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  1. I recommend two pieces of good, open source software, good sir:



    Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs.





    DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authoring application for the creation of professional-looking DVDs. It allows not only burning of video files on DVD that can be played practically on any standalone DVD player, but also creation of individually designed DVD menus.



  2. Like I said, I know of many different cases, each providing different reasons for being, or not being, "easy going". It really can depend on many things.


    You know what, go ahead and think that. I just hope you never have a daughter.
    Actually, I have a daughter.
  3. I can testify to this as a divorced father, because my daughter (who is now sixteen) suffers from the illusion that she must seek approvel from other males now. And she is constantly trying to win the favor of any male she meets with flirtatious behavior for the sake of wanting that fatherly love and approvel that she never had growning up. All because there was hardly any contact with her and me over the years after her mother and I divorced when she was 8 years of age.


    Little girls need daddy's approval or they will go and seek it out with other men which usually leads to them going after the wrong kind of man and end up sleeping with them just to get their approval. Any fathers out there that have daughters really need to understand that and do whatever you can to give your little girl self confidence that your approval that they're okay in your eyes.


    Frankly, this is poppycock. Next thing is that boys who stay with their mother are gonna end up being gay or something?


    I mean, it might very well be the daughter doing like she is learning from her mother, who might or might not try to find the next man. I have seen mothers changing "new papas" on a rather regular basis, and so does the offspring, although there was a constant contact to the fathers. I know a mother who married a second time 6 years ago and who has a now 15 years old daughter with her ex husband, and she is not anything like "flirtatious", although she doesn't sees her father very often. My dad left the mother of my half-sister and he saw her last year for the first time after 16 years (she is 22 now) and she is in a normal relationship for 4 years now. I know a girl who stayed with her father and she is, well, open minded, so to say.




    Whatever, the more important point is, knight 12167, when parents don't love each other any more, it doesn't necessarily mean they don't care for each other any more or don't love their children any longer. It really depends on your parents what's gonna happen now, no one here can say for sure. A good thing is that they both told you about their situation, which means they are at least trying to still act together as parents. And you must understand that this is not something your parents decided to do to you personally. I'm pretty sure they had other plans when they got married and had the two of you, and it is not easy for them now, either.




    It's like Buddha says: "And yet, the world, it keeps on turning."

  4. Sex for goods is not uncommon throughout the whole wide world of living creatures on Earth. The reason why it's labeled shady and dirty and whatnot is that the fine people have issues with an ancient natural rite. Also, I don't see how it is a bad thing to have sex with a consent person, regardless whether I paid dinner and 6 cocktails, nothing but a charming smile, or 1000, 50, 10 bucks for it. Plus, I think there is no difference in cheating on your partner with paid or unpaid sex. Needless to say that not everyone who pays for sex is in an actual relationship, or in an relationship where having sex with others is not allowed, or that everyone who does not pay for sex is not in any relationship where sex with others is not allowed.



    However, I too see a problem with prostitution often being connected to drug addiction, violence, poverty. These are reasons for "low standards" regarding hygiene and most of all protection against STDs. But then again, the problem of drugs, violence, poverty, low hygiene standards, even trafficking, is not caused by having, selling, or buying sex.

  5. This should help explain why Hilbert's paradox is a paradox. It's using infinity as though it were a number, and it cannot be used in that way.
    For some odd reason I ignored that and had other things in mind. I stopped seeing infinity as a "number" long ago. Nice to learn about Hilbert's paradox though it's pretty useless, IMO. :)
  6. As such infinity is absurd. For the record, both Sam D, and myself, who I would say are the forums resident philosophers agree that an "actual infinite" cannot exsist.
    Actually, I'd say it can, as you have shown in your 'paradox'. From a mathematical point of view the infinite is quite easy: you can eternally add something.



    The Big Bang is pretty much prooven now; which causes you a big problem if your an athiest.
    Now that's plain wrong.



    Firstly the question is Philosophical rather than Scientific - as it goes "beyond the big bang" - what causes the big bang?
    The answer appears to be quite simple -- Big Bang is *not* the beginning of it all, obviously.



    Nothing is not a sufficient answer, because nothing doesn't explode. So what caused the Big Bang? It has to be an uncaused cause outside of time...
    The thing is, 'nothing as a cause' is somewhat different from 'exploding singularities'. Also, causality is something tied to time by definition. An 'uncaused cause outside of time' is both, pleonastic and an oxymoron at once. Philosophical nonsense.



    Interestingly the Big Bang breaks several rules of science (including that matter cannot be made or destroyed).
    Uh, Big Bang did not create any matter? The Big Bang Theory is a scientific construct, it can't break 'scientific rules'.
  7. TLDR, but just wanted to say that math is just a toolsuite we use for working with numbers and that there are places where it can and will break down.


    Math is the science of numbers and its laws are probably the most important discoveries of mankind. And when there's something that can't be described using math it only means "not yet".

  8. *hands you a silver plate with a duct tape tied up mister weasel on it*


    here's your rat, good sir, he left the door open just so you know :dozey:




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    take more care next time or else you'll face this


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    oh, and, heavy breastday :D

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