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  1. hello, sorry to have to post again but i did my research on my ban and i realise that Kurgan did not follow the rules that this forum's administrators are to abide by. i quote from the forum rules, located at: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=64362 where was my warning? i made one mistake in my whole history of being here of 194 posts (meaning i didn't just get here yesterday...) and i get banned? before i left for a while i saw many people discussing BETA jedi academy and all they got was their threads locked! and i made a silly mistake of asking
  2. thanks u guys for letting me speak TK 8252. apology accepted . sorry thought about the pirating thing. i just thought the game was so old nobody would really care. but anyways, i'm sorry also a big thanks to mike for being so understanding and greatly helpful. thanks alot buddy i will respect the ban and return when it passes under the 'rockstar' alias. any body know if i get to keep my posts? thanks anyways, cya Rockstar
  3. hello, its actually me: rockstar i know we are not meant to make alternate accounts, but i really wanted to say some things. i realise i have been banned but i do think it was slightly harsh as a punishment and also because i feel i was misinterpretted. yes, my first post here was asking for pirate material... for this i apologise. now, in reply to TK-8252. my first thread was illegal... but what the heck were you talking about with my second post?? my second post was an apology and my reasons for doing what i did, even though i admitted after they were wrong! i never m
  4. yeah i agree with you. ...esp if they were moderators (i don't know though)... that would be humourously hipocritical lol.
  5. ok ok, i apologise to the forum sorry for creating another thread but since you shut the old one this was my only way to reply. sorry for creating multiple threads, it was an accident! i realised i posted in the DF forum instead of the JK forum. now in reply to TXA (who did reply nicely ) i live in Australia, how about you?? i HAVE checked game stores, and they don't sell it nor order it in because i really don't think lucas arts give a cr*p if they sell any more JK copies with the new sequals out (which i am about to have BOTH of). as for amazon... although this is my problem,
  6. hey guys please forgive me for asking this, but does anybody know of a place to download the full version of JKII and Mysteries of the Sith with full working video clips?? i have looked everywhere to try and purchase this game and cannot find it, and afterward resorted to downloading a version of the internet but it had no videos. ...which is kinda useless before anybody judges me, i am a JO player and am about to purchase JA. i got onto the jedi scene around JO so i never got to pass the first game, and would like to experience it. This action is due to the game being no longer
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