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  1. You can't do much to fix that. That's just the way he is.
  2. I'm slowly starting to believe that I should try to become a writer for AGers... ... or NOT!!! I like living dangerously! Doug ha! missed me! Marek *runs like hell*
  3. My favorite box is probably GK2, but I love the Full Throttle and The Dig boxes also. Just saw the EMI PS2 box for the first time in my life. What a piece of crap!
  4. You may or may not be aware of this already, but a new Leisure Suit Larry Site by the name of Larry Lives.com has been launched. The goal of the site is to insure that a new QUALITY Leisure Suit Larry game is created, as well as to try to persuade Sierra to re-hire Al Lowe. The site contains the following sections: - A "Horse's Mouth" section which has confirmed quotes from industry sources - A "Rumor Mill" section which contains the latest unconfirmed rumors - A "Campaign" section which explains how YOU can contribute to the good cause - A fansy Message Board - A "Larry 101" section which will give a history of Leisure Suit Larry as well as provide tips, hints, and walk-throughs for previous Leisure Suit Larry games. (will soon be included) - A links section - And finally a news section with info on the progress of the site, as well as Larry news LarryLives.com will be updated on a regular basis so keep checking the site. P.S. What I REALLY would like all you Larry fans to do, is to visit the Message Board at LarryLives.com and post a couple of messages (you must register first) so that a discussion or two can be started over there (and if someone can discuss stuff, then it's you guys and gals ). Thanks for listening!
  5. I, on the other hand, did NOT know those names, so maybe the Finnish public school system is pretty bad after all (the other option would be that I didn't listen to what my teacher told me, but that's hardly an option, now is it ). Same here. Although I did find the graphics a bit dated, it still was good enough for me and the music and the sounds in GK3 were brilliant imo.
  6. Just like DustCropper, I played CMI first and didn't even know there was a game series called Monkey Island before that. I liked CMI very much (and still do), but my favorite game in the series is still MI 2, and I liked the ending btw. I liked MI 1 almost as much as MI 2, but EMI is the only game in the series that I don't really like at all.
  7. Happy birthday Trep!!! or belated birthday! I'm late as always *sigh*
  8. Yeah, Tom's Hardware Guide is a great site when it comes to everything computer related. I go there a lot. And back on topic... Although this is late as hell (sorry, I've been really busy lately) I just want to say congratulations on little Minnie (or whatever name he or she will get) and I hope that your life will take a turn to the better at this point (if it already hasn't).
  9. I know the feeling! Seriously though, I always try to finish the stuff that I have started to work on, but it doesn't always work out the way I want it to and in those cases I almost always give up and just let the work gather dust in the corner (or just lie on my hard drive). I have two unfinished homepages (maybe soon to be three), several unfinished collections of different stuff (I'm very into collections) and a bunch of electronical gadgets to prove the above statement. Okay, back on topic. It was a great article, Josh, and I can't wait for those background screenies!
  10. Yes, but they won't have the courage to go up against an authority as powerful as Adventuregamers Forum.
  11. Unreal II is pretty different than the first one, more people around, deeper story, but still nothing to cheer over and MUCH shorter than the original one. I still think that Unreal 1 was the better one, mainly because the intensity of the game, the smart AI and of course the great graphics of its time. As for the hot chick in Unreal II (her name is Aida btw), I'm sure that she's in the game (and the game box) because of the two huge things in her front, but the game itself doesn't even try to show her as sexy. But I'm not going to get any deeper into this discussion. I'll just say that videogames indeed have more "bouncing brests" than the computer games and I'm very glad that that's the case.
  12. Didn't you know that, Marek? He's the only Icelandic guy around here (I think anyway).
  13. Goddamit! How in the hell didn't I notice that! Well, I made FireFOOT's day any way.
  14. I hope that was sarcasm. Anyways, Sadly I don't have any articles saved and I have changed my system since AGers went down so I definitely won't have any articles cached either. From now onwards I'm going to save each and every article that's going to be posted on AGers on my harddrive. That's a promise.
  15. LOL You being a 3D whore was PRETTY obvious in that post.
  16. I voted yes, obviously. One of the oldest civilizations in the world began to spread from that part of the world, which means that they have an extremely old and rich history which can be used to the games advantage (I'm a history geek ). We people living in the west aren't very familiar with the Arabic culture, which is a very sad thing. A fact is that you shouldn't criticize something that you don't know anything about and therefore people who don't play the game just because it's set in the Arabic is just being ridiculous. Anyway, the game could be a step in the right direction when it comes to learning people from western countries about the Arabic culture and such. Hope I didn't scare you with my international culture mumbojumbo. Almost went a bit of topic there. Anyways, Good luck with the game and keep us updated.
  17. I totally agree on all your points Dom. I am very much pro abandonware and I think that you can download an old game if it isn't available anymore and/or you have to go true hell to get the game your looking for. And the most important thing with abandonware is that it prevents the old games from disappearing into oblivion, as Dom put it.
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