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  1. Yeah, the Cantina seems the best forum fit for a new one-year thread Looks like we nearly reached 1,900 posts. As for the new movie, I haven't even seen it yet. Was hoping to get together with my local FanForce for it, but we probably barely exist as a group now. I'll wait for the new thread to post about how my New Year started.
  2. Still doing better Sunday night than Wednesday night, both individually and as the team, and it probably helps that I have a very good bowler on my Sunday night team to get advice from. UBA weekend coming up next weekend, and I know I'm running brackets for one of the tournaments that will hold an event in conjunction with that.
  3. My bowling has hit the skids since I had a broken front tooth pulled to (hopefully) make way for an implant. Getting a deal on the implant b/c I'm having it done in a dental school setting (they run it like a private practice, but the dentists are just out of dental school).
  4. In an ironic twist, the Cubs were eliminated from the postseason by the Mets yesterday rather than winning the World Series over Miami (which had not yet had an MLB franchise when the movie was released).
  5. Hiccup last Wednesday night w/ a 490, but after a 612 Sunday night and another 578 last night, my two league averages are converging.
  6. I seem to be getting used to bowling two leagues, because I only missed Wednesday night's score by one pin tonight. EDIT: Oh, and I managed to kill some of the spam here before you guys could report it tonight.
  7. Projected year-end post count after September: 1,778 The upset here is that I actually logged on on the first of a month and remembered to calculate the projected total. So far, so good in my Wednesday night league, anyway. I'm averaging 181 after four weeks and have had a game 200+ in each of them. The only night so far I've been under 500 was my first night of my Sunday league. Lanes play really differently between the two nights, b/c I find I have to use a stronger ball Sunday night. Still, my teams are both up around 50% points won/lost, so I'll take that.
  8. Decent start to league...I have a full team of five, have averaged 180 for the first two weeks, and won as many points as lost through two weeks. I might be in a Sunday night league this year, too. http://news.yahoo.com/star-wars-original-theatrical-cut-to-be-081934213.html ^ Disney is re-releasing the original cuts of the OT...yes, the one where Han shoots first.
  9. Boy, I'm behind Projected year-end post count after August: 1,755 Finally got my check for working state tournament last week, and it's for enough to cover a new ball, if I want one. I'll have to see what works tonight, though (first night of winter league). I'll have at least one new teammate this year, b/c one of my first friends in bowling (we're talking from back in the late 80s here) is joining my team. Still need a fifth, but bowling with four is certainly better than bowling with just three.
  10. Projected posts to thread at year-end after July: 1,716 Pretty quiet for me...taking advantage of comp'ed luxury box tickets to see the Brockton Rox (local collegiate summer league baseball team) Tuesday night.
  11. The New England contingent at the Junior Gold tournament in Chicago did very well: One of the Westgate bowlers just missed the top 64 in under-20 boys, and a bowler I know from New Bedford made match play in that age group, but the topper is that a bowler from western Mass. won the whole thing in the under-15 boys age group, and did well in the Youth Open tournament out there earlier, as well. The kid's title match will be on CBS Sports Network next month.
  12. Projected year-end post count after June: 1,674 Not too much planned for the Fourth weekend, unless my bestie is doing something Sunday.
  13. Bowled in a no-tap fundraiser today, purely for fun. If anything else, it was a chance to bowl with bowlers I don't normally bowl with.
  14. "Summer project" for the blog started: It now has a Facebook page, and my posts will be going on the page instead of my own timeline soon.
  15. First weekend completely to myself and without having to be at the bowling alley in a while. My state tournament obligation actually ended today, as well, with my blog post about the official results. As I expected, Westgate bowlers won everything except scratch doubles and scratch all-events. One of my friends said he'll be getting a check for $900 next week...he was a member of the winning handicap team and bowled well in his minor events, as well.
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