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  1. give it to me. the credits. gimme. quick.


    why? i do not know what to do with it. but everybody wants it. and for being a "wantswhateverybodywants" .. i want it now. (the credits!)

  2. ..We need a way to get rid of those people like SADDAM&CO. A way that is something more cool that just to break off a war ..



    someone once said (i just mean the context)


    "If you carry a cross and step to a foe to hit him with it, then you are not longer carrying a cross. You carry a WEAPON."


    So this is some sort of right AND MEANT for all of them. BinLaden, Hussein, Bush, Blair and all that little gay fairies .. hey a calm down and lets rather get some cool ideas for life on mars ..!

    (I dont want the girls to be hidden NOR the police to control everything)






    ps. oh.. and concerning that wwIII topic.. EINSTEIN said .. he doesnt know what weapons will be used in WW III .. but he knows the ones from WW IV: Fire and Stones!

  3. hey c'mon .. CMI is worth to call it a real MIG. .. it has the storyplot .. it kind of shows wath is going on with big whoop after gubrush escaped from it after he got cursed there by LeChuck .. and finally you end up there again and get cursed again (lil child agian!) .. it's some sort of solution for the MI 2 mystique! .. so.


    The story is perfect and fits to the MI-universe, the riddles are MI style! Graphics has changed.. but i would say they are well done and lovely. + smoooooooooth animated. (like butter in the sunshine.)


    i agree with you EMI was in some ways no real MIG.

  4. My Existing Situation

    Unable to exert the effort to achieve his objectives. Feels neglected, desiring greater security, warm affection, and fewer problems.




    My Stress Sources

    Sensitive and impressionable, prone to absorbing enthusiasms. Seeks an idealized--but so far unfulfilled--situation in which he can share with another a complete accord and mutual depth of understanding. Feels there is a risk of being exploited if he is too ready to trust others and therefore demands proof of their sincerity. Needs to know exactly where he stands in relationships.




    My Restrained Characteristics

    Demanding and particular in his relations with his partner or those close to him, but careful to avoid open conflict since this might reduce his prospects of realizing his hopes and ideas.

    Circumstances are restrictive and hampering, forcing him to forgo all joys and pleasures for the time being.




    My Desired Objective

    Wants to make a favorable impression and be recognized. Needs to feel appreciated and admired. Sensitive and easily hurt if no notice is taken of him or if he is not given adequate acknowledgment.




    My Actual Problem

    Works to strengthen his position and bolster his self-esteem by examining his own accomplishments (and those of others) with critical appraisal and scientific discrimination. Insists on having things clear-cut and unequivocal.




    My Actual Problem #2

    Strongly resists outside influence and any interference with his freedom to make his own decisions and plans. Works to establish and strengthen his own position.





    err. i got problems? crap.



    OK yufster, it's your fault. Now i cant stand me anymore. I'll go and kill me right now if i get the attention therefore. (gee. i never would kill me if noone will recognize. did everybody read my post yet???)


    And leave you alone with my 2 probs. You can have them. Yes sell'em for a good price.. and then get som stuff for you. Its called min-o-words. It causes people to do shortspoken sentences. A few words with the whole context in it.




    ps. they forgot my lesbian gayness, my pink shorts with nails sticked in it and my need for speed.

  5. yes Roy, i agree with you.


    and jewell has no clothes, right?


    and so she is attempted do get a f everytime.


    *by finishing this line the RayJonesKnifeInTheBack-Counter stopps ticking at .. -3*



    .. i would be in ..

  6. Originally posted by Zoom Rabbit

    I use words like this frequently so 'agent Smith' has to spend time reading my horsedoodle instead of properly spying on other innocents...


    If i ever had a sweet rabbit when i was a child. i would have had so much fun..


    I praise you ZR if there would be a god you would be bettre than allah, for hell and i would send tons of bombs to them just to rais eyou for their leader..



    *weeks, month later .. Z. Rabbit finally gets this mail inbox.*


    ps. i think agen smith is suffered from legastene (spel me death) and actually would blame MacGyver for terrorist activity ..

  7. *feels some cold steel in his back, while he becomes the unstoppable will to proclamate that the alphabet from now on is delivered without A's so th-t he wont do such cr-p like LETTERSWITCHING -g-in.*


    *turns to the m-ssive m-sses*


    I do not know this m-n. But he is gre-t -nd the very best.


    Roy forever!








    ps. c-n you sl-p me -nyw-y?

  8. ..hey that's great..


    i only got the german version.. in the german version is this cutscene left out (though it's not shown and not shown with nothing todo).. why? i'll tell you: untranslateable! (crap)




  9. ..my first post .. sure ..


    all those creepy HACKERcrackhaedz aout dere .. nibblin through the web.. suckin everything down they get into their stinky fingaz..



    so listen: if I would ever get ROOTRights on your f-in harddisk.. YOU POOPOOHEADZ wouldnt have 1 single bit left for even storing NO (i meant ZERO) data!


    you should hunt down some terrorists or people like that.. use your skillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to proof there is no allah, jesus, humpetybumpetysuckingGODcreatureswithnoBRAINinit.. you could have thrown a ball, read a book, played monkey instead.




    .. you must lay down MOJO. ..


    HOW ABOUT THAT: start your browser an go http://www.dierightnow.net/hard/painful/veeeeryyssslowwwww/ getEATENbyMURRAYwhileyourBALLSareCROSSWISEbeingKEE




    ..guess there is much anger in it ..


    And scummbar is back, therefore it's kind-o-useless..

    (and it causes a moderator which will not be mentioned here to give me some chance to be banned soon, some way he was right :D ..)

  10. .. I'll try to work out a samplebank for midi ..


    But its not original iMuse .. :o(


    Will the AMIGA files be supported on SR? They have better samples, i think..


    MI1 used TFMX-Mods .. will this be supported?

  11. *stands up and goes because noone wants to give him what he needs.. some real cruel hits against his nose combined with some razorsharp insults, followed by some hard and definite sticked two fingers in his eyes.*


    *struggles about his own feets, smashed against the ground and keeps sticked to the ground with his foreteeth*


    mmmfffpphendte wwwrrtedsen ..

  12. ..


    i vote for you, yufster because you keep constantly annoying me with posting polls and IGNORING me.. *snif* *aaaaaahaahahhaaahhhaaaaa* *sniiiieeeeeeeeef* .. at least you could have nominated me for the fact that i am newer than you and never was nice and dont want to be turn out so.. and i never did something cool. So at least you could nominate me for NEVER BEING NOMINATED EVER!..

    Also there is no thread in here where you cannot read "posted by yufster" at least 3 times and you'll need 4 pages each post to display it.



    so vote yufster before there's the next yufster-poll and you've missed this one..


    *Throws some 'ask me about yufster' buttons over to the crowd*

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