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  1. well she already knows i like her and she told me she likes me, she just is stuck between me and this other guy that i cant get off of her
  2. the cheat need some help in the love department i like this girl, we have been friends for the last 2 years but just recently we have "really connected". we both liked different people but have suddenly realized that we like each other. however things arent all great. there is of course another guy. she has like him for a lil while and he just finally decides to like her. whenever i see him mackin on her i just avoid him because i dont want to screw up his style. i am afraid of confrontation so i dont really know what i should do. btw, she is one of the most gorgeous geeks i know, she loves star wars, lord of the rings, and harry potter!
  3. very nice, i built my computer recently and it already is out of date
  4. The Digital Bits said that the ROTJ pic is an official change!
  5. what are you thinking? just kidding, i would actually like to see some changes like that, expecially fixing the sabers
  6. thats the idea, just any personal achievements that would get them recognition with the group
  7. another project for the cheat:mad: need to come up with some statements that "boast a lot on personal achievements" we have all heard these kind of people saying, oh i did this and that, now give me your most creative and original boastful statements. these are to be used in a mock meeting where the people will be planning a graduation party. try to make them sound as full of themselves as possible.(recognition seekers) i know if there is anybody i can count on to come up with creative boastful comments its the folks at the swamp
  8. wow that looks awesome, this dvd edition keeps looking better and better:p
  9. anybody else love seeing the ewok get shot?
  10. i introduce the prequels first because then they get interested and it only gets better with the original trilogy
  11. looks very nice, i remember making the temple for quake 3, a good map to learn basic mapping skills on
  12. wow how have you lasted so long?
  13. panning just moves across the image to show another part of the image in the full screen (4:3) ration. so in the image above, if padme began speaking it may "pan" moving the image over to show padme instead of obiwan and anakin i think that best explains it, it really is a bad thing
  14. Are there any Future Business Leaders of America members out there? I am thinking about running for office (probably president) and i want to know what type of things you do in your FBLA so I can compare it to ours. Thanks The Cheat
  15. i wish it was like that here. i hate how walmart usually only has fullscreen when there are two different versions
  16. WIDESCREEN! i like to think of films as a work of art. the director is the artist and the film is his landscape. i dont think they appreciate somebody taking away half of their landscape to focus on one "tree" sorry but im passionate about this. i have converted several people to widescreen
  17. looks awesome, definitly gonna keep an eye on this one
  18. go for it! im gonna do something similar, i like a girl that lives about 2 hours away so i only get to see her on the weekends right now but we will hopefully get to see each other more this summer
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