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  1. I voted bad-ass... as bas ass sounds to much like someones back participating in crime... and badass... really doesn't sound... Or else the 4th alternative...
  2. LOL, same here... but why not give it a try now that we have the opportunity!
  3. I don't think I can be very helpfull for you either... my only experience is that the game crashed quite often at random places with almost all my friends who played TLJ... and the only difference between them and me was that I ran Win98 and they Win98SE... One of them installed Win98 if I remeber correctly and had no problems at all anymore... so it might also be a software conflict...
  4. It is not an official demo... And it indeed hasn't voices...
  5. As far as I know: there is no English demo... there is a German demo though... Liquor is a spanish band... And from the booklet: Original soundtrack & background music: David Gacía-Morales Inés Titlesong "Runaway" by: Liquor Extra guitars: Miguel Carrasco Singing: Vera Domínguez All songs recorded at: Divad Ideas, Producciones Sonoras
  6. What should I see and what not... I currently still have only IE installed and see a red square shortly and then a white/gray bar with shadow...
  7. Hmm... I use Eudora and currently don't even have a newsgroup prog installed, but on my old computer it sure wasn't one of Microsoft! LOL It almost looks like a commercial from you guys! Aren't you afraid that if these browser(s) gain popularity that they too become a point of attack... Maybe... maybe I'll download it and try it out (some day)...
  8. PHPBB is a great type of forum indeed... although I did like the old type of AGers forum too... But don't use the YaBB forum, I don't think it is a great one...
  9. The first time I heard about it I thought something like: OMG, the strange american virus has spread around the world... I don't think I would participate in one since I'm not seeing the fun of doing so...
  10. To be honest I use the try-before-buy method too... I download demo's or full MP3 and if I think it is worth the buy I do so... if I don't think it is worth the money I put it away or listen to it once before doing so... I don't think that's a problem myself. Since I'm supporting the performers by buying stuff I find worthwhile!
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