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  1. Hmmm aahhh I still had my eyes closed
  2. I thought I knew almost all the adventure games but I have never heard of this game. I will buy it one of these days
  3. How will you save your adventure On the ceeedeee?????? don`t think so!
  4. Iam playing Indy3 again but know I am in the skull room to nounce some notes to open the door. I realy can not figure it out I looked on every walkthrough but I just can not order the notes in the holy grail. Can someone help me with this http://members.home.nl/debby.w/Clipboard.jpg This is waht it is written in the grail what are the numbers in order to open the door?
  5. I am on http://www.walmart.com but I can not find it Can somebody give me a link?
  6. Edited : Sorry wrong answer You can buy a empty 19'' Monitor and put the tv behind it and then turn on your Xbox then you can play on the monitor screen I just had to say this ;-) because iam in a very stupid funny mood
  7. Brownies? don`t no what it is it looks like Choco Cake!!! I think we can not get it in Holland
  8. I have started this threat And I have read a book about age and time and there is 1 explenation about the time running. When you are young the molecules in your body are splitting very slowly so the time looks very slow but when you get older the molecules are going faster and faster Here an example 1 molecule split then you get 2 molecules so when this wil split up then you get 4 and so on 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-1024 ect So when I dubbel my age right now then the time flyes twice as faster. So Kids please try to stay young as long as you can because time is running faster then you think. ;-)
  9. I hate when someone loses a beer fart when I am nearby. sar
  10. When I was younger and went to school I played so many games such as LSL, KQ, SQ series ect and the time was going slow and I liked that. 14 years further in time and my age is getting higher fast. Now I am 28 and I almost can not play a game because there is no time. If I CAN play a game then when I look at my clock then the hours has past (4 a 5 hours further) in a split second! How can this be I had much much much more time in my younger years and the time was not as fast as now. does this happen to more people or do I live in a twilightzone world? SAR
  11. Homoludens Those indiana Jones games are funny but it has no vibe as the real old school indiana jones adventures so sorry I never played The Emperor's Tomb. pleto4_ryan I have played indiana jones and the last crusade for hours and hours and hours and I never have finished the game, WHY I still don`t know I was very irritated in the castle so I think that is why I have quite the game. I have played Fate of Atlantis (the speech version) and this game RULLEZZZ good graphics, super story and the sound is fabulous and sometimes scary when sophia gets possesed. On http://www.comingsoon.net they write that there is a rumor of a new movie of indiana Jones so I hope that there will also be a NEW adventure. That will be so cooool. SAR
  12. I have played in the passed all the Indiana Jones games such as Indiana Jones and the last Crusade Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis Can anybody tell me why there were no followups for these super games? I have played these game till I went MADDDDDD did more people play these games and did you like it?????
  13. I think there was a invisible twilightzone door that makes a passage through the vulcano caves in SoMI. The invisible twilightzone door was created by Le Chuck. When he was defeated then the invisible twilightzone door dissapear so Guybrush enters the real monkey in EMI and not the twilight door so that way he can stear the mechanical ape figure. You guys and girls still with me?
  14. As promised Runaway is out in English language version but only has Dutch subtitles. Firefoot please accept my apoligies you were right. best regards SAR
  15. Hello Iam also from holland and I looked in every free record shop and there is NO WAY that the English version with Dutch subtitles is out, I also asked the clerk and he confirmed. So FireFood please give me the free record shop location where you found this game and I will call them to ask if this is true. If so then I will give you my apoligies online on this forum but untill know it is NOT true. If you check the official site of Pendulo Studios then you can see all the versions that are out! the english one is not with it. Also There is a Demo available online and I got also problems with it it also freezes so it is not your computer but there is something wrong with the demo. But the german full version works good ;-) Thanks
  16. I am stuck when I want to escape with the pod When I escape My pod EXPLODE do I need a disk or a key???
  17. Super duper I can play it on my work when I don`t have anything to do:D
  18. If that is milk then they have very STRANGE COWS in that country or the milk is CHEMICAL.
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