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  1. Uriah heep Deep purple Alice Cooper Whitesnake And next month I'll go to a rammstein concert:D
  2. I preordered 2 rammstein tickets today ^^ Not that you look like you care, but now you know.
  3. This is so cool Btw, in case you're not very familiar with john the baptist: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_the_Baptist
  4. OMG OLD!!!!!!!!111oneoneone But it's frekkin' hilarious anyway!
  5. Mario pWnZ U all!!! ... Serieously
  6. I'm 50% swedish and 50% norwegian, but I have always lived in Sweden.
  7. Guns N' Roses - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  8. Acrylic, this is exactly what happened to me. But mine ends in a different way. She moved to USA 2 years ago, and I haven't seen her since then. But as some rocksinger sang "Every time I close my eyes, I can't escape your face. You're out of sight, but always on my mind". We talked on msn some times, but because of the timezones it got a little tricky. But one day some mounths ago she suddenly said something like: - You know I'm coming home in august? And I'm like: - w-w-what? Are you gonna stay here then? - Yeah... - Forever? - I hope so And now I'm happy
  9. Definitely a worthy wtf of the week...
  10. Cool site... Never noticed "Another one bites the dust" became "I smoke marijuana" backwards :S
  11. Alice Cooper - No more mr. nice guy
  12. My favorite color is yellow. Please cure me.
  13. You can't choose to be homosexual or not, it's something 7% of all people are born with. People seem to respect people born with for example celebral palsy, more than they respect homosexuals. Agree. It's all about respect. Here I am...
  14. Liero is probably the best free game ever.
  15. Your desktops are so cool man! And GothiX, nice prullenback you got there O.o
  16. "Your personality is a combination of:Gandalf and The Witch-king" Isn't that WEIRD?
  17. :rofl: LOL! That smiley is hilarious!
  18. My favorite cds: Deep purple - Made in Japan Queen - Greatest hits Van Halen - Van Halen David Bowie - Best of Bowie The song I've played the most has gotta be bohemian rhapsody by Queen.
  19. Here one litre costs about 1 US dollar, but, I dunno how much a gallon is, so I dunno if gas is cheap or expensive here....
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