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  1. when my older sis kicks me off the computer. so glad i bought my own computer now
  2. i think smith will screw up the entire matrix and turn the oracle into an agent smith
  3. Yeah the community puts so much more work and care into models and they recieve feedback from other people on what is wrong with it and how to make it better
  4. This looks very promising. I love the model and the gun, where can i get them?
  5. OK i saw reloaded and then i was watching the first one and i realized when it first showed the agents interrigating neo (the part where they "bug" him) it shows several televisions and then goes through them to show the room. does anybody else think this is the archetecht watching neo in the first one?
  6. Must destroy all Harry Potter books, movies, stuffed animals, and any other memoriabilia...must destroy all Harry Potter books, movies, stuffed animals, and any other memoriabilia... wait, what are u doing to me Agen_Terminator? i love harry potter!
  7. could you make a profit off of a mod? i know mods like counterstrike and day of defeat are now sold in retail, could that happen with you guys or would you have to use original ideas and keep it outside the star wars universe?
  8. just a quick question, what does motp stand for?
  9. looks cool, i hope you will be able to release it soon
  10. Yeah i agree that the game developers just dont put as much care into their models as the community does but i think that uniform would be correct since it is on a snow world but i may be wrong
  11. this is looking excellent, i like the other gamorrean model but this one just looks so much more realistic. Are you gonna release it for multiplayer before the mod is completed or will it only be in the mod?
  12. sweet skin, the new version has a much better looking face, you are some very talented people
  13. yes!! i cant wait for this model to be completed i have been looking forward to it for so long, nice to have some non star wars models to play with
  14. i cant wait for ur obi collection, it is gonna be awesome
  15. this model is looking very impressive, i hope it gets finished
  16. kman said that he would finish samus and then he would finish the plo koon model near the end of the plo koon thread
  17. very nice, cant wait for this model to be released, i wish i had a japanese business man who worked for me:(
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