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  1. http://kotaku.com/5024529/lucasfilm-files-new-star-wars-trademarks-is-the-old-republic-its-new-mmo The house that Lucas built has filed for a handful of new trademarks, all Star Wars related, all potentially new names for the oft-rumored Knights of the Old Republic 3, the one that continues to pop up as a new BioWare developed MMO. LucasFilm recently filed trademark applications for Star Wars The Old Republic, The Old Republic, Star Wars Sagas and Star Wars Legends, all of are described as "video game software" and "entertainment services provided on-line by means of global and local area networks." While that certainly sounds like a new Star Wars MMO and it all matches up nicely with what we've heard from former LucasArts employees, we'll call it rumor for now.
  2. Well if it was past credit why isn't pandemics battlefront mentioned, or jade empire? And all star wars games would be published by Lucas arts not EA so it would never show up in an EA games list.
  3. I hope it means lucas arts team won't be doing more then 2 sw games but hopefully a 3rd party could
  4. agreed what part of canada do you live in?
  5. I wish i could say the same, for the most part the launch line up really stunk. other then a few titles PD zero NFS and call of duty I found Geometry wars to be extremly addictive as well as the FN3 demo released yesturday.
  6. Big games are usually kept a secret till E3, we'll see in may if its bs or not
  7. yes i know, but they are developing 2 360 games one of them not being dragon age.
  8. Might as well put this i don't know if it was look at yet "BioWare definitely plans to continue the Jade Empire franchise," reads one of Muzyka's responses. "The Jade team did a great job with the first game in that series; we have great teams working on all of our games here. We've also said in the past that we're working on not just one, but two Xbox 360 titles. Enough said ; )" That said, the pair shot down rumors that one of BioWare's two 360 titles was Dragon Age, its all-original fantasy role-playing game. "With Dragon Age--the first iteration of it, anyway--we're focusing on making it the most ambitious PC RPG we've ever done at BioWare," said Muzyka. However, just because it's not a current 360 project doesn't mean it won't be so in the future. "It's a franchise we own, so there will be other versions that will be on other platforms," Muzyka said, hinting a 360 version could be down the road. ok i don't wanna say anything but this could either mean, bioware is working on JE2 for the 360 OR they could be maybe in a long shot doing KOTOR III I can only hope
  9. The pop cap in space is probably a good thing, with alot of units on screen and all the effects it would bog down your system. all sounds good
  10. i'll have no problem running this game Amd64 3500+ gig of pc3200 ram BFG 7800 GTX OC nope, only way is to buy a new card.
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