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  1. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vivendi has decided not to sell its video games and music businesses, which had previously been earmarked for disposal, for the time being. However, Vivendi is considering splitting its activities into two separate companies: one including the telecoms assets, and one including the remaining entertainment assets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Darn, there goes my lifelong dream to see a Leisure Suit Larry TV series.... --BPF
  2. Yeah, that box cover looks like it should be on a Silent Hill game than a Broken Sword game. Oh, well, I don't care if they package it in a Ziplock baggie. I'd still buy it. --BPF
  3. I'm was reading Penny-Arcade.Com today, a 3x-a-week video game comic strip and it's become apparent how low Sierra has sunk since the days Ken Williams was running the show. Basically, at a site called RelicNews.Com (a site organized quite a bit like this one), a PR guy, Alex "Marweas" Rodberg, from Sierra drops in and gives "droppings" of info from Sierra, kind of what Diamond from Revolution does for us when he's got a chance. Recently, people were wondering why Homeworld 2 wasn't at ECTS and the PR guy from Sierra had this to say: Originally posted by Marweas *yawn* Well, I'll be concluding my participation in this forum with this post. Frankly, the effort put into keeping this miniscule community informed is not worth the aggravation or the time. I just returned from Leipzig, Germany, where Homeworld 2 was demonstrated at a consumer Games Convention larger than ECTS. The game looked fantastic and people responded to it marvelously. Given that trade shows like ECTS are used to hype upcoming products, not products practically in stores, and given that VUG has about a gazillion games to market (most of which have greater earning potential than HW2) we made the decision to focus on other products at ECTS. Enjoy the game. I look forward to hearing more complaints about how Sierra ignores the community. I'm sure accusing instead of asking, and b****ing instead of learning will accomplish your goals admirably. Cheers, and goodbye. – Alex I don't claim to have a lot of business sense, but that was singly the rudest post I've read from any video game company before. My main criticism is this: EVERY CUSTOMER IS IMPORTANT AND SHOULD BE TREATED WITH RESPECT. I know that being a PR guy for a video game company can be rough, but anyone with a business degree getting into PR really should know what he's getting into. Saying nothing would have shown more professionalism and class than ranting at a couple of forum posters. Penny-Arcade also put in their two cents, but it has some rough language, too, so be forewarned: http://www.penny-arcade.com/view.php3?date=2003-09-01&res=l I'm thankful that this site gets the "Diamond"s of the industry rather than the Marweases. --BPF
  4. GameStop.Com bumped their date until the 20th, which means it might not be shipping until Wednesday. --BPF
  5. I found this out at GameFaqs.com, but I don't know if this is what you're referring to: --BPF P.S. If anyone has seen this cut-scene, I'd be curious to know what Bobbin's face looks like.
  6. That's funny because I've heard that a lot people intended to start out on the dark side (including myself) but ultimately decided to start on the light side because of how dirty your character can get. It's easier to play the dark side the second time around, though, because it feels more like a parody of the light side story. I'd recommend a soldier/guardian for the dark side due to its high strength and constitution, because playing as an arrogant, egotistical, manipulating prick has a tendacy to cause people to shoot at you all the time. Go figure! (I had to find an excuse to use some of these side smilies...) --BPF
  7. I'm curious, how long does it take to finish the game? --BPF
  8. Play the "dark side" of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and you'll have the ultimate worst protagonist ever. MAJOR SPOILERS: --BPF
  9. Anachronox did a good job of using the Quake 2 engine to make a decent turn-based RPG, so it can be done, although redoing the interface would definitely be the hardest part. Making another shooter would be easy to make, but modifying the interface so you can't blow up anything that moves would be a challenge. But Half Life already has a way of interacting with NPCs other than killing them, so part of the problem is already solved. But for an adventure, the weapons would have to be turned off. I'd figure you'd have to mod it to default to no weapons and turn the weapon changer off (if even not having a weapon is possible in HL2.) I guess more info is needed before going into those details. In order to make a decent typical adventure game, we'd have to see if HL 2 handles the following features in order to make an adventure game. * Finding an object, placing it on the map, and picking it up and putting it into an inventory. * Being able to give and recieve an item to and from a NPC. * Combining 2 items would be cool, but I doubt HL2 supports something like that. (Although, Silent Hill 2 does.) * Ending a level by giving someone a particular item or by saying something. Typically, most FPS's levels end when reaching a certain point or killing a certain creature(s). Anything else? BTW, if your interested in HL2 Source, read up here: http://collective.valve-erc.com/index.php?go=source_mod_faq#eng_08 A lot of the basics are spelled out here. It's coded in C++, nothing too obscure. It's kind of neat the way they do the lip-syncing. The sky box feature is pretty unique, too. It supports MP3, which would make background music pretty easy to mod. It doesn't seem too complex to develop levels, simular to HL1's map editor program. Multiplayer features could really make for a unique adventure title. I agree with you, Marek. An amateur team with a lot of time, dedication, and talent might be able to use the HL2 SDK to create an awesome adventure title that can rival a lot of the professional games that are out there today. Jane Jensen, watch out! --BPF
  10. I agree that LucasArts didn't cancel it because of the action. In fact, I think the action (and even the mediocre graphics) were the least of the game's problems. I'd wager that the incomplete milestones were the main factor that killed the project... not the fear of abandoning adventure purists, not the ackward presentation or not even concerns about the title ruining LA's image. When milestones are missed, costs must be recalculated. It always boils down to cash. In the end, it seems that FT2 became too expensive to create for too little benefit. --BPF
  11. I'll wait until next year before I make a full judgement on this. It depends on what they're going to do with the newly freed staff. Are they going to use them to make DOTT-2, speed up Sam and Max, and work on KOTOR-2? Or are they going to use them to make 50 or so cheap Star Wars Episode III games (Jar-Jar Tennis, Kobe-Wan Basketball, Sith Tomb Raider with Padme Amidala, Yoda Stories II and the such.) If they choose the later, then I'd rather see FT2. If they chose the prior, then it might be a blessing FT2 was put to sleep. I'll wait and see. --BPF
  12. http://ps2.ign.com/articles/432/432671p1.html This is disappointing news. I kind of wonder why they stopped production. From a business POV, I'd continue production of a sequel like FT2, and would have canned RTX Red Rock months ago, which turned out to be a flop. Maybe this will speed up production on Sam and Max. --BPF
  13. Yep, I'd rather see an awesome Full Throttle in 2004 than a mediocre Full Throttle in 2003. --BPF
  14. Chris Jones and Aaron Conners have been trying to coax Microsoft to make more Tex Murphy games for a while now, so its encouraging to me that maybe Microsoft finally realizes that games other than FPS are profitable. I don't think a Tex Murphy "Syberia-style" interface would be a disappointment, since, IMO, its the humor and story that are the series' strengths. We'll have to keep an eye on those two and see what happens. --BPF
  15. It's-a me! Mario! I like to jump around, and would lead a fairly serene and aimless existence if it weren't for my friends always getting into trouble. I love to help out, even when it puts me at risk. I seem to make friends with people who just can't stay out of trouble. --BPF
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