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  1. i agree with many of the above points. I believe that two almost undefeatable arguements working against TSL are: 1) the amount of ship crashes in that game are cheesy 2) the amount of loose ends that are not tied up. What happens with Goto and Malacore V? what happens to your other ship mates? What of the romances? all we get is thet most predictable twist in history (fighting kreia... if you didn't see that coming from the first 4 hours of play i worry for your every day judgement... lol)
  2. In reply to above. Vader uses the force to stop han solo's blaster shots in Ep5 and in Ep6 Luke chokes the guards to get past them. I believe all jedi can use all powers in theory, its just they chose not to because there is no purpose of a LS using lightning when they can push without the torture, while a sith would chose to torture an opponent. The Jedi and Sith have different ideals that carry them through combat. This is why they are different.
  3. First, i don't see how there is possibly a 'grey jedi'. Somebody falls off a building, you save them or you don't. You are as powerful as your master, you follow them out of respect or overthrow them because you are more powerful... Choices... think logically and see that choices will lead you to a jedi that is MORE light or MORE dark, but there is always a line that shows their ideals. You cannot sit close to the dark side and play with it without being sucked in. If there is a grey Jedi it is a step before falling to the dark side Vader uses protect to block blaster shots just as Luke grips the guards. He choses to get out of their way and not just stand their and kill them but just walk past them. A jedi would not use lightning ever because it is a slow and painful way to defeat your enemy. A Sith would not focus on meditative techniques because they prefer to feed their anger. They can use each other's powers but do not because they conflict with believes and fighting styles
  4. QUESTION: Why can't/don't light siders use dark powers and vice versa? This is a question that i think might produce some interesting answers. Firstly, there is no "can't": 1) Darth Vader uses force protect against blaster fire in Ep5 2) Luke Skywalker uses force grip against two guards in Ep6 All force users use the force in battle to predict future events (blaster fire, incoming grenades, an attack from behind and light saber attacks). The force flows through the user and clouds the ability of the opponent to read them. This is why a Jedi CANNOT be a good dualist and poor in force powers and vice versa, because the ability to dual well is derived from one's physical and mental strength speed with the force. Anakin's powers doubled by Ep3 and he defeated Dooku purely with his saber. This is because strength in the force is strength in saber combat. This ability to predict and cloud is a trait of all force users. The other trait is to immediately maninipulate one's surroundings, i.e. force push, pull, and at a pinch, force jump. My opinion is that powers draw on the light and dark side because they are 'the way' of the light and dark side. The light side believes entirely on becoming one with the force in peace and virtue and letting the force flow through you. Heal is a meditation and powers like protect use the force to preserve and fight in harmony WITH the force. Through this harmony they succeed in combat through the aid of the force. The ideal is to "let the force flow through you" and make you stronger than anything else and be vigilant when doing so. For the dark side, instead of fighting WITH the force, use it as a weapon to directly succeed in combat. They use it to channel their rage and strike actual damage to their opponent through means of grip and lightning. The ideal is to use the force to crush those weaker to further one's own power. To illustrate this, lets look at a combination of force users. Remember that all force users use the force in battle as explained at the top. However, actual force powers are near useless in battle with another Jedi due to the constaints of time, concentration and the fact that lightning can be blocked with a light saber. This is why the only power we commonly see in battle is a push. Instead, users purk themselves up in battle. Dark: by rage and feeding anger. Light: by feeling the strength of the force flowing freely (simulated in KOTOR by force valor and the later) Dark vs Dark Obviously going to be a stream of lightning vs another stream of lightning... the stronger and more aggressive dark sider will win and claim what is there's. Such is the way of the dark side. If sabers were involved then powers would be useless though. Light vs Light Ok... this matchup is a contradiction in itself... anyway. Both would channel the force through them to focus their ability. Dark vs Light This really highlights the ideals of the Jedi and Sith in a nutshell. Dark sider uses their hate as a weapon and uses lightning. Light sider absorbs it and turns it into energy they can use and becomes one with them, turning it from something of hate into something of peace. Dark sider persists with more hate and presses harder. Light sider turns the hate around and instead of creating something offensive of their own, reflect the darkness back to the dark sider. In terms of saber combat, we see the differences very clearly. In Ep1, the intermission with Qui-Gon and Darth Maul. Qui-Gon is mediatating, feeding his force flow, whilst Maul is pacing like a panther, feeding his hate. This is the ideal that feeds both Jedi and Sith throughout the whole battle. In the end, it depends who is stronger in the force as to who will win. NOTE: force powers are not always EXACTLY on par with saber ability. They are always very close but you could technically have a matchup of almost identically equal opponents say: fighter 1) saber 95% force 105% fighter 2) saber 105% force 95% I couldn't imagine this margine stretching more than this...
  5. I agree with you here mate. But it seems that Jolee still breaks the rules of the slider? He treats others with respect, rescues his shipmates as opposed to just saving himself aboard the the Sith vessel (if you chose him), and most importantly, attacks Revan if he choses to dark side in order to save the galaxy from a great evil. A dark sider would join Revan in order to learn from his power to further their own. Jolee is a definate light sider and should at least be somewhat in the shaded blue area... i just don't understand why he is not? He is an Ex-Jedi, but his powers are equal to all other 'full' jedi in your group? I'm confused but i think it's pretty safe to say he is a light jedi at heart, even if not in reality. I've opened a new thread
  6. what he said... said... um.. yeah i agree
  7. I agree with you here. Jolee was not a true Jedi as such because he did not follow the order or the true teachings. As you said though, he did not have an ounce of darkness within him and followed the choices of the light. My conclusion is that, in effect, Jolee is a LIGHT Jedi but is not a light Jedi of the Order. Note the difference? I think that the limited light/dark slider in KOTOR being in the grey was the only way to show this, but even still, he was a light jedi, pure and true. It's our choices that make us who we are and never showed any sign of anything other than truth and goodness. agreed. I think the grey Jedi concept is just really fan fiction chucked into the games for gameplay variety. Even Kyle Katarn, the most grey jedi ever, is a goody light two shoes. In JO he KNOWS how to use lightning after falling to the darkness, but it is YOUR choice whether you even use it once? Seeing him AI controlled in JA, he ONLY uses light powers. As you said, you cannot stay on the fence forever... we all know the pull of the darkside cannot be resisted when sitting next to the seduction so closely
  8. THE ANSWER To answer the question of this thread in one word: GAMEPLAY Ep 3 the game allowed you to win the battle on Mustafa as Anakin, who after killing Obi-wan, overthrew the empiror and ruled the galaxy. WAIT!! Now this must mean that what happened on Mustafa is all up to my own opinion does it? So because i believe anakin won and it is an open ended game then i can easily say that imo Anakin won. NO i can't! Because the game and film makers said that Anakin won. An official source tells us that Revan was a light man and Exile was a light female. The other options are just there for gameplay variety and replayability! Case closed lol
  9. Yes, a Jedi does not deal in absolutes. What I mean is that for somebody to be force sensitive and attuned to the light side then realistically they would already be half way up that light/dark bar. Same with a Sith. Jedi and Sith are such different ways of thinking that you cannot have an intermedium. Darth Traya was the only exemption but she was still a Sithlord and if you analyse most of her advice then you can see that most of it is dark side/Sith ideals... A Jedi would not ever put themself before another. A true and powerful Sith would never pass an opportunity to further their power. Most situations there is a clear light and dark path and a Jedi does not go "I'll save these people and then kill the next guy down the road" and a sith does not go "I will kill this Jedi so I can claim these lands and then save a village out of charity." There is no grey Jedi!
  10. ... ur thinking way too hard... there is no "grey" Jedi Light with a bit of dark and vice versa but never grey. Remember the game is a GAME and grey only exists so you have to earn your way up the light or dark ladder. It's true doing deeds makes you more light or more dark but from the word go, a Jedi knows whether they are Light or Dark. Darth Traya is the only questionable one, but 'darth' = Sith... so it works lol
  11. HERE is the ultimate arguement about gameplay canon! Ep 3 game: - pass with obiwan: get the movie ending - pass with anakin: overthrows palpatine and rules the galaxy The game's story IS canon, but how you play it is up to the player. As I said before, the reason you have STR, WIS, CHA, etc is for game play and the reason you can chose male or female and which planets you visit is because this is what RPG's are about these days. It's about customisability. FFVIII was fixed from start to finish. KOTOR could have been but they didn't because games these days are about choice and to explore the possibilities. Anikan DID NOT defeat Obi-wan and overthrow Darth Sidious. Revan WAS a male light human. Exile WAS a female light human. I prefer male exile but i just have to accept the canon is female... why can't everyone else? You can still play the way you chose.
  12. luke force gripped guards in ROTJ and was a powerful Jedi. Kyle Katarn: "Powers aren't inherinently good or evil. it's how you use them." The Jedi use the force to flow through them to predict and give them strength, and to manipulate their surrounds. The Sith use the force as a weapon where possible. Using the force in such a way is not the Jedi way. Also, lightning and grip are really restricted to a single one on one situation, due to the draining nature of using these powers.
  13. I prefer male DS Revan and male LS Exile... but the fact is the cannon is LSM Revan and LSF Exile... Just accept it as I have. Still play the others like you would otherwise but if TSL were a playstation 1 game then you would only have the choice to go male Revan and female Exile, and at a pinch, be able to choose the dark path as an option. It is the new generation RPG customisability that allows the player this choices in thier character, companions and game outcome. The fact remains that when Star Wars is such a huge universe of stories, there needs to be an achievable story, hense a LSM Revan and a LSF exile. KOTOR3, if linking with the other 2 stories will most definately need to follow the cannon, because now the outcome possibilities have doubled again: - Darth Revan in outter rim and Dark Exile following him - Darth Revan in outter rim and Light Exile hunting him - Jedi Revan in outer rim and Dark Exile hunting him - Jedi Revan in outer rim with light exile following him Now multiply each of these by 4 to give the gender possibilities: MR, ME MR, FE FR, ME FR, FE That's 16 alternatives. Now lets say KOTOR 3 is released and someone buys it before even looking at the first two... how will they know? I had to pace myself through the story of TSL without playing KOTOR1 and if Revan and the Exile are in the third game, the game developers either have the hell of a task on thier hands or will have to go with the cannons.
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