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  1. Okay. This was the second time they found an American 250 lbs bomb in my hood, but this time it was like only 200 meter distance from my apartment. They evacuated everybody in a 1000 meter radius and I couldn't return home after work. So me and my girl we met outside and went to eat Thai food and had some drinks. Thanks to the American weapon industry forcing me to wait 6 additional hours for my well earned excellent sexual excursion. ¬¬

  2. your moms in charge, but shes busy, being done, by me
    of course, because you cannot do your own mom, because shes busy, being done, by me


    *gives leXX his hat* feel free ^^

  3. ha ha ha you all crack me up! now who is in charge here i want to become a moderator of this place :thmbup1:


    lmao rayston youre awesome come to the bean and help meh light mah ganja up jaja


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  4. hey you guys im new here you all seem to be funny folk what is this place about? i really like star trek!!



    and who is this fun guy apolly he seems to be a kinda jester around this place aint he


    hey apolly you want a cracker :wavey:

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