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  1. no. there is no need for it .. people will recognize .. if not .. phh.


    i kind of dont like this "here i am, so recog me .. " stuff ..


    let people know about you just by doing very annoing posts just like that RayJonesNerdy does ..



  2. ..scummvm has some parameter called "savegamepath" or so..


    dclick scummvm.exe -> "options"


    in the lower section there is the "Savegame path" .. click "choose" to choose it ..


    should work. i do not know really since i play with pure vdms ..

    (in scummvm you cannot use original savegames .. :mad: .. and i have them very original for years...)

  3. ..


    Spudhead.. or spoothead .. ?? the angry beavers say spoot, spooty, spootyhead??????????? spud or spoot or is it different?

    I know they say "kick my spooty" for sure.. (Norb sticked it to Dags back)

    Yeah i dont call people like this ..


    i heard that firealarms stuff in a bud spencer film .. and once i think in a war movie (germans= KRAUTS.. englishs= THOMMIES)



    .. but i think spud or spoot .. what ever.. sounds much better..




    :D :D :D



    ps. what does spud mean exactly? (sorry i like to shoot first and ask questions later. herher)

  4. So. This is my second thread now, and i am totally excited.


    Topic: Try to suck me off coz i am a nerd.


    Like everyone recognizes..

    yesterday i dropped my panties two times

    The question is why and the answer is i was upset.

    Again the question is why and the answer is ..


    because of my new NOTEBOOK. YES i bought me one .. stylish.


    SONY VAIO Athlon XP-M 2200+/256DDRRAM/40GB/GeForce4/CDRW/DVD/Floppy/3xUSB2.0/TV-out/VIA AC'97 Soundcard .. SONY has good sounds and graphics.


    I got it for special offer so it had a real good price (for a SONY VAIO)


    So. Thats my first computer at home for years (the 233PII is in the cellar) since i work at a ComputerservicesAnything i dont wanted to have 'File not found, please reinstall' at home .. I took my notebook from work with me to play monkey etc. .. but nows enough.. i have a little daughter now.. and she can learn computers by growing older.. so i needed one.. i personally had a 'computer' since the age of 6.. and before it i programmed that calculator from my mum.


    So i have to revive the old PII with my VERY OLD FILES .. and get The actual data from the worknotbook to mine ..

    And i had to 'fix' all these XP-features all night..

    Thats why i've not played monkey on it yet. :(


    If you want so now you can try to make my NEW SONY VAIO fake.


    Tell me that you have the better machines and i am a suc*cough*ker.

    Or say SONY sucks. Try to make me disbelive in my decicion. Or some..


    Or perhabs no one will reply here.. yes about 13211 reads and no single reply... that would be the ignoring thing i need.



    no. i am joking. finish me. in this thread.

  5. what do you mean by brainwash? Hawk once got brainwashed in AIRWOLF. but i never on tv. hey .. i have a brain to use it.


    to those paranoias .. the first ques you should raise is WHY the hell? .. You dont go around fake people for no reason .. so firsttell me the reason and then tell me WHAT they are planning to do with us folks........


    Hey and most of them paranoias are chirstians and so on.


    EVER GOT THE THOUGHT THAT THIS IS CONSPIRATIVE? i mean.. the earth was a plate until 1999 or so.. hey THIS is what i call lying. ..

  6. .. i kind of dont like this no specific forms beings.. but its easy for people.


    So it's ok if you're the easterbunny. It is nice and so on.. and you get sweets ..



    hey my principal was not the devil.. i had respect for him .. he teached maths at my class .. very very stylish ..


    and the devil is not the person i have respect for.. just look how silly he dresses up n stuff.. hey the only one thing that he has for good are these chicks. he has chicks everywhere and can do them if he wants ..



  7. ..and i thought HE wanted to start a contest. that little (sorry) lo*coghcough*ser. comes up like hey u little suckers i am ready to let you die.. he said and died.


    little fellow listen: i am not the person trying to tell you some.. but it's not the best way to do it like this. OK you may do it if you really let us suck off.. But there always may be the one that will smash you down for being loud like this.


    Hey Neil.. he never said he would win a contest...

  8. yayaya.


    no such discuss ..


    but in starwars return of the yedi it isnt all about returning yedis.


    in fact the dont return like: Hi, we're back.


    So in MI1 there is no Hey, thats the secret.

    It is just named like this to bring you in de mood.. ye know? By every click you get deeper into it.. The secret contains the voodoospell you have to use to get to MI and so on.


    Thats just what i think.


    Feel free to see as much or less as you want. But dont say.. If they make a sequel then they should say emi never happened or some like CMI must be cut out the series.. It happened coz we all played it.



  9. okok. i am in i said. its more fun then licking the "dogtree" just at the lowest part.


    but it doesnt seems that you know what we did last summer..


    *pulls waxed pillow right out of the ear*


    So. Then at least tell me about:


    What eltse, huh?

    And what is whudevu?

  10. ..

    first of all:


    The Secret of Monkey Island is a GAMETITLE.


    When the name was given noone knew that there will be sequels and how many.


    So "the secret of monkey island" doesnt concern the story. Thats what i think. There is no real secret. It is the first part of the quadrology ..


    And now we have 4 MI Games, and 4 stories.


    It is interresting to look how these stories fit together in one line.


    That it is the MI-Universe..

  11. Do you actually know how it looks if a plane crashes into the pentagon????????



    Oh man. this pic is saying NOTHING. It doesnt even say its the pentagon. Maybe its the same site from that moonlandingfake??


    It like saying at the shop: That Item is too expensive. .. Compared to what?


    So first of all a crashing plane comes from the sky. With speed-o-much. If this is the front of the crashsite. then all of the plane will be behind the building and the smoke.. PHYSICS, you know?



    so. get a damn photography from ABOVE the site.



  12. .. okokok. ill post this again. (RappScallion made a thread concerning this topic some time ago)


    a) After SoMI the caves closed somehow herman in efmi said. that's ok so far ..


    It could have happend together with the creation of Dinky Island before LCR began. The caves closed because LeChuck was gone or something like that..


    b) The vulcano breaks out after CMI .. that huge explosion when Guybrush "kicks ass again"..


    c) The mechanical voodoo ape (i think it's better than a voodoo based ape, because the voodoo is: it is driven by apes and lava (the vulcano was there all the time!).. and the power of that ultimate insult). Perhabs it could be driven by anything producing heat .. this could explain the colemine thing ..


    d) This ape .. was build by.. who ever it was .. i would say Herman was with him/them (cannibals? apes? ..). He was the the one that holds the governors seal which is needed for the ultimate insult.


    So Herman must have build the ape, then get the stuff to lucre island into the bank .. then he got back to Monkey Island (to find the secret) and stranded there ..

    Then came LeChuck .. and later on SoMI.

    LECHUCK used his powers to create these caves under MI.


    Now The CLUE is:

    1) there is the key to the apehead (big q-tip) .. and

    2) in SoMI not mentioned: the lever in the nose! One way goes UP (into the control-center-head) and one DOWN. May be originally it was the way into the apes body and mechanical section and LeChuck has changed/used/cursed it for his caves!

    In SoMI Guybrush only uses that way down to the caves.



    yes another point is that LeChuck and Herman could have been like piratepals ..long long time ago .. or something that allows LeChuck to get attracted by Elaine .. perhabs Herman dont liked it and theyve got a little trouble with solving the prob. Or they had other trouble bout treasureNmore because Elaine couldnt be much older then -1 year 20 years ago -- ..


    ..So Lechuck then gets to the "dark" side.. perhabs he managed Hermans journey to end up shipwrecked .. maybe another voodoo-spell .. maybe after he has recognized Hermans work on the ultimate insult.

  13. Originally posted by Das Mole

    when you have to make the lechuck voodoo doll and you take the elevator up and open the door and you're in the back alley on melee island.


    and where's the drowned guybrush in mi3? :confused:


    oh, das. i was confused..


    i remember. yeah. especially because i played this part last weekend ..



    *ray: standing in the wood, seeking the trees*


    Ps. use the water on the beach on blood island in mi3. (20 Times or so.) then you will see.

  14. ..


    So. You are that Thrik-Type ..


    i would give you some credits.

    but .. that ones who got it dont want more. See i dont want more, too.


    *drops panties*

  15. ..This contest.. can we make money with it?

    (then we ALL should be like friends of HIM-SCREWLOSE)



    Yeah, right you cannot call yourself the biggest fan of whatever.. how will you know? .. See. WE are the biggest MI-Fans.


    (perhabs the contests context is to say being the biggest fan)


    and please noone come and say some like: i definitly know jlo has two biggest fans ..





  16. *wonders about the disconfusement of das*


    Hey Roy. We're in. We made it. After all the suffering ..


    And Jewel's not.





    erm. Roy.. Who is Jewel? :D


    Last night i dreamt it was ME.




    *turns to the audience, drops panties*


    See i always wear a second pair. I'm Not Jewel.


    *Das appears on the screen and is not in the mood for a smalltalk. With tears in his eyes he screams: I Know what you did last summer! And throws a pillow at Ray who gets hit by it with full power.*

  17. some qes to that.


    1. are there people trying to believe that?

    2. drugs? i wanna know what kind of drugs (it cant be just one).

    3. if he took those drugs... did he ever come down again?

    4. if not. the this must be true. DRUGS OR TRUTH.

    5. if yes. then he just thinks hes back down again. whilst he is on a trip since 1968.

    6. i am frightened now.

    7. everyone seems to be able to establish websites. WHATS NEXT? A lucasblahblah fansite where thousands of fans are talking in forums and presenting their fanstuff N even more????????????


    ps (to yufster): i saw that pic of bill... its fake cmon! bills eyes are painted over, i swear!

  18. imagine you were the one on the moon (or some), or you are the one who has the major part on the project. And after manymanymany mistakes, faults, accidents, moneylacks and more .. you finally made it. and someone comes along says: NOPE. YOU FAKE! And uses some pics where the source is hidden/not clear for evidence. And i never heard a explanation for the evidences. and i wasnt on the moon and i could not say how dust must be assembled up there etc.? ..



    SO its clear. Mankind was on the moon under the exclusive leadership of .. ZOOM RABBIT. yes. (The humans were bad, so ZR went to walk the moon alone, therefore only ZR-Footprints are up there.)


    *ring, ring. recieves some credits from unknown source.*


    ps. to the government: i denie to denie deniance for knowledge of the unknown. so ask the one over there.


    *points to nowhere, runs off.*

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