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  1. ..way too much.




    Some day mankind will know the moon as the thing that flew around that planet we lived on once upon a time.. We'll live in HUUUUUGGGEEE Starships (likely artificial planets) containing a whole species of spacehumans. We will be spread over the whole universe .. perhabs "global village" turns into "universed village"


    Perhabs the question will be: "Has mankind visited the parallel universe?"

  2. .. oh yes .. and how he raps. i dont think they should put up some like 10 years old and hive them to be a 'star' just for the reason they are SUCH CUTE KIDS ..


    He puts up attitudes that are quite far from reality and turns into a BAD EXAMPLE for other kids. (which of course dont realize this)

  3. .. berliNer .. ;)


    french.. i never did french in scool. only at the afternoon, but we werent speaking. :o



    Big Fish .. Small World got it.


    *ssssssssshhhhhd. I'm trying to confuse HIM*


    Err. Das .. would you like to explain me what an 'odd attractor' is in the context of the chaos theorie?



    i'm pissed at whoever decided to give me the title of "i'm a prick." mainly because they capitalized the i.

    NOW i understand. i have the same thing in writing sms-messies. i do it coz im to lazy to switch to capitals get the capital and switch back.. (btw.. T9 is terrible.)

    do you have reasons for this strange behaviour, das?


    Errr. Dont forget the 'odd attractor'


    *sht. wispers ZOOM.. how i am doing?*

  4. Bush you can tell all believes in god...and well guess anyone that does thinks we shouldn't leave this planet....I have heard people say many times "if man was meant to be out there we would have been put out there"....all I can say to that is...**** YOU


    Err. as you may recognized .. we are OUT THERE .. on earth?? remember that??


    and another thing .. life doesnt MENTION some creature to whatever. phh. ok. stay at home. resignate.


    Hey oh. You said uoy kcuf???? You should have said this to me, pinkypal.


    *goes off*


    Hey Mr. Bush .. here's my report. Read it. Look at this silly sucker. He doesnt believe your lies.


    And now excuse me Mr

  5. i dont want to bother you..


    ..but i think there are quite some inconsequences in the way you "feel" .. You say 'we'll be on the moon if we live there' on the other sid you go 'yes of course it cannot be done in one step'


    I think you like to say some just to be against and the real 'argument' is ignored by you because you have an opinion that is the ONE. But you wont get right by just saying NO. You have to but up some arguments.


    You dont answer questions that will def lead your argumentation into unlogical nonsense. I think you are bothered by some governmentissues or some sillypeople and now you are resignating or somelikethat.


    So. last try: MARS ROBOT?? Mars explorations??? Is it true?? Fake pic's? Why shouldnt we have made the FIRST step to the moon already? Was it impossible? Do you think it would have been made no sense to go to the moon? does it make sense now? does it made sense to go and explore earth in the early years ..???

  6. RoguePhotonic: As Zomm said .... . . . .. .... *g* ZOOM said.. Do you think it's possible to go to the moon first time and establish a moon base at the same trip?? If you think so..

    THEN you must be thinking that together WITH cristopher columbus came half U.S.-inhabitants to the continent.. building NYC, Hollywood and Disneyland.

    THEN you must think the first computer was as good as a P4 ..

    THEN you must think the first man climbes the mount everst is still living there in his tent. (yes of course he established a settlement there called "the cool ones")




    Oh, and what do you think about that mars robot and stuff??

  7. Originally posted by Yufster

    Do you think they get on together? I mean, after the hollocaust and all.


    :eek: :eek: :eek:


    Did you say holocaust? Isnt it a discrimnation of all the people which had been trough it (and didnt get away before)??


    Next time we say nazi in here. And where will it end?? Saddam ruling the world..! And then we must say saddam is a nazi and osama his cousin. (isnt it weird?? muslemic nazies? And they defend the 'freedom' of the islamic world?)


    shameshameshame to say holocaust! say endsolution. It sounds cleaner.



    PS. oh.. youve tried to talk about your ex..


    Err. why are you going out with him if he bores you?? tse. Dont like it? Dont do it. tsetsetse.


    fact that he told me the following things:


    If we had children, what would you call them?


    I love you, I want to be with you forever.


    Imagine if we stayed together for years and years


    Think of the future. You and me together, with a family, a house...


    These are not things a teenage girl wants her boyfriend to say.

    Needless to say, I freaked out when he sent me a text message on safe sex, and how he didn't want to force me or anything, so I decided he was like WAY WAY ahead of me in certain ISSUES and FAMILY PLANNING so I broke up with him, before the graduation party but I still went with him out of politeness, and I can tell you I didn't want to go.QUOTE]


    1st .. why not do talk about future?

    2nd .. hey. he was real to you. do you want a lying bastard, cheating on you etc??

    3rd .. its ok if you dont have the same thoughts, and if you cut him off coz you dont have the same feelings.


    4th .. give him time. live your life. dont reply to his messies. that only hurts him more than say nothing.. Dont do things in reason of politeness

    5th .. dont try to fix the prob with a new BF.

    6th .. stay calm and real.

  8. i would say some but yufster did already..

    yufster if there will be a van which i denie that it will be, then i'll manage to be the driver. yeah and then i bring you to osama's place..


    We'll film him like when he's doing it sandwich with Saddam and Mr. Arrafat. Yeah then we're like going to discredit them in the whole wide world..


    And do you know what will happen..??

    All alquaidamembers will become gay/bisexual because it's the will of allah and this breed of wideopen*******s.


    And then we take that video to Mr. Bush ( wait.. take that video?? *pukes all over the keyborafkdlkjkjnf.c*) and show him that the only way to stop them is to bring up a huge trap made of exclusive HIGHHEELS collection.


    Yes and you know what is a real WOMD??? FLAMING OSAMAS BEARD!!!!!


    Perhabs i'll just stay at home in my nice german terrorcell home and shut up.

  9. Oh, Roy. You got me to that with your lovely agency..? Since i saw your collec-o-girls (highclass!!) .. and now i got that catchy tune in my mind..


    *pulls out old(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 2LiveCrew record. Puts the needle on.. Aah me so h_rny, Aahaahh me so h_rny *



    .. so an dif we all where nude, then nobody could drop his [CENSORED].. and we would be quite familiar with the girls ..

  10. so then lets keep attention for avoiding a paradoxon..!


    Err, RoguePhotonic..


    do you believe anything, that mankind "shall" have been done? For instance.. do you believe "them" if they say we where in space..? Do you believe up there is "space" and "the moon" and "the sun"..?


    Do you think they believed Christopher for "discovering" a new continent?? What do you say about: inquisitiveness and inquiring minds?? Do you think we ever "WILL GET" to the moon?

  11. no. it's about the declaration of independence of the United States in .. errrm .. 18somewhat.. after war of independence (remember DOTT?????)



    sorry for being german i dont know the year.. perhabs we could combine our knowledge ..



    it was 17somewhat..?

  12. To Mr. Z. Rabbit,


    please stop trying to constantly confuse DAS MOLE. There are others around getting confused by this.


    Ray Jones,

    'to poor for a proper title'


    Yeah that titlestuff is true but it's $$$1.500 for an own title. Gee 1.000 or 1.500 i'll get them and then i got a name.. hey or it will hit some who cannot defend.. and i cannot stand to the bones .. nah. I'll waste it for me, me, me!!!



    .. lesbian ritual, huh??? Yahyah.. aha.. heard about that before.. how about joining big brother..?? (Roy, DAS .. i am doing this for you..)

  13. I thought this is big bru and we're kind of undisturbed..


    ... Hey.. i am not panty-fixed. i just always try to get rid of them. ..

    But if you want so..


    *take staple gun*


    *pull panty up to the nipples*


    *use staple gun with panties*


    look what you have driven me to..



    *walks around and shows his new breastpiercing*


    ps .. [would be here if there where one]

  14. ok.. then youre a prick..


    just like me.


    what do you think das.. if i do anything same to thrik .. perhabs he'll call me 'kick my spooty' .. that would be a cool refer to my avatar.


    *goes off*



    Hey, thrik.. where are yoooohhouuoouuuuu..??


    *hiding that huge huge somewhatcouldreallyhitsomeone behind his back*


    i've got som .. er.. present for you..



    i was so bad


    *struggles to das, fell into his arms, cries the hell out of himself*




    would you like to hump me for satisfaction..??


    *drops panties*




  16. yeah .. right..


    do you think i am that stupid???? i know what will happen then.

    i've played dott.


    ps. i just drink 1 cup for breakfast.. the rest ist pure bolivian.. ;)


    Oh, and hey Mr. Groovy.. what another one???




  17. what is a prick?


    who give us these titles?


    How can we punish them people to give us names we never wanted .. like: 'long john's sliver' 'if the girl is nice, do her twice'


    how do the come on 'talented obfuscator'??


    it wasnt me, das. i would title you 'talented confuscator'

  18. hey.. these


    1 IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and 3 USB ports for high-speed digital data transfer and mobile digital imaging capabilities

    Integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet networking card with RJ-45 connector; integrated 802.11b wireless networking

    V.90/V.92 high-speed modem


    i got too.. but it seems to be better .. (*grrrrrrr*)


    .. with that P4-2.6/512MB/60GB's ..


    hehe but i have 2 PCMCIA slots.. and 366MHz Bus (not only 266) ..


    there was an comparible notebook too but it costs nearly double price (EUR 1.999) for that few steps further in tech. + it has an DVD(-)-Writer!!


    but so ok. go now tell everybody you sucked me particially off.



  19. hey.. just what i thought. just what i think everyday.






    It's not you and me its us at earth. and we all "die" (evolutionairy) or we all SURVIVE .. it is FACT that we have to leave this planet in a couple of billion years (as human beings, life will leave the planet at any case or has already left) ..


    Our evolutionairy path is to become a SPACERACE .. (:D ) .. and the way is already preset.

  20. whasdilasfdnmnflaöffg.sdh.g....sf....f.g..aa..a....


    *takes green pill*



    *takes yellow pill*



    *takes pill with LSD printed on it*




    yor yhw era uoy gnikool os .. :amidala: dna tahw si siht :evanpiel: no ruoy deah....


    *takes deep breath of *coughcoughcough**


    HEY .. you say WIN THE POT! .. And if i just win ten bucks then i am still the winner .. but i will sue you.. i know a good lawer nearby here ..

  21. i meant .. if a nice girl wears a khaki at her HIPs short beneath her underpanties.. then it is so good that it comes out the evil side.. and it has sex.


    Hey and if someone knows good sex.. than it is the devil. :cool:


    hey and what evil has been done by the devil that wasnt be done in the name of god too? (except what?? yeah: SEX)


    is this better?


    oh. i forgot..



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