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  1. ^ err....nieeegggghhhhhhh!!! < Doesn't like furries...>.> V I bet you do, you yiffy perv
  2. ^ That's MISS Harbringer to ye! < Why must I be the lone female presence? V You're probably a MAN!
  3. ^ You make me cry, you toxic evil thing < ;_; V You make me cry, too, you bastard!
  4. ^ Like I'd tell you, creepy mans! < Not sure where I'm going but it's probably not France... V Are you going to hell?
  5. ^ Because YOU stole it! <Crying on the inside... VYOU! GET ME A TREE!
  6. ^ Go Go PowerRangers! ^_^ < I'm a geek, I can't help it V Shaddup, you're here too, you must be a geek!
  7. ...His bestest friend was a bucket. But one day, something terrible happened...
  8. ^ You're meeeean! < Ray seems to think so...that may not be a good thing... V do animals stick to you like a magnet?
  9. ^ Foxy, eh? Prove it. < Why does everyone want pictures of meh? V Eew! Nobody wants pictures of yew!
  10. ^ That's Franken-stien to you! < is mad eneogh to pull it off, really V ugly like teh monster
  11. ^ Better believe it, bish < Is teh 1337est nerd on the internet V R u teh 1337?
  12. Nay, it's a grainy photo. or teenage leprosy. There actually is quite a bit of female nerd-ness on the internet, the trouble is it tends to lurk rather than participate. ... I'm not posting any more pictures...I think Ray gets his kicks looking at them.... ... this is just to confuse.
  13. ^ Oh noes! now you know my secrets! < might be a whale V might not be...
  14. That's at once horrible and yet, somehow, adorable. Nice.
  15. ?! >.> jesus, you remember that...? Aw... ....quiet about that! {edit} sigh...alrighty...you people and your demands!
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