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  1. How can I at least listen to the music in the origional TIE Fighter? I THINK the extension is .wrk... MK
  2. How can I get the origional music from TIE Fighter onto the Collector's Edition? The new music is VERY annoying... compared to the origional game. I seem to have lost my TIE Fighter CD, too... MK
  3. Changing operating systems is out of the question. What other solutions are offered? A compatability patch similar to the XP one? MK
  4. I am trying to run my TIE Fighter from my new XWing Collecter Series, but it won't let me. It says "TIE95.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program." How do I run it? MK
  5. Understood. I've got other fish to fry until then:D MK
  6. LightNinja, I hate to be impatient, but I'd like it soon, if possible. Pahricida, I'll look more into it. Thanks all. MK
  7. I would much appreciate it. Everything else looks fine. And thanks for the skin, again. I also noticed you made the tags and whatnot... saves me the trouble;) After that's done, I'll either start a new thread or keep this one to help with the .veh modding (the camera's funky... I'll mess around with it, but I doubt that'll be my only question). Now to get cracking on it. <Goes off to hire a million monkeys and buy a million typewriters> MK *edit* Hmm, I was looking through the Vehicle Tutorial, and found the "specular" shading. Can this be done with JUST shaders, or is another texture necessary? If the latter, I won't bother, but if it's the former, I might give it a shot.
  8. I have it. There are just a few things I'd like to touch on. It has only one thruster, but it should have three. They're the REALLY small things surrounding the engine. How easy would it be to add those two others in and texture them? If it's too difficult, I'll just let them be, but otherwise, I'm a detail-freak. Everything else seems to be a product of the .veh file, and I'll work those out. MK
  9. That was odd. Our previous discussion has been deleted. Ah well, anyway, send it to mattknote@yahoo.com for me. Thanks! MK
  10. LightNinja, I have yet to recieve the TIE Defender. Have you sent it? Also, please clear out your PM's. I'd like to send you my primary e-mail, but your PM box is full. MK
  11. My Yahoo account: mattknote@yahoo.com MK
  12. Any updates? It's been over a month since the last post. MK
  13. Don't talk about anything other than my model here, I would appreciate it. LightNinja, in your last PM, you said you were working on the skin. Could you post pics? Thanks. MK
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