13. Alright, so here's the deal. I may not be online anywhere near as often any more, but I'd at least like to keep the MC threads going. Especially this one; Nic an' the crew have been through too much together to just up an' die like this! Who's with me?
  14. ((Like I said in the other, once a week's about my limit. Lots of busy-busy invading my life these days...))
  15. Not here quite so often as I used to be, but if something like one visit a week shall be sufficient, I'll still poke around here
  16. An hour and a half after a strangely demanding woman barged into his life, Chasten Niven was equipped with a security clearance of the same grade that she'd shown him. They had just sat down in a cantina not far from the Intel building, where the woman said they needed to rack Niven's brain for any additional details on 'Alec Greenwood'... and her name still hadn't come up. Abruptly, she seemed to become aware of this error. "Katera... Greenwood," she said. A good soldier would recognize that she had not given him her real name. Whoever she was, she was not a trained intel agent. Seeking to explain a sudden blurted name, she added, "I just realized it hadn't been said. I'm Katera Greenwood." The second time through her lips, the name flowed as if it belonged. However, there was still the issue of the shared 'Greenwood' surname that still had to be resolved. 'Katera' didn't bother to explain. "The man we're looking for used an alias the last time you saw him," she went on. "It's likely he'd have gone on to use another. Our greatest asset will be the photo. Just in case, I want you to know his real name. Devi Haalen. He's been an Imperial Intel agent for..." Her voice trailed off thoughtfully. Did she know him personally? "... thirteen years now." Abruptly, she changed subjects. "So we're racking your brain, Mr. Niven. Before, you wouldn't give me details on the intelligence he brought in that enabled your mission to sail through smoothly. That was before you saw my security clearance. Now that you have, well, we'll need as much detail as we can manage if we're going to follow a year-dead trail."
  17. "I'm gonna go a little out on a limb, here," Katri started. Frowning, she shook her head. "No, I'm not. Hold on, Sergeant. I need to make a call." Moving some distance away, she took a small black comlink Imperial Intel had given her. It took a few moments for the other end to answer. "I trust this is important?" "It is," Katri answered sharply. "The lead you gave me told me the name 'Alec Greenwood' and said he'd last seen him a year ago. My question is, how in all Hells did you decide to..." "Ms. Haalen, this is why we tried so hard to recruit you," the Intel agent interrupted. "We've run out of leads. Chasten Niven was the last one and we saved him so you'd have something to go on." "It's not nearly enough," Katri grumbled. "One sighting, one helpful Alec Greenwood... one year ago. Niven mentioned only one more major, useful fact... but even that wasn't terribly useful. Deep Core worlds. Now, I don't know exactly what that means to you, but what it means to me is that I'll be needing a guide. I barely know the Core, and since Niven claims to have been stationed on many of these worlds at one time or another, I've half a mind to recruit him." Long silence. "We would... ah, we'd prefer it if you didn't." "I don't give a damn what you'd prefer," Katri spat. "If I'm going to do the job you hired me to do, I'm going to need all the help I can get." "There are others who've been stationed in the Core, perhaps..." "And perhaps some of them have seen our ellusive 'Alec Greenwood', right?" Katri snorted. "Perhaps isn't good enough. I've got one confirmed and I'm determined to bring him along." Another long silence. "Are you always this stubborn?" Katri grinned. "He'll need my level of security clearance." "Tell him to meet you at the Imperial Intelligence branch nearest your location in an hour. It'll be waiting for him." Smiling triumphantly, Katri returned to Sgt. Niven. "Do you like your current job enough to keep at it for many years to come... or would you like to take a bite of something that's a bit more of a mental challenge?" she asked bluntly. Instead of waiting for an answer, she went on, "Unfortunately, you and I are both discovering there's not that much choice. Meet me at the nearest Imperial Intelligence branch in an hour." She turned to go, but a sudden thought stopped her in her tracks. Turning back to Niven, she looked puzzled. "Eh... where is that exactly?"
  18. Katri was taking notes on Niven's memories of his interaction with 'Alec Greenwood', but the mention of said interactions having taken place a year earlier made her pause. Imperial Intelligence had sent him out that long ago and yet they'd not informed his family of his disappearance until now? Shaking her head, Katri decided that would not do. "Core worlds, huh?" she said thoughtfully. Despite her job as a mercenary for hire, Katri knew very little about the Core. When she worked on Imperial Center, she always had to ask for directions and that was the only Core world she could remember visiting with any frequency. Perhaps someone more familiar with the area... "Sgt. Niven," she said finally, "how familiar are you with the Core worlds?"
  19. heh... yes, as a matter of fact, I do... thanks for catching that
  20. The evening had certainly ended on a high note, Samira decided as she left the little theater in which her play was being rehearsed. She had again narrowly escaped death... thanks in part to a heroic entrance by the lead male. The distraction his arrival caused was enough that Samira's character could outwit her idiot-guards and help her hero bring down the evil warlord before his weapon of mass destruction obliterated a planet full of billions of innocents. Samira laughed softly. While not exactly realistic, it certainly made for good entertainment and she was happy the rehearsal had gone well. They would go live in two weeks. Now, she was making her way back to her little dorm room on the other side of campus, almost floating due to the success she and her fellow actors were coming on in this little play. For this reason, as she entered one of the more poorly lit sections of campus, she didn't notice a shadow break free from an old tree to follow her. About halfway across campus, she decided to take a small shortcut, which would put her almost directly behind the building in which her room could be found. For a moment, she hesitated, wondering about Vorr. Then, she casually dismissed her concern, reasoning that he would be far more cautious about approaching her a second time. And so, she pressed onward, into the dark. As she entered this darker hall, the shadow behind her surged forward. Thinking she might have heard something, Samira whirled. Nothing. "I thought..." she murmured aloud. The sound of her own voice startled her, seeming almost menacing in the darkness of the hall. Coming to her senses and realizing that this dark hall was a foolish idea that didn't lead anywhere near her building, she started back toward the light. But the shadow caught her from behind, and a hand clamped over her nose and mouth. Gasping sharply, Samira caught a whiff of an overpowering scent and then the world faded around her.
  21. Name: Sarah Davis Age: 28 Appearance: Image: Sarah Davis Occupation: Runner Skill Specialization: Infiltration/information gathering/dissipation: Give her some information on a specific group and Sarah can talk her way in, get whatever information is desired, and get out, tearing the group apart as she leaves. Equipment: The only constants in Sarah's equipment are a pair of reading glasses and a small, easily concealed handgun (though not necissarily the same type every time). Personality: As Sarah is a natural when it comes to acting, it's extremely difficult if not impossible to determine her real personality. By the accounts of anyone who's met her on a job, she's very outgoing, always smiling, laughing, and making fun of something. If the situation is anything serious, her good mood is only slightly dampened and the gun will often come out. When meeting with a representative of the Corporations, Sarah has been observed to be quiet, almost aloof in her manner. She doesn't ask many questions, doesn't speak often, and she takes her assignment without complaint. No smiles, her gun is always visible, if not in her hand. Based on these meetings, it can be concluded that she does not trust anyone. History: Sarah Davis became a runner at fifteen years of age in order to escape an abusive step-father. At first, her trail was fairly easy to follow. She got herself a job as a waitress in a bar due to a forged ID she bought with all her step-father's money. Due to the state of the economy, nobody really cared that she obviously wasn't even over eighteen so long as she did her job and did it well. At sixteen, she quit that job and wormed her way into a gang that had been meeting at that bar since long before she ever started working there. They gave her the first gun she would ever handle and taught her to shoot it accurately. In addition, they taught her how to use many other types of guns, and how to disassemble all of them. When she turned seventeen, Sarah's trail got a little harder to follow. She met up with another runner and left the gang. Upon her departure, a gang that had been together for nearly ten years splintered and was absorbed into other gangs. The runner Sarah left with, Sean Ivins had been charged with the separation of the gang Sarah had joined. He saw her potential and offered to train her to do the same job if she helped him split up the gang. She agreed and none of the former gang members could truly pin the blame for their split on either Sarah or Sean; they were too busy blaming one another. Sarah lived on the move with Sean for three years, learning how to better cover her tracks. She has been on her own for eight years now and the Corporations give her new identities when she requests them. To date, she has used almost 100 seperate identities, and she keeps all of them in a box, carefully concealed in the floor of whatever apartment she happens to occupy at the time.
  22. Planning to join. Expect a char sheet by Monday.
  23. Samira laughed. "Devious one, aren't you? Somehow, I think Tawnos has a vague idea of that... did you see the look he gave you as he was leaving?" Seira giggled. "He did, didn't he? So SING, huh?" "Works on Human males quite well," Samira answered. "Not sure about a Bith, though. And has he yet tried to restrain you from behind?" "He does and I'll have a lot more than words to give him," Seira shot back, sounding rather proud of her skills. Samira blinked. "Right..." she murmured. The waiter came and Seira ordered for both of them, though Samira complained a little at the amount of food Seira had ordered. "Hey," Seira retorted, "he gave us his bank card. If he wanted a limit on our spending, he should have told us... say, care for a shopping trip after this?" "I've got a rehearsal in half an hour," Samira answered. "And I really don't think Tawnos would be all too happy to find his bank account empty, do you?" Seira shrugged. "Your loss," she said. "Sure you don't wanna come? I'm sure they wouldn't miss you too much..." Samira blushed. "Wouldn't miss the lead female?" She snorted. "Right." "Lead, huh?" Seira didn't seem entirely impressed. "Well, still your loss." Their conversation turned at first to other things, and then died out altogether when it became painfully evident that they had extremely little in common. Twenty minutes after they'd sat down, Samira headed to her rehearsal and Seira bounded off to take advantage of Tawnos' bank card.
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