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  1. Yup, I posted a link to it some time ago...
  2. Note: this is Emma who mysteriously managed to use Jaf's account! Wohooo... I'm tired, all walked out to the point where my legs hurt (josep don't like busses!!) and am in no need for more to eat.... *burp* I suspect I managed to get myself a minor sun stroke yesterday, my face feels like the skin is one size to tight! This has got to be on of the most beautiful places on the planet, I keep taking pictures like nobody's business! You all should pay Jaf a visit too! He's a magnificent host! (He's sitting right next to me! ) Second time I hang with Jaf, mods, so I knew (well, sort of!) what I was getting myself into! Can't wait until Tuesday when life is FINALLY getting back to normal, as far as AG concerns!
  3. Tomorrow two major forces of nature will converge in Barcelona... Yes, *the* emma and *the* jaf will meet again!!! Stay tuned for further news on the event!!
  4. Of course I have my own copy of TLE!! you fools! I wouldnt sell it even if I was strarving!!
  5. I think it's a fair review, though I'd give it a bit higher score myself (7/10)
  6. I didnt know it's been cancelled... No, I'm not glad, it looked interesting to me...
  7. The other day I found a copy of the Last Express (in mint condition) in a second hand shop for.... 5.95€ and I just sold it on the net for 35€ Anyone had a similar luck? P.S. I just hope that that guy doesnt read these forums...
  8. We also have the Alcachofa Soft ones: El tesoro de Isla Alcachofa, etc...
  9. I dunno if it's old but I can't stop watching it and ROFLing http://jaydiekid.com/media/movies/matrixpong.wmv
  10. I don't even know what I'm doing in a sports thread... yuck! :r
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