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  1. A TOAST! To LucasArtsForums.com for temporarily hosting us AGers when we were so unceremoniously kicked off and left out in the rain. Thank you for the warm fire, the new friends, and the all-you-can-eat fried chicken! We'll never forget your generosity. other AG members: "Fried chicken? What fried chicken? You never told us." Trep: "Um, well, they, um kinda gave me a drumstick one time...." other AG members: "After him! He will not leave this forum alive!"
  2. LMAO! Boys don't have silky crotches! EIW!
  3. AAACK!!! FMV game! I thought we killed those off years ago! No, mommy mommy, please say it isn't so!
  4. Damn you, damn your eyes! This was such a perfect frying pan smiley moment, and this stupid temp forum doesn't have! Waaaa!!!
  5. Sorry, wormie: Essays by Rictor Norton on the Historical Roots of Homophobia from Ancient Israel to the End of the Middle Ages A history of homophobia by Richard Becker Silky crotches of boys? EIW!!
  6. You could probably run it on 16MB, but it'll look awful, not at all worth the full price, considering the graphics is one of its strongest features (you won't get any of the luminous radiosity lighting effects, for example). You may want to rent it for Xbox if that's the case.
  7. Regarding soccer moms, judges, legislations, the media, the games industry, and videogames: "It requires ages to destroy a popular opinion." - Voltaire "With the passing of each day it is continuously revealed that most people are undeniably and profoundly stupid." - Trep
  8. Looks good, but why couldn't they have just designed a single site for all countries and just have the viewer click a language? It would have saved time and money. Just watched the trailer again - Shayt! That techno drum-&-bass music is ugly! Plus it detracts from the atmosphere. But the cinematic score in the American site is marvelous.
  9. Wow, pleto, that box art for The Lost Tales is beautiful!
  10. I voted for the fourth one for the reasons I expressed in the other thread. The title 'Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon' already conjures up ideas of adventuring, exploration, and story. Don't underestimate its properties to spark the viewer's imagination, you don't necessarily need a picture of characters to show this. Therefore, what's left is the graphic itself, which abstractly conveys mystery and progression and modernness (both in story and game's look and overall design), leaving it up to the viewer to imagine what's in store. The symbol suggests ancient qualities, magic and mysticism. One glance at this box and you know what you might be getting into, although you can't quite place it, but you know it's gonna be good.
  11. But I thought the original colour scheme was forest green with gold trim.
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