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  1. try Sabayon Linux.


    Ubuntu is pretty slick and mostly plug'n'play, I don't know about the LiveCD, though.



    Altenatively you could download all 5 DVDs of Debian and install without needing internet.


    Also, your nVidia card is pretty old, AFAIK, you must use the 9775 version of nVidia drivers to get it to work, and Debian is the only Linux where I know they have it in their Repositories/DVD.


    However, try to get an internet connection on that computer. :)

  2. I mean a lone hunter who's out on Safari vs A Queen who uses her Facehuggers and Xenomorphs to do her dirty work so they can simply just reproduce?
    The Predators weren't out for the Alien-queen. The queen was used to produce some eggs to infect the humans to get some Aliens to hunt them down.


    And as for the Predator's from AvP they weren't even't allowed to hunt by themselves since they were just barely going through there right of passage so I wouldn't even hold them against the Predators image.
    What? No. They came there to hunt Aliens, as some kind of rite.


    What's more scarier? A human with a whole through there chest or one who's been skinned a hanging like a piece of meat at the butchers?
    The thing that came ouf of the chest.
  3. I find the skull collection in the Predator ship including an Alien one pretty nice, and both Predator movies are really awesome, but there's hardly a movie out there that beats Aliens. Terminator 2, maybe.

  4. Im tired of games Jones!..eeh no..i mean YOUR! games, tell me your whole secred now, your help attempts on me is almost as fruitless as Regis smile in 'Who wants to be a millionaire' was


    no moore hints :shades2: just fill the short answer in this question boxes, danke


    inner circle - Bad Boys (COPS theme song) ?

    middle circle - ?

    outer circle - ?



  5. What did you do, watch the first few minutes see raid and 24 drives and then go "pffft thats old news!" And the not watch the rest?


    Solid-state hard drives are what we're all excited about, not 24 HDs on a raid.

    lol, yes, I did watch it all, but a proper RAID setup increases bandwidth a lot, which means the trick is not really done by SSD hardware, so at the end of the day that video says zip about SSD capabilities, also, SSD is not really all that new :p
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