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  1. Ain't you a little frustrated pleto? I mean you sound like you're obsessed with sex. Sex Psychologist don't have monopoly on satisfying the needs of women. And certainly I wouldn't trust any psychologoist in that matter.
  2. But you should know that discrimination is a social not gaming problem. It is something more general and limiting it in any aspect to gaming is unneccesery if not wrong. No kind of discrimination should be treated as a problem of one community only. At the other hand computers, internet and games are in a way an educational tool. It's social influence is not to be underestimated. And in a way it could be used to convert all those poor racist/showinist/homophobic bastards out there to normal people. Internet is a very efficient tool, and it's not hard to scold a bastard who calls you "gay" by telling him that he cannot offend me by calling me like this really as it is no offence at all. I guess it works just like every day on the streets among casual people when I hear them calling others gays/jews/niggers like it was some kind of ultimate insult. At the other hand they become so defensless and speechless when you scold'em about their futile efforts to insult me. It really gives them something to think about.
  3. You are right. This article is simply pointless. As I said before who can forbid gays to play video games anyway? Why should I care whether someone playing Grim Fandango is gay or not? It's stupid. It's like paranoia or something. Are there any social, political, humane consequences of gays/women/muslims/christians playing (or not playing) video games? I don't know maybe womens can be treated as "viable" target group for developers... but other than that? There are so many different things that describe you as a gamer and sexual preferences are not one of those I think. We are gamers because we like gaming!
  4. America is strange indeed. Political correctness doesn't cover all your bigot dirt you know? Nevermind... As for the article. Who can stop gays or women from playing computer games anyway? Oh Kings? : Armaggedon Happening sounds better i think. np Circle - Vaudeville
  5. I can only hope we haven't permanently killed "your" topic yet and that there's still a chance of revival
  6. Nice! Great work Marek. But when do I get quoted like DomStLeger? np Circle - Vaudeville
  7. GF is said to be one of the most cinematic and film-a-like video game in history of those (at the same time it remained true to it's gaming nature). As such it's music scores is 100% perfect and not at all "too loud" or "distracting". I've just returned from cinema and believe me I know what I'm saying BTW Pirates of the Carribean is simply brilliant adventuresome film. Johnny Depp's performance is just amazingly hilarious! edit: One should also - stupid me - not forget about Geoffrey Rush's almost shakespearicly dramatic acting.
  8. Honestly. Were you - like me - inspired to dig in search for this after or before playing Grim Fandango? If not than I truly admire your almost renneisance erudition and interests. (no jokes here, really). But aren't such people as hard to find among video games reviewers as my tone implies? There's nothing wrong with that. It wasn't my point to suggest anything like this. But surely it isn't neccessery for a good reviewer to like anything in particular (like jazz or bebop - rocksteady! ) to be fair and objective in his argument and therefore produce a valid review. Now is it? Surely it can be helpful nevertheless - and with that I agree.
  9. It depends. When I use it as adjective: badass. When as noun: rather bad-ass. Bad ass looks too literal to me. edit: But maybe this noun-adj thing should the other way round? Well, who cares?
  10. I don't know why but the moment George is crashed by this huge slab in spain in cave under the mansion in BS1 is just hilarious. Ok, first it's kinda shocking but momentarly you burts into laughter.
  11. Check this out: http://www.guardian.co.uk/ It's a short article, maybe nothing special, but strangely comforting
  12. Well this site is for adventure games fans so the adventure specialization of reviewers is more than obvious. But you cannot be so meticulous when it comes to certain subsidiary elements of game. All I expect from a reviewer (journalist) in this particular matter is some general, universal knowledge about little more than just computer games. But for christ's sake let's not be sooo specific. It's not like GF can be reviewed only by fan of adventure games, who love jazz and mexican folklore and also appreciates orchestral tune, who is in love in noir style, who has deep knowledge of mexican and mayan culture, who knows something about modern art also and who in addition likes big, orange, talking hamsters. Are those people as hard to find as my tone implies?
  13. Cool website. I live in Poland but I'm taking part in competition nevertheless.
  14. 1st one is even nice, but it doesn't correspond with BS3 the atmosphere of original BS3 graphics. 2nd is just crappy. 3rd is acceptable but gets bitten unmercifully by... ...the beautiful, cryptic 4th one. Just brilliant!
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