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  1. Hey Swordmaster, I think the same people took your money that took my married-heterosexual-female-in-the-professional-workforce-with-kids money. It's a conspiracy I tell you! Either that, or your money and mine have gone toward buying one too many games! I absolutely agree that people in general are way to obsessed with whom everybody else is sleeping, and it has little bearing on many aspects of life, like gaming. I guess it makes for good "shock value reading," though. That must be it.
  2. Hey SF, That's way cool! Thanks a lot for the info. I *so* can't wait for Jane's new game.
  3. Is that legal to post a mag article on a public site, or does it infringe upon the magazine's copyright? Actually, CGM might wind up posting their article on their own site eventually-- other mag sites post theirs, but it's usually months after the issue in question has come and gone off the stands...
  4. Jony, It sure was a masterpiece though, wasn't it? Well, at least you can take heart in that you can play it through several more times (if you haven't already) and you can do things and see things differently than the first time... There's basically no way to play it straight through once and absorb even half of what is going on, because so many events are taking place simultaneously on the train...
  5. Kingz, You mean you sound like the Kennedy family?! Nobody up Boston-way (or even in New England) that I've ever heard has even a slight English (U.K.) accent. It's more nasal yankee chopping off of the letter "r" as in "Pahk the cah in Hahvad Yahd" instead of "Park the car in Harvard Yard." And in this area, the word "wicked" has been a general replacement for the word "very" for at least 30 years if not longer. I can say all this with confidence-- I was born, raised in and still live about 30 miles south of Boston.
  6. NovelT and Feisar, you both make some excellent points, and feisar, I didn't really know that such a limited team was doing all that at once. However, NovelT really does make a strong statement, and all the talk in the world about why what's there is there doesn't change what you're paying for. Hopefully, Crystal Dynamics will take all this into consideration when they try to bring Lara up from the ashes.
  7. Happy Birthday Trep! PS/ Sorry I'm late-- I can't seem to get away from that these days!
  8. Yay! I was afraid TAC would really push it off so as not to undercut sales of DF1...
  9. Lol Eriq-- pssst, I hear there's quite an awesome adventure gaming site looking for staff writers to start you toward your dream... You'd be surprised what a volunteered online resume of game reviews will do toward getting you a pro career, er, or so I've heard. And as for the baby thing-- if you already have older kids and have saved all your baby stuff, then give it all away, every piece and every stitch of everything. You'll be sure to have another baby come along right after that; it works every time. If you're single and/or childless, why, just concentrate on a career, get a small place to live that couldn't possibly leave room for a child, and boom! A baby will come right along. See? Simple.
  10. There are actually two sides to the coin here. The first is that Core had *three years* to work on this game, so whether it shipped in June 2003 or not, why was it still such a mess in June 2003 after three years? The other side of the coin is that Eidos, who forced it out the door in the end, wound up taking away the franchise from Core over the shape it was in when it was released. And if Core was really threatened with losing employment anyway if it *didn't* release in time for the end of Eidos' fiscal year, they were put into a catch-22 situation...
  11. Blizzard is safe for now then, er, at least as safe as they can be after losing four key employees...
  12. That AGP aperture setting defines how much regular system RAM the AGP controller can use for storing texture maps when it needs to. It doesn't reflect the amount of video card RAM you have. Funky, huh? Yeah, my video card has 128MB RAM on it, too, but most BIOSes are usually defaulted to a 64MB aperture setting. I have heard people say before to match the AGP aperture setting to the amount of RAM your video card has, which in our case raises it from the 64MB default to 128, but I've tried it and not really seen any difference. I've also heard of people who can't even get their systems to boot after increasing the aperture setting, ha ha, but there are a lot of boards and a lot of vid cards out there. I've tried everything from 128 to 64 to 32, especially when I was trying to get Morrowind to run, but nothing seemed to matter much. I didn't leave it down at 32 for long, though. Actually, I'd have to reboot and check right now to see if I've been running at 128 or 64 for the last few months since I put Morrowind in. ??? I'll bet some place like Tom's Hardware (http://www.tomshardware.com) would be able to tell you more...
  13. I had a whole mess of problems with crazy crashes and video driver errors in Morrowind until I installed Direct X 9.0a with my ATI AIW 9700 Pro. No other games have appeared to suffer for the upgrade from DX 8, either. I'm using the driver suite I downloaded from ATI on 6-26-03. It was the newest-dated set available then. I don't know if you're already running DX 9 anyway, but I have even upgraded to DX 9.0b (a security patch) and everything is still fine. I'm running WinXP by the way, and had tried all the different service packs and updates previously (as well as some BIOS tweaks) all to no avail. The only thing to consider is that if you're still using DX 8 and you upgrade to DX 9, there will be no way to uninstall 9 and go back to 8 if for some reason you don't like it, without reformatting your hard drive and running your recovery disk or reinstalling Windows. And make sure you update your sound card drivers to DX 9-compatible ones too, if you update to DX 9. Oh yeah, some people have told me that the Radeon 9700s are very prone to trouble in games if the AGP aperture setting in the motherboard's BIOS isn't set to 64 meg or lower. Some people have had to lower this setting down to 32 to get stable performance. It didn't seem to matter for me (I did play with all different settings) but these are some of the recommendations that other Radeon 9700 owners have given me... Good luck! 'Putie problems are always a drag!
  14. I totally agree! I mean, it's good artwork in its own way, but the style is just plain wrong. I know box art seldom is an exact replica of the game world, but come on! Hopefully they'll change it.
  15. Lol- go Trep! The Age versus Age aspect sounds quite intriguing to me-- imagine puzzling away, team versus team, instead of the usual killing of other online genres... Hmm. That would be quite tricky, though, to make really interesting puzzles that require group involvement. Even without the Age versus Age element, how do you make it interesting? Do you add random seismic events to an Age that have to be circumvented in time or dealt with in real-time before mass destruction occurs? There must be *some* progress in the online puzzles, though, or else how could they begin beta testing in the first place? I can see them not giving too much away yet, though, as to avoid spoilers. What fun would it be solving puzzles if you already knew what was coming three months in advance?
  16. And that good ol' home page looks better than ever! Was that ever a "site for sore eyes," ha ha!
  17. Thanks, Lakerz! And how's that new monster mega computer of yours doing, anyway? (Sorry, once a hardware junkie, always a hardware junkie. ) I would guess that the chain isn't doing too well at this point, yeah. For a couple of days after I quit CompUSA (before I found out a little one was on the way), I was planning on applying at my local Best Buy and continuing on with the PC Upgrades stuff there. I'm not bothering now, though, but instead will just focus more on writing. I can still do that even after the baby is born. (If I stay up all night, every night... or something... ) And Moos-- Now, you of all people should know that if I was going to name my child after anybody besides my Dad (if it's a boy) and my best friend (if it's a girl), it would be after...my cats! Tim, schmim... Thanks all you people, and I do think that everything timing-wise came off pretty well, actually. I am looking forward to relaxing more with the kid(s) and just staying at home and writing. And my husband is just beside himself over the impending baby. Jeez, he's telling everybody! The guy who mows our lawn, the vagrants picking soda cans out of our trash...
  18. How ironic that it won't be showing up there until long after its US release, being that it originally came out of the U.K. in the first place.
  19. It feels like "Mach 2," Dom, with the speed at which everything is going on here lately! And thanks everybody! amishler, Yeah, the CompUSA thing really doesn't even sound legal (or so my best friend the law school student informs me), but I'm not the type to pursue it. I've still got my writing that I can do from home, though, so that's even better in the long run. It is a bummer, though, in that I will miss most of my customers and co-workers. Oh, well! But I love the idea of the Krispy Kreme meetings, lol! Um, we're perculating on Liam Scott if it's a boy, and Elise Michelle if it's a girl. (Elise is a French shortening of Elisabeth.) I'm afraid to even look at a baby name book... Heyyyyy... That would be funny if somebody picked out an extreme gaming character's name for a kid, huh? Like Guybrush for a boy... (Elaine is pretty, though, and I might even consider it if my daughter's best friend wasn't already Elaina...) Oh, what was that Phantasmagoria chick's name? Adrienne? Jeez, thinking about this could be fun!
  20. Um, I know this isn't really a game-related post totally, but here we go. Did you ever have a week of total insanity where practically everything you took for granted about your life changed all at once? I walked into work recently at my night/weekend job at my local CompUSA, which is a huge computer chain here in the USA (226 stores). I found out (along with the rest of the salespeople on the floor) that the chain had changed its entire pay scale to the tune of my wage getting cut literally in half. I quit and walked out, but I will miss the crew I worked with for three years. I have been writing game reviews professionally since last year for my second job and that's still cooking right along, so I guess that's my only job now. (I review for Computer Gaming World Magazine.) I just got picked up by GameSpy now too, though, so hopefully between the two I can pick up some of the slack left behind by CompUSA. Okay, and here's the biggie. I'm 37, and...I'm pregnant!!! Mr. Minnie is surprised but happy, Mini Minnie ain't gonna be quite so mini any more (she's almost 9 now), and I feel like if I found out anything else to make my life change any more this week I would become a completely different person. Like Denice Cook. Oh wait, I *am* Denice Cook! Doh! Oh yeah, and I am DYING for a box of Krispy Kreme donuts, dammit! Er, and canned green beans. But not necessarily together. But not necessarily very far apart, either. Thanks for listening!
  21. Hey! I was just coming over here to post this link, and Wakane beat me to it!
  22. Lol Egarthen! Hey Sevenine, Yeah, you just brought up another horrid adventure gaming memory there for sure with that 2nd Phantasmagoria! Ick! I actually gave mine away unfinished even though I paid for mine, too. It was that bad.
  23. Chemicus: Journey to the Other Side. There are probably a couple more I could conjure up, but that's the first and worst that comes immediately to mind...
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