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  1. wow im gonna have to buy jedi academy so i can get some of these models
  2. Need for Speed Underground 2 Madden 2005 Gamecube Controller TV DVD Player The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King- Extended Edition Daredevil- Director's Cut Smallville: Season 3 Shaun of the Dead The Bourne Supremecy Nice Clothes Scene It? Lots of money Leather Jacket
  3. Holiday E-Card from The Cheat to the Swamp
  4. state champ in accounting oh yea im a geek:p
  5. Donnie Darko Any David Fincher Film (Se7en, Fight Club, Panic Room or The Game) Silence of the Lambs
  6. its just a one time thing and only one class would win so there wouldnt be chaos
  7. happy bday kbell! what about them ravens? (you have to admit that what porter did was cheap)
  8. ok here is what we want to do for my national honor society we want to have a fundraiser called "Kidnap a Teacher" what we do: raise money for one week where students give money and tell us the teacher they want kidnapped and during what period they want them kidnapped. after the money has been counted and a winner has been decided we contact the teacher and tell them we will kidnap and on what day it will happen to make sure it will not conflict (too much) with their plans. we come in with 30 min left in the class (they are 90 min classes) with a wheelchair, take the teacher out, bring a substitute teacher in, give the kids donuts and juice, and let them watch a school appropriate video. what the money goes to: our Earth Day project - we are going to be setting up a play for the elementary school kids in the spring which we want to be real good and a big success which means it needs money beautification - we want out school to look nice, our two beautification committee needs money to buy products (like flowers and stuff) for when they work on the school to make it more appealing how can i convince him to approve the fundraiser? my advisor loves the idea and wants me to get him to change his mind (too bad i cant use the old jedi mind trick)
  9. he must be a pretty intelligent person. he enrolled in hunter college as an english major (dropped out after 3 years but still) i think he is a lot more intelligent then a lot of people give him credit for
  10. well if i remember correctly it is supposed to be propaganda to join the army so of course they want all the people fighting to be young and pretty to get more people to join
  11. if u havnt seen harry potter yet go see it! it is a great piece of filmmaking and should not be dismissed. i am going to go see it a second time
  12. i actually felt that this one was more magical then the first two the scenes where harry is riding on the hippogriff and just the dircting style in general is so much better in this one in my opinion making it accessible to so many people, even those who dont read the books also i didnt really mind them wearing normal clothes. they were wearing their robes for the ceremonies and classes. its right for them to show some character instead of all looking the same bravo Alfonso Cuarón
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