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  1. wow that was annoying, very repetitive, got old fast
  2. yea all of those sites are down right now i think jk2files.com jk3files.com effiles.com rtcwfiles.com (those are the ones i usually go to) and they are all down
  3. haha, thats great, i hate that god damn paper clip with a passion
  4. you have to give GW credit though. just compare the U.S. to the terrible state it was in back in 1991 U.S. in 1991: Bush was President War in Iraq Crappy Economy U.S. in 2004: Bush is President War in Iraq Crappy Economy wow how things have changed
  5. i dont care what they look like i just want them on dvd!
  6. i didnt see star wars until like 93. i believe my first experience was the empire strikes back and then return of the jedi. for some reason i didnt see a new hope until the special edtion in 97
  7. i was getting 2.5 g for the theoretical yield but with the actual yield was 2.8 g then that would make the percent yield over 100% which lost me because it should be below 100%
  8. I know this is a weird topic but i am in desperate need of help. Im sure there is some chem genious out there. I have to do some calculations for this chemistry experiment. I have to find the actual and theoretical yield of copper in this chemical reaction. I mixed cupric sulfate crystals (CuSO4) and Iron Fillings (Fe) in deionized water to get solid copper (Cu) 2.2 g of Iron fillings was the limiting reactant. i am in desperate need of help to find the actual and theoretical yield oh and the amount of solid copper at the end was 2.85 grams, im thinking this is the actual yield but im not sure
  9. those dirtied up stormtroopers look very cool. i like them a lot more then the shiny clean ones, look more realistic in my opinion.
  10. thats how it is with kevin, he only posts about once in a blue moon, but when he does it is awesome
  11. i like live and let die (the wings) and the theme from on her majesty's secret service and on the classical side i like Bach's Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068 "Air" from Se7en when he is in the library
  12. a commentary track is all i need to be content
  13. yea just keep the same game except: -improve player models and skins -increase the resolution on the textures -add bots to multiplayer -if anything add to the current collection of multiplayer levels from goldeneye keeping the originals but adding some new ones -some added game types while keeping the original ones that is all i have right now
  14. Is there a film that you could pop in the dvd player anytime and just sit down and watch it? for me it would have to be daredevil. i just love that film. better then spiderman in my opinion but not as good as xmen2. i can watch it over and over again. it moves so fast and just keeps you engrossed. i dont know what it is about it. and also HOT! is there a film you can watch over and over?
  15. omg monsoon you are awesome. this model looks so amazing
  16. what does michael jackson like about twenty eight year olds? there are twenty of them, duh
  17. im gonna be stuck in this room for the rest of my life
  18. yea just what we need a rick berman for star wars i think it would be pretty cool. dont really follow the EU at all (i have never read them so i wont care) if george wants to do them go ahead and do it. it would be pretty cool to have more star wars but we will have to wait and see
  19. it is getting pretty crazy. eon is going to have to address the whole matter pretty soon
  20. i dont get it:o maybe someday i will, it sounds cool
  21. the bookmakers have released the odds for potential actors: i wouldnt mind colin being bond. i think orlando would be ok but im not sure. law is looking better and better the more i look at him as bond. at first i thought he was too "clean". i still think hugh would be the best pick though
  22. Im not sure how many of you like James Bond but I thought this was big news... According to various sources Pierce Brosnan will NOT be returning for the fifth time as Bond, James Bond 007. Apparantly EON is going to search for somebody to fill Brosnan's shoes. Personally I would like to see Hugh Jackman or Clive Owen as Bond. Clive Owen may however lack the warmness to be Bond. Who would you like to be the next James Bond 007?
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